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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. i know where you wanted to go. lets take a step backwards.. we humans, why did God even create us? why did we even exist. 1) the two whys are already answered. the third is hard to go by. i am incapable of answering it.. 2) well the existence of something which we have realized is then stored in our self. like imagination, we imagine things which doesn't existence yet they exist in our imagination... there would still be an universe but we wouldn't know if there was no consciousness. 3) well this nothing can be taken as there is no existence of alines on other pla
  2. the third point answers that quote i think.if there was nothing then the existence wouldnt exist. and this can be logically proven. like a building needs a builder and if the builder doesn't exist how would the building exist... 1) well there is something creating things which we can see, the universe itself is expanding.. 2) it can go two ways.. it goes same way as nothing. realization is naturally possessed by humans. because realizing the existence of something defines it... as for the discussion it is because of some realization. 3) interestingly there are many philoso
  3. 1) something must exist logically that is why all things we see exist if there was nothing how would everything exist. 2) as for the existence of nothing is merely defined as non existence as of now. because humans arent developed enough to realise there will always be something. 3)if there was nothing like NOTHING we wouldn't be here talking there would be nothing no life. that is why there was something..
  4. I liked the game so much still playing ! Got stuck on a mission where i need to find a specific car...
  5. Hmm , which is the best tea for staying up and taste?
  6. Hmm there is not download option , i wanted to read in my mobile . Wp7
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