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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Shias and sunnis can never unite, the division is too deep rooted. Just try to achieve mutual co-existance and that is as good as it gets.
  2. He never said BBC was unbiased , he said all media outlets have their stated aims/propaganda, some more than the others. Nowadays RT is beloved by bashar supporting shias because it is pro-assad pro-russia propaganda. BBC will be as neutral as you can get mate... don't kid yourself.
  3. Hardly any crushing done here. A nice debate though. Eva did not have good answers to counter and kept resorting to "don't interject me" pleas although she kept doing it herself. Dilly used good arguments, was short on evidence on some points, was spot-on on others. Dilly was absolutely unequivocal on his condemnation of Iran's role in Syria and KSA's role in Yemen. RT host / Eva were left speechless with that as they weren't really expecting that. RT tried to interject US attack in Mosul to counter any condemnation of Russia and got a straight forward no-bull[Edited Out] answer from Dilly. Quickly ended the discussion there then. Just because someone is against Iran/Bashar/Russia alliance does not make him sectarian exactly like you don't become sectarian being against GCC/US/UK alliance in yemen. It's all politics folks, calm down.
  4. ^^^ Your posts are the most un-biased , academic and truth seeking in nature that I have ever read on early Islamic history. May Allah bless you.
  5. Salam, Is there any details of who/how named Alin ibn Husayin as Zain al-Abidin ? Thanks
  6. How do you reconcile this with the fact that Ammar and ansar were on side of AbuBakr/Umar in their caliphates? Would they be on haqq as well?
  7. And hence forth a tribal feud becomes a religious feud then religious sects a few centuries further down.
  8. Can anyone give a reference of this, if possible?
  9. What is the relation between Imam Ali(a.s.) and region of hadarmawth? The secrets text says 'from hadarmawth'.
  10. Interesting. Thanks for this. Can you please share what is said in shia literature specifically about Nafi mawla ibn umar?
  11. Saddam and Gaddafi were as bad as Asad is now , but you obviously will hate saddam only because he generally oppressed shias. Syrian revolution was started by syrians, like the bahrainis. But bahraini dictators aren't half as bad as Assad in his repression. Torture, genocide, rape , extermination, burning people alive, barrel bombs, chemical weapons -- the list goes on and on. Bahraini clown hasn't done a fraction of this but doesn't matter, he is against shia iran ... Labbayik ! And by the way, a 'game' is played by two sides. I don't know what makes you think Iran/Assad/Putin/shias are lesser evils apart from they represent the political interests of your sect in the middle east.
  12. How about al-kafi ? Also a book of arab folklore ?
  13. And it's so funny all of a sudden shias are jumping up and down defending mass murderer putin in their zeal and deriding Turkey and erdogan -- a country that kept it's economic ties with Iran during sanctions, does not hate promote hatred of shia (erdogan himself attended ashura procession and on record saying no to shia/sunni conflict... ) Is opposing Assad such a big sin now?
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