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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    Link got a reaction from shia farm girl in Zaidi Shia   
    www.altafsir.com you can read their tafsir there.
    They believe Caliphate belongs to the family of Mohammad (pbuh). They have much hadiths to support that.
    They also show Auli-Mohammad (pbuh) are chosen, and have hadiths about their Spiritual Wilayah as well. However, Zaidis today I think don't focus on that (and are in fact ignorant of that) but just the politics part, so this is perhaps why sunnis see them very much like themselves and not "extreme" like us.
    They weren't vocal against Abu Baker and Umar and Uthman but focused on current rulers, however, I don't think they were ok with Abu Baker and Umar, and I don't see any evidence of that but i see the opposite implied because of the hadiths they narrate show it was usurped from Ahle-Bayt (as) and they do say it belongs to Ahle-Bayt (as) via proof from Quran + traditions.
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    Link got a reaction from Ali Hadi. in Exposing Al-Tijani's Lies In His Book   
    Kurdish princess u have provided interpatations of scholars of the hadith..
    however... their 'intepertation' is not a refutation
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    Link got a reaction from JawzofDETH in Ibn Arabi's devious beliefs   
    I disagree with this, not commenting whether it is right or wrong doesn't show you agree or disagree.
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    Link got a reaction from Nima in How is saying "Ya Ali Madad" not shirk   
    To believe anything occurs outside Allah (swt) power and permission is shirk
    A follower of Musa (as) sought his help, the sons of Yaqoub (as) sought Yaqoub's (as) help regarding their sins, and the Quran says for people to seek Rasool's (saw) help regarding their sins too
    When you ask Rasool (pbuh) to ask forgiveness for your sins, he is helping you, how? the Quran says his prayers are a tanquility for the believers and his asking forgiveness for the believers does avail the believers - so that is helping you - whether you wish to acknowledge it as help or not
    When you bless the Prophet (pbuh), he responds by interseding for your sake, and this is helping you, unless you think his prayers don't help you
    When people ask Ali (as) to help them, they know he has a great rank with Allah (swt) and can help their case with Allah (swt)
    No one believes Ali (as) has any power on his own, we all know Allah (swt) is all powerful and all power comes from him and no one can control a grain unless by God's permission because we don't have an existance on our own
    The salafis know this - so they invented a knew definition of shirk - "you can only seek help by people who have not passed away from this world"
    However - the most they can say, is that is wrong, to talk to the dead cannot possibly termed shirk, they have no basis for this accusations
    We shias believe the case of the Prophets (as) and Imams (as) is the same as alive or dead, because dead just means alive but not seen by us, and we sunnis and shias both talk directly to the Prophet (pbuh) 5 times a day in their prayers, salafis however follow some sahabas who stopped saying it directly after his death isntead of how Rasool (pbuh) taught to do salat
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