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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. ironic that the policeman was a Muslim you don't see the media talking too much about that after they mislead everyone with their big breaking news headlines
  2. Allah (AWJ) is outside the scope of creation, as He is the Creator. However creation started from noor-eh Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) and was divided into Ahlul Bayt (AS) and subsequently the rest of creation was derived from that. *** At the end of salat you give your salams to Prophet (SAWA) and Ibadillah hisaliheen (which includes members of Ahlul Bayt).
  3. the truest shahada is the one were you're actually witnessing what you are stating
  4. In the past I use to say on this forum that it is most likely referring to persian king cyrus. I'm probably wrong and it may not be the truth. From the story of the prophets you learn that Dhul Qarnayn in the story is most likely referring to a figure from very ancient times - probably called Alexander -- but not alexander the macedonean. Allah granted him certain abilities or 'technologies' - to travel long distances-- even reach special places like mount Qaf.
  5. One of the point of the story is that the spiritual journey means to go beyond what is perceived to be logical/illogical (provided you have the right guide). Because an action perceived to be illogical based on evidences from the 5 senses, may in fact be very logical if one has access to the higher senses (like Hazrat Khidr (as) ).
  6. First of all it is NOT MURDER...and it is absurd to insult a Prophet like that. One definition of murder is: "the unlawful killing, with malice aforethought, of another human" Secondly this story is talking about the spiritual journey of Prophet Musa (AS) to reach certain knowledge.
  7. It is best to talk to a scholar.
  8. In the book of Muslim there this one hadith that might be relevant http://sunnah.com/riyadussaliheen/18/123 *The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, "There are two types of people who will be punished in Hell and whom I have not seen: men having whips like the tails of cows and they will be beating people with them, and, women who will be dressed but appear to be naked, inviting to evil; and they themselves will be inclined to it. Their heads will appear like the humps of the Bactrian camel inclined to one side. They will not enter Jannah and they will not smell its fragrance which is perceptible from such and such a distance."*
  9. How old are you and where do you live. Do you attend public school? Mixed gender?
  10. their "military base" in the heart of Eurasia
  11. Intercession of the Prophet (SAWA) is one of the major points.
  12. ya Hakam ya Hakam ya Hakam ya Allah La Illah Ila Allah
  13. I recommend everyone read about the origins of creation in some of the religious books. you see that in the "spiritual world" things work in terms of light or noor
  14. First of all, I don't worship anything but Allah. And Allah gives us a number of teachings dealing with morality and immorality, and how we behave with one another. One of the underlying theme we see so often is that you must respect the private property of others. The problem with collectivism is that at some point in its implementation you are going to violate someone's private property - because we're not created equal. Secondly if you're so confident in Marx's proposal for wealth redistribution, then ask youself... why doesn't Allah advocate for the same thing in terms of iman and deeds? Why do we have 7 heavens, and 7 hells? Why don't we have 1 heaven and 1 hell, and depending on how much good/bad deeds all of humanity does in total... we go to either one. Why isn't it like that?
  15. I'm not a western Muppet and I didn't say the system is fine I clearly outlined what the problem is, and it's the fact that there is one bank that has a gov-granted monopoly to issue money. In other words, the "very rich" have access to a computer, where they can type whatever number they want, and have that amount of it in dollars transferred instantly into their bank account. The inequality occurs, when they add a lot of this 'free money' into their account and use it to buy up every business, land, infrastructure, ...etc. there is, and sometimes they give a little to the general population, by lending it to them with high interest. Nowadays a lot of these 'very rich' gamble with the 'free money' in the stock markets, and hedge their odds/risk by buying gov-bonds which is supposedly guaranteed by the military. This system is not capitalism, and take some time to do deeper research.
  16. damage to property is very expensive so the market provides a business service that addresses this issue it's called INSURANCE if I'm not mistaken, the modern form of property insurance originated in UK No we didn't do it before. You always shy away from it. You say that profits should be banned, then I asked you, how are you going to impose this ideological view of yours, and you didn't address the process to me. I also stated that we have something called the stock market, if the workers want a cut of the profits, they're free to invest in shares of the company. In practice rarely do you see the general workforce do such a thing, because it's too risky-- every one wants jobs security, the business owners deal with the risk. you know the amount of threads I see here where you promote marxisim, can make people suspect you are an agent of MKO/MEK and it well known the neo-cons have formed an alliance with this group please elaborate more on this point give us the rational rigor that helped you reach the conclusion that capitalism is non-islamic I don't see how the concept of you being free to do whatever business you like, so long as you don't violate the private properties of others is unislamic
  17. elaborate don't just throw ad hominem attacks When governance is left to Allah there is a higher chance for peace and tranquility to occur here's a snapshot... http://tvnz.co.nz/national-news/school-ditches-rules-and-loses-bullies-5807957 Allah knows best
  18. OP it is clear you are a Marxist. Do you know what kind of individual Marx was? Go read about his daughters. Secondly, we have something called the stock market. If the workers want to have a piece of the profits, they're free to buy shares in the company. You can't force business owners to comply with your demands-- it's immoral. *** For the other Marxist-leaning folks here here's a news flash there is no place on earth that has free-market capitilism US had a bit of it, but it ended in 1913 because the right to issue money notes was restricted to one bank--- ie. they got a gov-issued monopoly all other banks could not do that, and are forced to comply with this one bank if they want to issue notes for deposit accounts so in other words, the market for money is not free anymore this flawed regulation eventually led to the wealth inequality we have today it has nothing to do with capitalisim stop promoting flawed and dangerous political systems elaboriate give us the rational rigor for this conclusion of yours
  19. Did you go to a public school? Which country?
  20. Why would you like there to be only one Socrates on SC?
  21. seems like your marxist/share-profits theories didn't work with Chrysler http://www.canadianmanufacturing.com/general/fiat-buying-remaining-chrysler-stake-from-union-for-3-65b-128244 Union workers didn't want a share of the profits!
  22. I can't believe some of you actually saying it's a good thing, and that the world is overpopulated, and it helps reduce the cut throat competition for natural resources ???? What's wrong with you people..... first of all many of you 'think' the world is overcrowded because you've lived in big cities most of your lives, where because of corruption in the monetary policy, the wealth is strictly concentrated in those areas and so people would naturally move to where most of the money is located secondly we have the science and creativity to explore and settle in outer space, discover resources on other planets/asteroids more humans means more chance to reach these goals the only reason why we're not doing so today and instead have the cut throat competition in the marketplace is as I said before, corruption in the monetary policy the creation of wealth is in the hands of bankers and they would rather put a lot of money towards consumption-based assets like building condos and charging rent or making blockbuster movie for solely entertainment consumption instead of investing in a production-based asset like factories, high-tech research lab, ...etc. which would create high paying jobs which would allow one to support family and kids and the gov is not the solution to these types of investments because they're not a income generating business *** Going back to Iran the problem is the same with the rest of the world it's the fact that the currency people use is fiat and it's value is in the hands of bankers for example the value of the toman, rial is in the hands of CBI and if Iranians want more children tell the CBI stop inflating the currency
  23. Okay, suppose you want to implement your Marxist society How are you going to ban profits? Give us a systematic and logical approach to convince business owners to not have profits. Secondly tell us how you'd go about compensating for the lawsuit risks that the business owner has to deal with?
  24. Can you give the reference where you got this quote? Yes the foundation principle of Keynes, and all his followers is based on the use of violence/coercion to stimulate the economy. Since you come here and defend Keynes, do you think such an approach is moral?
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