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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam, now that's interesting!
  2. Salam, all you brothers need to calm down and be serious. Don't be ignorant and getting all emotional. Both schools of thought= Shias and Sunnis teach that you must have respect/manners!... And at the end of the day my response should've been to everyone instead of replying to you Lol
  3. Woah Salam bros/sis thanks for giving me this wave of knowledge!
  4. Salam that is an interesting point that you made about Fatimah AS not foriving Abu Bakr. InshaAllah I will try to watch the video you posted.
  5. Salam Alaykum, Now I'm not looking for a serious debate or anything but I want to know what the Shia Scholars and or people have to say about this article. http://islamqa.info/en/43458 If possible can you help me understand or refute the main obvious argument with refrences if possible. Wa Salam
  6. Salam Alaykum Well.. it is a solid sunni site...regulated and answered by a qualified sunni scholar
  7. How about we see what the Sunni Scholar has to say about this http://islamqa.info/en/7208
  8. Salam, you have stated valid points!! But the thing is in Sunni Islam everything in those books is authentic and if I'm not mistaken that is where you get evidence for doing a lot of things Sunnah acts etc...what I'm trying to do is get the bad narrations in there and see what happend after the death of the Prophet SAWW...and do some more research in my own and hopefully come to a conclusion InshaAllah!! Though I would 1st need to see those narrations that go against the Quran...and start from there...well this post well be the last for the night though I will keep track on the following days InshaAllah...Wa Salam
  9. Oh ok...well I have seen some narrations in those 2 'authentic' Hadith that doesn't seem to follow what the Quran says....now what I want to do is get all the bad narrations from those Hadith and try to do some research on my own..and once I have gotten my conclusion then...yeah changing schools...I hope I made it clearer for you :) P.S. I have forgotten about the bad narrations I saw...because it was a long while ago so yeah...
  10. You're probably right...but I feel like if I have seen what I need to see then...I will be soon changing my school of thought
  11. Salam, I would like to get the opinions of the shia bros/sis about these books.Also, I would like it if you can provide me with or shed some light on some controversial narrations by providing the references in those books. Furthermore, I would greatly appreciate if you guys can provide me with narrations from those books that go against what the Quran says.... Thanks a lot to.... P.S. Not trying to really debate about the book...just trying to get some knowledge. :) Wa Salam
  12. Salam Can you help me on my thread to find an answer?? On who is the 1st imam thread...I am literally confused as u can read in that thread so if u can please help...! Wa Salam
  13. Salam maybe you can come to the thread I made 'who is the 1st Imam' because I am literally confused...as u can read the discussion I had with the other person
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