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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salamun alaikum, does anyone know of a program that you can download on your pc that wakes you for prayer by reciting the athan??? i've seen that before and was wondering where i can download iit from??? thanks alot, w'salam
  2. salamun alaikum, u r most welcome sister. this is a link to his new tape. my favourite is " garghe be khon" and jangeh del... http://www.tasnem.net/ w;salam
  3. salamun alaikum, " yaran che gharebaneh" is from muhamad kuwaiti poor's new tape. http://www.iranct.com/flash/yaran/ eltemaseh dua... w'salam
  4. salamun alaikum.. can anyone provide some hadeeths in ARABIC about women going out of their house perfumed? i would really appreciate it.. w'salam
  5. salamun alaikum br.. insha'Allah i will be attending Gallaudet University. it is on 800 Florida Anevue, NE, washignton, DC 20002. i am not familiar with that area at all. so if the property you are talking about is close to the university then that wud be great. i dunt have a car, so subways will be my only way of getting around. some of my classes start as early as 8:30 am , therefore i have to be close to the campus. i would really appreciate your help. i just dont want a facility were i wud have to share the dryer/bathroom/washer nor kitchen with any non-muslims. thanks alot w'salam
  6. salam... well i don't think i can find an apartment that has a " personal" washer and dryer. and i don't want to sure my dryer with non-muslims. therefore my best bet is to live with a muslim family, which i don't think will be bad at all. specially if they are arabs or persians. w'salam
  7. salamun alaikum br. i do appreciate your help. please go a head and post my msg. i am trying to find a place ASAP. may Allah bless you. thanks alot. w'salam
  8. Bismillah salamun alaikum I am a female undergrad student. I will be taking summer classes this summer at Gallaudet University in Washington DC. I don’t want to live in the dorms; therefore I am looking for a place close to the university. I don't want to live in an apartment complex since I am concerned about the taharat of the dryers and washers. I am looking for a Muslim family (Arabic or Persian) preferably, that is religious and lives close to the university. I am welling to pay $300 per week for the room.' Please email me on yaqaem@hotmail.com Or PM ASAP. nasalukum al dua
  9. salamun alaikum, does anyone have madahi or noha by hossain fakhry? i've been trying to search online, but i couldn't find any. thanks in advance w'salam
  10. salamun alaikum all, i was wondering if the ppl in london can help me with this. i am an undergrad student in the US. i'm trying to find a good internship this summer in london. it should be related to kids with hearing impairment . i do sign American sign language but i am not fluent yet. i need some advice about the schools there and some contacts. thanks again... w'salam
  11. Salam Does anyone know some good websites that offer special prices on domestic (North America) and international airfares? And are there any students cards that provide special fares on airlines tickets> Thank you w'salam
  12. is it going to be a Monday or Tuesday?? Thanks a lot
  13. YaQaem

    My duck!

    Salam, I kind of need your opinion about this. I love cats, and I wanted to have one, but since I live in an apartment it’ll be very problematic for praying. So my sister an I were trying to figure what will make a good pet other than birds, so we finally came to the conclusion that Ducks can make good indoor pets. I was wondering if anyone had it as an indoor pet before. And how did it work out to be? Salams..
  14. I don’t think picturing women as lame and mindless beings should be taken lightly. That really undermines women image in the society.
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