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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Good question. I am Shia but not 12er. However I do accept the Ismah of Imam Hassan (as) and not the khilafa of muawiyah. The reason is that it is my belief that Imam Hassan (as) did this to prevent further bloodshed within the Ummah not as an endorsement of his leadership. Muawiyah was determined to be king. He fought Imam Ali (as) for it and most certainly was going to fight Imam Hassan (as). The fitnah it caused was terrible. By allowing him to hold power he exposed the man's greed and luster to rule. It was demonstrated for all to see that proper leadership only comes from the Ahl Al Ba
  2. The answer is that Muhammad (saws) was both the Prophet and the head of state. So it became necessary after he died to have someone who could explai Qur'an, be an example.of how to live it, issue rulings on aqidah and fiqh, negotiate treaties, deal with infrastructure, decide on war and peace, appoint regional government , collect taxes and be a moral leader. As far as I know I will there have only been two Imams(as) from the 12er line who have actually done all of these things and those are Ali (as) and Hassan (as).
  3. Oh come on. The Imamate should be a pretty basic concept. There is no reason for me to get contradictory answers. The duties and rights of an Imam do not change.
  4. Please provide a full and comprehensive list, according to your madhab, of the following: 1. The reasons for the existence of an Imamate 2. The rights and duties of an Imam. 3. How the Imams were chosen and by whom I am asking for a full and comprehensive list because I keep getting different answers depending upon what conversation I am having. This is not acceptable. ......
  5. Zaydiyah are NOT "fivers". Calling them such is misleading, inaccurate and distorts any chance at proper understanding of the Zaydi madhab. The Zaydiyah do NOT stop at 5 Imams. The most recent Zaydi Imam died in 2007. The thing is that Zaydiyah are called such because they recognize Zayd (as) as the Imam of the Age while other Shia recognize Baqir (as) and Sadiq (as) for this time period. Zaydiyah also recognize Imams Baqir (as) and Sadiq (as) as Imams of Knowledge and they FREQUENTLY refer to them and their works and narrations from them as a source of Zaydi aqidah and fiqh. So it is not even
  6. As salaamu alaikum brother. I am studying the Zaydi madhab. I really AM a Zaydi but I have not been one for long and was not raised in it etc. So I don't know EVERYTHING. However I CAN help you out. I can tell you what our basic beliefs are and I can tell you where to go for more in depth answers to some of your questions if I cannot answer them to your satisfaction. For instance I never paid attention to the Zaydi stance on him. I know it is not like the Sunnis though. That guy is inb like HALF of their hadith. Ha ha ha ! In any case we have PLENTY of major differences with the Sunnis. It
  7. Thank you for your answer. Zaydis were no small sect though. They were thre biggest branch until the rise of the Safavid empire. But look here's what I don't understand. How, according to 12ers does one become the Imam ? I have heard that they are appointed by Allah and I have heard that the current Imam picks his successor. I am speaking about the past of course as the 12th and final Imam is in ghayba. But which is it ? Allah appoints or Imam appoints ?
  8. OK I guess you missed the point and maybe that is because I was not clear. I don't mean how do we know he was lying about being the Imam so much as how do we know he was lying that Askari (as) never had a son. Also I am asking how he could claim Imamate if it was already known who the Imam was. 12er of ten cite hadith stating that the names of the Imams were known before they were even born. I think those hadith are fabricated/a load of malarkey because if that were the case the many disputes over who the Imam of the time was would never have occurred. Zaydiyyah and Ismaili yah would not even
  9. How do we know he was lying? How did he claim Imamate if the Imam was known? Can 12ers explain the events following the death of Imam Askari(as)? No rants please. This is a fair question.
  10. The answer is probably not. I have yet to see a response to this just attacks. I am Shia but not 12er and this is one of the reasons why
  11. Sigh...... Jesus (as) did NOT govern . Not once not ever. The reasons are irrelevant. He did not. I am not putting him down for not governing. That was not his mission. Allah has sent different people with different missions. Jesus (as) accomplished his mission perfectly but that mission did NOT include governing. He did not have to levy taxes or negotiate trade deals or treaties. He made pronouncements when he saw fit. Nothing wrong with that. But his life was NOTHING like that of King David (as) or Muhammad (saws) or even Moses (as). He led only a small band of followers. Sure other peop
  12. @Spicen that IS editing. That is the very DEFINITION of editing. Arranging orders and adding titles. The Harakat were even added later. Early written Qur'an do not have them. That is adding punctuation. Go to any modern publishing house or newspaper they do the same thing. That does not mean it is not accurate But people view editing differently than I do. One need not change the content in order to upgrade the presentation.
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