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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I Know what happens when you break a promise to Allah (:swt). But what if you make a promise to someone else and they later said its okay to not carry the promise, do you listen to go with it? What happens to one that breaks their own promises. Can one release them self from their own promise?
  2. My teacher told me there is this book that says the killer (curses on her) of the Qaim (may Allah (swt) hasten his reappearence) is going to have Zainab in her name. Does anyone know of such a book? I am curious as to what that book says and the sources used in it. This info is uncommon.
  3. Is it haram to have sexual fantasies about you and your spouse a)when he/she is away or b ) during intercourse; for example he/she are doing something but your imagining them doing something else (with your spouse of course). I now stupid question but I don't really understand how far can it go to make it haram.
  4. Are we suppose to take ghusl e janabat even if we are periods. What if our flow is heavy? Can we wait till our menstruation lessens or stops to take it?
  5. He is a new immigrant and he wants to have children but she feels that they need to settle down and than with proper planning, form a family. She doesn't want to be dependent on anyone but herself and/or husband. And currently both of them are unemployed!
  6. In a situation where the wife doesn't/can't take birth control pills because it's side affects cause harm to her, tells her husband to use a "barrier" but he refuses can she refuse to have sex with him? What is she suppose to do in such situation?
  7. If we are not able to get proper privacy in where we live, can I refuse my husband for sex untill we do if refuses to reason?
  8. Why do Sunni's wish that? Their prophet's (saw) family was ruined in this month. Does it not mean anything to them?
  9. Oh I am not worried about the magic; the fact he seeked it out, instead of going to Allah (swt) for whatever he desired is my problem. I have lost so much respect for him and I honestly don't want to be around him. I have strong opinions about people seeking such things.
  10. What do you do when you find out/get a hint that your spouse that you have been married to for like 5 months is associated with black magic? I don't need people telling me it doesnt exist because the Quran already said that it does.
  11. Well it depends on where I get a career. But judging from what you guys have said then I am guessing doing make up on say models is not right but for maybe doing make up on someone who is rehearsing for a televisions show. But yeah I had for beautifying a woman in mind when I asked this question...
  12. What the question says. I want to know what are you opinions on this.
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