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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I apologise to mr puretichs & true sunni for posting a Ayah, my intention was not for debating or to proof anything, ya Allahu ya Rehmanu ya Raheemu ya Muqallibal qubool sabbit qalbi ala Deenik, good bye
  2. Allah says in Quran: when you prostrates to Allah, Allah sees your hearts not your prostrations
  3. Instresting, i have also readen in your post that Imam Mahdi will also curse enemies for 40 years and also encourage His followers, like muawiyya or alh al'bait ! By sunni or shia sources ! Just i'am imagining
  4. Not too hot Hadiths like afzal'ul'thawaab al mutah
  5. ^invoker it's not shirk or biddah rather offshoot sects that were created 200 yrs back maked this sense of veiw to hide there own munafiqah, know don't tell me barelwi i'am not that
  6. ^better you also say O Ali O Ali pray for me to Allah, He is spiritually sound and alive
  7. I have seen debates and challenges but these things never changes what we expects, only signs and proofs of Allah makes changes which are yet to come, now only hallow people are living like body without souls
  8. ^ i had readen that Hadith in Sahih Bukhari hardcopy, not from any site that runs by google shaikhs, Insha'Allah i will find it and post
  9. Salaam It is also mentioned in Hadith al sahihyain that Prophet S.a.w said after Me follow Quran and My Sunnah, in sunnah of Prophet S.a.w itself comes everything even method of loving Ahl al'Bait, which Ahl al'sunnah wa jamah follow till now there are also some deviated sects which loves only Sahaba or only Ahl al'Bait. Shukran
  10. Assalaamu alaikum brother hasbunAllah, according to Ibn Arabi r.h Imam Mahdi will come with sword (Dhulfiqar) for which neo khwarjies aka wahabis declared him fasiq, but mainstream sunni sufis respect him like me and you, do you also know anything about His sword ! I'am not debating rather asking for my knowledge, many shia brothers also orgue on this matter, i salute your efforts which you are doing for unity and coming events, jazak'Allah. Imam Jafar Sadiq r.a said dont take on your weapons until your Imam comes and wait for His arrival. Why hisbullah taken out weapons against wahabis ! Sunn
  11. Assalaamu alaikum everybody Good efforts, simply i would like to say: people who have taken the self contract for Sahaba ajma'een and Ahle Bait e at'haar are not themselfes perfect as mentioned in hadiths about wordly scholars, i simply used to think i'am sunni and respect all then why Ahle Bait e at'haar still loves me comes in my dreams if i'am on wrong path ! plz any wahabi salafi don't try to interpriet dreams according to your boss yazeed's logic. Jazak Allah shukran to all
  12. One and all mr.yazeed lanatullah alaih
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