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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Asalaamulaikum inshallah you are all well, im in the process of decorating my new house to move into and wanted to know if there are things I should do or have when moving. im currently living at home with my family who are not muslims so im very excited to have a home that is free from all haram things and also be able to have all my Islamic things out. Somebody told me I should have a quran that is wrapped up in the house and also a dua sticker above my front door but im not sure what dua. Im a revert and still learning alhamdulilah so all this is very new to me so any advice would be great. salaam
  2. that's my given name, its not short for anything, I would prefer an Islamic name
  3. asalaamulaikum sisters, inshallah you are all well. Im a revert to islam of 7year alhamdulilah, ive never had a name change and stuck to my original name given by my parents which is tammy. Im now thinking that its something I should have done previously but being only 17 when I reverted it was a decision I felt I should wait till I was older for such an important decision and I feel nows the time I should make this change. Im looking for something close to my name now as my family will more than likely still call me tammy so any of your suggestion would be great could I also have meanings with any names if that's possible please. Asalaamulaikum
  4. Thankyou all for all the helpful comments, its made decision ive been thinking about for a long while easier. My husbands surname was haider and not first name, same as my son. I havent chose to do this for islamic reasons but more for myself and my son we don't have my husbands family no more just eachother and i wanted to take his name when we married he just said a woman wasnt aloud that surname. But thankyou all for your kind words
  5. Asalaamulaikum inshallah you are all well. I need a little advice i am a revert into islam of 7years, i kept my name that i had prior to reverting even after marriage as my husband said i could not take his surname haider. My husband has now died leaving myself and my son. Ive thought long and hard about marriage in the future whih i have decided against but now i feel i want myself and my son to have the same surname. Is there any rulings on changing your name to you husbands even though he has died and also would i be able to take the name haider as my husband said it wasnt permissible. Jazakallah khairun
  6. jazakallah khairun for your replies, I have a budget of about £700-800, I have found a charity called muslim hands who do the wells I know very little about them so am unsure on using them. My husband travelled to Syria and Iraq many times they are places that were in his heart so I would like to do something there if my budget enables me to inshallah.. I currently give to the local imam bargah and a few other charities but as we never know whats written for us id like to do something now that is there and a benefit for people long term whilst my finances allow me to do this.
  7. asalaamulaikum everybody im not sure if im posting in the right place but im in need of some guidance. My husband passed away last year and due to situations with the family myself and my son didn't go to the funeral. its been a long year of acceptance and now feel I need to do something for my husband I regularly give to charities and pray for him but somebody mentioned to me about doing something a bit more permanent like a well or something like that from my son for his father. i would be grateful of any ideas jazakallah khairun
  8. Thankyou sisters for your replies, I feel its an even bigger decision to make as im a revert and we have no other muslims around us so my son needs that. Fatima NME my brother inlaw is married with children, he has now said hes taking over from where my husband left off now I don't need anybody else as my husbands still here just in the form of him. That makes me feel quite uneasy as nobody will ever replace him especially not his brother
  9. asalaamulaikum sisters inshallah you are all well, I know only I can make this decision but I wanted to know what the rest of you would do. My husband died a year ago leaving me and my 3year old alone we have no contact with his family other than his brother who is in contact now and again. Many people have asked me about considering marriage again and I feel so confused about the matter, part of me thinks I married my husband at 18 and would never marry again but the other part of me thinks im only 25 and have always wanted a big family also my son needs as I feel someone who can be there for him like a male role model. My brother inlaw asked me what my plans were and I really don't know. I would appreciate all your comments.
  10. asalaamulaikum inshallah you are all well, I really need help. I need ya sahib uz zaman as adrikni translating into Arabic script if anybody an help me please
  11. asalaamulaikum, can anybody tell me if there are any books or websites which explain what happens after the 10days of muharram and also how many days do we mourn for as ive done muharram in the past but only just found that there are many things that happen after that time. im a revert to shia islam so any information would be greatfully received
  12. asalaamulaikum inshallah you're all well, I want to find out more about what happens before the 10days of muharram, can anybody recommend any websites or books that have everything in there.
  13. Thankyou for all your help ive done as everybody has said and so far he has only cried out but nothing like lastnight. When i lived with my husband and inlaws my son wouldnt speak we took him to be checked out and all was fine when we came back from there feb thisyear all of a sudden he started to talk alhamdulilah hes come on so much in the last few months but his speech is still coming along so he cant explain what he sees or why hes scared inshallah he will be able to soon A friend of mine went to an imam and shown them a picture of me what they had to say was quite scary i was unsure about believing this person but now if think i should have
  14. I think they have overlooked that part, the ignorance of some people is very sad especially when there is a child involved
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