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  1. lol no prob bro... Tell me an objections you have if any...
  2. (salam) Bro, this is what my first post was about... And the translation is wrong, it left out "fa"... The two ways of reading "fa" is "then (ie. in doing this) if you differ.." or "therefore (ie. in complying to this) if you differ" I went through why it's the latter and why Ulil-Amri (as) are not repeated. wa salam
  3. Thanks for the addition... From Yusuf Ali: "you. If ye differ " The word "Fa" is missing... This is the problem, "fa" is the factor, is it "therefore" as in "in obeying Allah and obeying the Messenger and Ulil Amri from you" , you should as a result of complying to this, when you differ.. or is like "then (in doing this) if you differ".... the two ways of reading "fa" makes you reach different conclusions. I also would like to mention, that there is two obedience commands, and hence that supports the fact Ulil-Amri (as) are Ma'asoom as well... We see else where in Quran, Prophetic authority vs Misguided Leaders is discussed...
  4. (salam) 2 possibilities to consider 1) Kuli Shayan if referrring to existence (light) rather non-existence (rijs/darkness) then can be seen in light of "given from all things" and ayat tatheer would confirm that the Imamal Mobeen has all existence in universe encompassed in him and he is deprived of only Rijs (darkness/non-existence). 2) It can also refer to the to the fact he witnesses and perceives the whole universe malakut. Another "twelve" coincidence is verse Twelve mentions twelve Naqeebs in Suratal Maeeda 5:12...and we rose from them Twelve Chiefs...
  5. Jazakallah... I think this Surah is really important for the materialistic societies today...to recall the holy families regard for oppressed and there utmost disregard for world and self... Perhaps the most emphasized example of Ahlulbayt (as) (and see 5:55) is there regards for the oppressed... Mohammad (pbuh) came to free the oppressed of the world just as Musa (as) came to free the oppressed Bani-Israel.
  6. (salam) No problem bro... The intention was for people to benefit so alhamdulilah Allah (swt) made you benefit... inshallah Allah (swt) increases you in knowledge through out your life and brings you closer to Him and Ahlulbayt (as). And thanks as well, I've benefit from your posts and topics as well. May Allah (swt) spread the whole Deen of Haq till blessed generations are raised upon the truth from birth to death and do not have to go through the deception the world is in today... wa salam
  7. (salam) bro :) Maybe they want to talk about Abrogation like Efendi did... This is the last life line they have as far as I can tell. And inshallah calmly and with wisdom, we will show the fallacy in that view... (which is quite obvious if just thought about). And besides that, there is other arguments you brought forth, like the fact wage is for the message, and to disbelievers it would mean the wage they owe if accepting, not that an wage can be expected while rejecting. And also the notion all Mohammad (pbuh) asks from them is that, is false, since he was asking a whole lot more then that...in fact, the sentence makes no sense, even with the brackets and after brackets added... That and the other wage verses.... Inshallah they will admit the truth that Family of Mohammad (pbuh) are the way to Allah (swt). wa salam
  8. (salam) Farid, do you agree at least the following verse: Have they feet with which they walk, or have they hands with which they hold, or have they eyes with which they see, or have they ears with which they hear? Say: Call your associates, then make a struggle (to prevail) against me and give me no respite." (7:195) Contradicts the view that Mohammad (pbuh) was asking Disbelievers and Mushriks of Quraysh "not make a struggle against him" and "give him respite" while this verse says "then make a struggle against me and give me no respite" (same thing Nuh (as) said) Forgetting the wage verses, at least, do you agree that it contradicts that hadith stating that is the view of Ibn Abbas (ra)? MohammadMufti, same thing, at least do you agree that it contradicts that hadith and your scholars overlooked this verse that refutes that?
  9. (salam) In talking about Politically Rising against oppressors and defeating the arrogant disbelievers and raising the Truth.... Suratal AUli-Imran in midst of that mentions 1) Authority is Granted by God, just as Honor is (the Light by which proves Authority). 2) Politically Authority of Mohammad (pbuh) (at that time) stems from people who love God over world. 3) Then Talks about Chosen Families and Yahya (as) being a Leader/Master and also about Isa (as) and Mariam (as)..which along with hinting Chosen family Mohammad (pbuh) is part of... Shows like the Talut (as) verse, the Chosen Families brought out for the sake of mankind political authority stems simply from the fact they are God's Beloved and Chosen ones and following them is following God... Clining to them is clinging to God.. Obeying them is obeying God... As all these blessed chosen group of souls, brought out for mankind, who are all offspring connected to a blessed Tree of chosen ones.. command towards Justice and Goodnness (as other Surahs emphasize on)... Then they are Political Leaders since the commanding towards good is political and Spiritual as well....they are True kings "and we made you Kings"... So this concept of "Political" vs "Spiritual/Religious" Leadership is just a product of Umma sinking in falsehood... Quran introduces Political authority of Mohammad (pbuh) by Spiritual Authority "If you Love Allah, then follow me"... as obeying him is obeying God as is in the case of all chosen ones, like the Family of Imran (as) including Isa (as)... So this Non-Political understanding of Prophets (as) Leadership has to go away, since, they all came telling people to obey them and not obey the Misguiding Leaders... Isa (as) in the speech we have specifically talked about overthrowing Tyrants... And Yahya (as), the Cousin of Isa (as), who prepared people for Isa (as), was martyred for his stead fast political Leadership against the Tyrant of that time... So where is this split of Imamate coming from...? Even if it was split before, it was combined as one in the seal and perfect Nubuwa of Mohammad (saw). Waliyal Amr (as) guides spiritually and politically as the politic attitude of a believer is related to his spirituality....
  10. (salam) Sorry I deleted the post... Yes first it was about rejectors of Zaid (qas) (whom people hated) and then it was translated that all those who rejected Abu Baker and Umar..
  11. (salam) The propaganda spreads and is accepted because people want to accept it without proper investigation.... It makes them feel better about themselves when they hear bad stuff about the people who actually rose for Islam and Quran while their people are focused on the Idol known as "Dunya". Here in Canada, an injustice is found about a Muslim, and the government is forced to compensate and admit mistakes because the people do not tolerate injustice to it's citizens. Investigation is commanded and truths are brought out... Arab countries, people go to jail with no reason, and people remain focused on their own lives, hardly caring about their own people. Huge apathy amongst the people... There is no Justice and want to seek it... Saudi Arabia Government and officials commited a huge crime, but to make oneself feel better, people rather believe the Iranian Shias are to be blame...rather then holding their government accountable... In Canada, one crime to one Muslim, and the people won't tolerate but to hear the truth and want compensation... This is the problem with the Umma, they are so use to injustice, and do not value rising for justice at all... that they will accept what they want to hear rather then firmly wishing to know the truth and standing for the truth and justice.. Nawasib cannot be expected but to this propaganda.... Sunni Scholars and Leaders are the ones who should inform the people of the false propaganda and put out the Fitna...
  12. (salam) The attitude of Ahlulbayt (as) was to look up the current situation and act towards the current Enemies..... When the usurpation happened, Ali (as) and Fatima (as), especially Fatima (as), strove for the rights... but when Ali (as) saw that the people were bent against him and only the Mutaqeen, who were his followers, would rise, he spared them that and saw more wisdom in patience and was against Fitna Sufyan wanted and kept to unity, and then helped the Umma and did not cause division. Here is lesson we ought to learn from Ahlulbayt (as) on how to look towards the current enemies instead of the past (which does nothing, it's the current armies of Satan that harm Islam that we can do something against): One of Amir al-mu'minin's (as) companions (from Banu Asad) asked him: "How was it that your tribe (Quraysh) deprived you of this position (Caliphate) although you deserved it most." Then in reply he said: O' brother of Banu Asad! Your girth is loose and you have put it on the wrong way. Nevertheless you enjoy in-law kinship and also the right to ask, and since you have asked, listen. As regards the oppression against us in this matter although we were the highest as regards descent and the strongest in relationship with the Messenger of Allah. It was a selfish act over which the hearts of people became greedy, although some people did not care for it. The Arbiter is Allah and to Him is the return on the Day of judgement. "Now leave this story of devastation about which there is hue and cry all round." (1) Come and look at the son of Abu Sufyan (Mu`awiyah). Time has made me laugh after weeping. No wonder, by Allah; what is this affair which surpasses all wonder and which has increased wrongfulness. These people have tried to put out the flame of Allah's light from His lamp and to close His fountain from its source. They mixed epidemic-producing water between me and themselves. If the trying hardships were removed from among us, I would take them on the course of truthfulness otherwise: "... So let not thy self go (in vain) in grief for them; verily Allah knoweth all that they do." (Qur'an, 35:8) This is telling us ""Now leave this story of devastation about which there is hue and cry all round." and come look at "current enemies of Islam". The recalling of Aushura is not to recall the event simply but it's attitude towards all Oppressors...by which Ummayads were defeated and inshallah all justice will spread from recalling of Hussain (as) and his Companions (may peace be upon them all). Imam Hussain (as) is Leading the battle against all oppressors and it's not simply fighting Yazeed. I do not mean by this we should not recall the past, but recalling of past should be to apply to today, not to get caught up about it. Ameeral Momineen (as) is saying, leave that talk, look at Mauwiya, the judgement belongs to God, some people were selfish, and others were apathetic, but now look at Mauwiya and leave the talk which is of no use today. I see use in proving Ahlulbayt (as), I do not see use in constantly pointing out "crimes" of the heroes of Sunnis and causing enmity. The Sermon 3 does not contradict this attitude, because it was one time shout, while his constant attitude was clearly to focus on the current situation and even sermon 3, he linked it to the current situation, of people rebelling... We have enemies today working to destroy Islam... To divide the Umma further and cause wars in the region, further split the countries and bring down the Shariah.... "Now leave this story of devastation about which there is hue and cry all round." (1) Come and look at the son of Abu Sufyan (Mu`awiyah). Does it not mean to us, "leave this story of devastion" (as don't focus on it) "come and look" at them, who work to destroy Islam, and focus on them....?
  13. O You who have believed obey Allah and obey the Messenger and the Ulil-Amri from you Who are "the Ulil-Amri from you"? It must be noted that the verse then continues to say if we have disputes, to refer to Allah and his Messenger, without stating to refer to the "Ulil-Amri from you". It is for this reason our Sunni brothers do not put a high value to whoever "Ulil-Amri from you" are, as to them, clearly they are fallible people, since had they been infallible Allah (swt) would not have said "then if you differ.." and to refer to Allah and His Messenger, which shows "Ulil-Amri" are prone to error.... When the line is shown by itself, it's seen as "bias" approach, since the latter part, shows "Ulil-Amri" are not divinely appointed infallible Leaders... This is the main argument we hear from our Sunni brothers. However, this because "fa" is read as "then" which implies "to this" then if you differ in doing this, then refer back to Allah and his Messenger only... type meaning. An alternative reading is "therefore..." The "therefore" "so" meaning here would be "in complying to 1) Obeying Allah, 2) Obeying the Messenger and Ulil-Amri from you, you are to refer your disputes back to Allah and the Messenger"... The "therefore" would imply automatically, that it's in obedience to all "Ulil-Amri" to "refer back to Allah and the Messenger". The question is then why did not Allah (swt) mention "Ulil-Amri" again... There is also another verse about Ulil-Amri, which Sunnis see support their view. 004.083 YUSUFALI: When there comes to them some matter touching (Public) safety or fear, they divulge it. If they had only referred it to the Messenger, or to those charged with authority among them, the proper investigators would have Tested it from them (direct). Were it not for the Grace and Mercy of Allah unto you, all but a few of you would have fallen into the clutches of Satan. PICKTHAL: And if any tidings, whether of safety or fear, come unto them, they noise it abroad, whereas if they had referred it to the messenger and to such of them as are in authority, those among them who are able to think out the matter would have known it. If it had not been for the grace of Allah upon you and His mercy ye would have followed Satan, save a few (of you). SHAKIR: And when there comes to them news of security or fear they spread it abroad; and if they had referred it to the Messenger and to those in authority among them, those among them who can search out the knowledge of it would have known it, and were it not for the grace of Allah upon you and His mercy, you would have certainly followed the Shaitan save a few In this verse, Sunnis argue clearly the "Ulil-Amri" are "commanders" of that time, who occupy authority along side Mohammad (pbuh) and are part of his government... The fact people ought to have referred to "Ulil-Amri" shows that "Ulil-Amri" are the officials amongst them... Thus "minkum" is seen as "amongst you" and implies that "Ulil-Amri" are a "people in authority" of the time, and not leaders of the past. 4:83 thus "supports" the Sunni theory according to this argument, that "Ulil-Amri" are not infallible Imams (as)... The most common fallacy is the fallacy of the excluded middle... The fallacy of excluded middle is concluding on the basis of that there is no other possible meaning... Here again, our Sunni brothers, are in a logical fallacy of the excluded middle as in 4:59, not seeing it as "therefore". And not seeing a reason of why not "Ulil Amri from you" is not repeated in for the "differences" other then the fact they are fallibles whom can err and thus Allah (swt) tells us if we differ, to refer it to Allah and the Messenger.... As for why not repeated "Ulil-Amri" in 4:59, is that if it was referring to those whom are to succeed the Messenger (saw), then it would not make sense that people ought to refer there differences to the Messenger (saw), as well, as them (as)... since referring to the "Messenger" is enough... and it would mean they would have to go to Ali (as), then Hassan (as) and then Hussain (as), for each differences aside from getting Mohammad (pbuh) to judge... The other issue is "the Messenger" (saw), would actively judge by what is revealed (Quran)... Now when it comes to differences, there is many types..... Some of it can be referred to Quran and Sunna (The application of Quran by Mohammad (pbuh)).... Some disputes, however, are of a nature, that it needs an active Ruler... 021.078 And Dawood and Sulaiman when they gave judgment concerning the field when the people's sheep pastured therein by night, and We were bearers of witness to their judgment. 038.022 When they entered in upon Dawood and he was frightened at them, they said: Fear not; two litigants, of whom one has acted wrongfully towards the other, therefore decide between us with justice, and do not act unjustly, and guide us to the right way. 038.023 Surely this is my brother; he has ninety-nine ewes and I have a single ewe; but he said: Make it over to me, and he has prevailed against me in discourse. This type of disputes need to be ruled actively.... Hence, "Quran and Sunna" are not sufficient for all disputes, but "Quran and Representative of Rasool" , who occupies the position of Rasool (pbuh) judging differences, is needed.... Depending on the differences, some of it can be occupied by a judge, and some disputes (like dispute about land between two people's) ought to be reffered to the Leader of the Umma... the Quran says "refer to Allah and the Messenger"... and hence it can be concluded assuming Ulil-Amri (as) are the successors, that each one of them represents the "Messenger" and referring to them, is refer to the Messenger (saw), as they are his Representatives... Referring to agreed upon "Sunna" for some differences is acceptable as well and is referring to "the Messenger". Referring to Fuqaha Judges, for some differences is acceptable, since they are "successors" to the Messenger (saw) as well, but not full successors as the twelve infallible Imams (as). The "Judges" have to be approved by the Rasool (saw) and Ulil-Amri from you, and cannot be people not obedient to the "Rasool and Ulil-Amri from you" or people we told not to obey by whom Allah (swt) commanded to obey absolutely without question.. So from the Shia perspective, it can be seen why it's not repeated and how it does not contradict the Shia understanding.... The verse 4:83 also can be read in some ways that do not contradict Shia understanding... One important fact to be mention is that the verse is not telling people to refer to Ulil-Amri from them as a command... It rather is a stating a fact, It is stating "had they..." so had they done this and that, then result would be this and that... It does not state that they should do this and that.... When thought about, it is clear referring to the Messenger (saw) is enough....and people cannot be expected to refer to the Messenger (saw) and along with doing that, refer to the Ulil-Amri (as)... So one reading is saying is just had they referred to both, then the result would be, and it's showing the Ulil-Amri from this nation all have foresight and knowledge for these matters.... Another way of reading it is the way this verse is read: 009.062 They swear to you by Allah that they might please you and, Allah, as well as His Messenger, has a greater right that they should please Him, if they are believers. 9:03 And a proclamation from Allah and His messenger to all men on the day of the Greater Pilgrimage that Allah is free from obligation to the idolaters, and (so is) His messenger. So, if ye repent, it will be better for you; but if ye are averse, then know that ye cannot escape Allah. Give tidings (O Muhammad) of a painful doom to those who disbelieve, The "and his Messenger" "as well his Messenger", is seen that the whole phrase, the Messenger (saw), it's the same... "Allah is free from obligation to the idolaters", "and his Messenger too" "and his Messenger Also" meaning "the Messenger is free from obligation to the idolaters as well". So "and to the Ulil-Amri also" , "as well to the Ulil-Amri" "and to the Ulil-Amri too" had they referred it to the Messenger, as well to the Ulil-Amri from them, those.. "had they referred it to the Messenger, and to the Ulil-Amri as well, those" Type reading, meaning "had they referred to the Messenger the result would be this and that" as well "had they referred to the Ulil-Amri from them, the result would be this and that".... Now what is the significance of this? Here are some hadiths to hint to this From "Sahih" Bukhari Volume 9, Book 89, Number 306: Narrated Abu Sa'id Al-Khudri: The Prophet said, "Allah never sends a prophet or gives the Caliphate to a Caliph but that he (the prophet or the Caliph) has two groups of advisors: A group advising him to do good and exhorts him to do it, and the other group advising him to do evil and exhorts him to do it. But the ma'asoom is the one protected by Allah.' " Volume 8, Book 77, Number 608: Narrated Abu Said Al-Khudri: That the Prophet said, "No Caliph is appointed but has two groups of advisors: One group advises him to do good and urges him to adopt it, and the other group advises him to do bad and urges him to adopt it; and ma'asoom is the one whom Allah protects." While we read: 004.113 SHAKIR: And were it not for Allah's grace upon you and His mercy a party of them had certainly designed to bring you to perdition and they do not bring (aught) to perdition but their own souls, and they shall not harm you in any way, and Allah has revealed to you the Book and the wisdom, and He has taught you what you did not know, and Allah's grace on you is very great. And we read about envied people: 004.054 Or do they envy the people for what Allah has given them of His grace? But ndeed We have given to family of Ibrahim the Book and the wisdom, and We have given them a grand kingdom. And a hadith that goes well with that: abir Ibn Abdillah al-Ansari (RA) said: I heard the Messenger of Allah saying: "A group of my Ummah will fight for the truth until near the day of judgment when Jesus, the son of Marry, will descend, and the leader of them will ask him to lead the prayer, but Jesus declines, saying: "No, Verily, from you (minkum) Allah has made leaders for others and He has bestowed his bounty upon them." Sunni reference: - Sahih Muslim, Arabic, part 2, p193 - Musnad Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, v3, pp 45,384 - Sawa'iq al-Muhriqah, by Ibn Hajar al-Haythami, p251 - Nuzool Isa Ibn Maryam Akhir al-Zaman, by Jalaluddin al-Suyuti, p57 - Musnad, by Abu Ya'ala which provides another version of the tradition with more clear words on the authority of Jabir that the Messenger of Allah said: "A group among my Ummah will continue to fight for the truth until Jesus, the son of Marry, will descend, and the Imam of them will ask him to lead the prayer, but Jesus replies: "You have more right to it ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ and verily Allah has hnonored some of you over others in this Ummah." Now the alternative is shown.... So who is right? We see Jews accepting Taghoot and rejecting certain people out of jealousy and they are questioned 1) 04.053 Or have they a share in the kingdom? But then they would not give to people even the speck in the date stone. 2) 004.054 Or do they envy the people for what Allah has given them of His grace? Then indeed We gave the family of Ibrahim the Book and the wisdom, and We gave them a grand kingdom. "Those who turn away from it" are in hell... And so in contrast to rejecting God's Signs like the Jews and believing Taghoot as a result of their jealousy to those entrusted to rule by justice along with Mohammad (saw)... We are told to obey Allah and to obey the Messenger and the Ulil-Amri from us... It becomes clear the envied people are "Ulil-Amri from us"... The fact 4:58 entrusts certain people to rule by justice, supports the fact Ulil-Amri are to rule differences when neccessary as well.... the contrast to "family of Ibrahim" suggests "Rasool and Ulil-Amri from you", are a Chosen Blessed Family bestowed the Kingdom and authority of God, of which turning away from results in hell. There is of course more proof. It must be mentioned according to Quran, Taghoots don't really have authority but the Imams who call to the fire authority is due to falsehood people are in, while they will say on day of judgement: And we had no authority over you, but you were an inordinate people (37:30) The Possessors of the True Authority are shown to be the Chosen ones: And their Prophet said to them: Surely Allah has raised Talut to be a king over you. They said: How can he hold kingship over us while we have a greater right to kingship than he, and he has not been granted an abundance of wealth? He said: Surely Allah has chosen him in preference to you, and He has increased him abundantly in knowledge and physique, and Allah grants His kingdom to whom He pleases, and Allah is Amplegiving, Knowing. In response to how Talut (as) holds kingship over them, the Prophet (as) responded with the following points: 1) He holds kingship over you because God has chosen him over you (Spiritual Superiority). 2) He holds kingship over you because he has increased him in knowledge and physique. 3) He holds kingship over you because it's God's kingdom and he grants that to whom he pleases. 4) He holds kingship over you because God in his knowledge knows who to give authority to and is Amplegiving. For these statements to be valid arguments, the reasons have to hold a truth basis because the Prophet (as) is not saying because he said so so it is. Rather, he is given reasons, and the reasons must be based on truth and are not due to the fact that simply it's been decided to be that way for a temporary time. Another thing to notice is the phrase Allah grants his kingdom to whom he pleases is a decription of Allah (swt). The authority belongs to God (swt) and he grants it to whom pleases. The Prophet (as) was describing a continuos reality of God (swt). The following can be concluded from the verse: 1) The ones chosen above rest have authority over the rest. 2) Those who are most superior in knowledge and physique among God's creation hold authority over the rest. 3) The authority belongs to God (swt) so only they possess true authority, they whom he grants it to and who's authority is then linked back to God's authority. 4) God seeing of his servants, well-aware, knows who to give the authority to. Then the sign of the kingdom is given by the Prophet (as). Remember his kingdom is God's kingdom. And the prophet said to them: Surely the sign of His kingdom is, that there shall come to you the chest in which there is tranquillity from your Lord and remainders from what the family of Musa and the family of Haroun have left, the angels bearing it; most surely there is a sign in this if you believe The sign of his authority thus has due to with tranquility and inheritance from the family of the two founding fathers of the nation which were Musa (as) and his brother Harun (as), two Messengers and Prophets who were sent along with each other. The Quran then goes on to show the arguments for authority in detail and goes to prove each statement and argument. It also goes to show the significance of phrase "the family of Musa and the family of Harun", it goes on to discuss what is the tranquility, and reveals the sign of true authority which links back to God's authority through out the Quran. So when Talut departed with the forces, he said: Surely Allah will try you with a river; whoever then drinks from it, he is not of me, and whoever does not taste of it, he is surely of me, except he who takes with his hand as much of it as fills the hand; but with the exception of a few of them they drank from it. So when he had crossed it, he and those who believed with him, they said: We have today no power against Jalut and his forces. Those who were sure that they would meet their Lord said: How often has a small party vanquished a numerous host by Allah's permission, and Allah is with the patient. There are many points that can be derived from this verse, however, for sake of our purposes, the one thing that will be mentioned is that accepting God and the Prophet (as) of their time was not good enough to be included among the believers. The believers were the ones who were with Talut (as), not having only accepted his authority, but having been patient in his obedience which linked back to obedience to God. So they put them to flight by Allah's permission. And Dawood slew Jalut, and Allah gave him the kingdom and wisdom, and taught him of what He pleased. And were it not for Allah's repelling some men with others, the earth would certainly be in a state of disorder; but Allah is Gracious to the creatures. This show this part of God's grace to mankind and hence it relates to his essence. The Quran also goes on to discuss in detail the issue of oppressors and the neccessity of resisting them and also goes on to discuss the role of God's Authority with regards to that. These are the signs of Allah: We recite them to you with truth; and most surely you are (one) of the messengers. This verse confirms that all that has been mentioned is displaying the the truth and relates back to God and his name. What has been mentioned has eternal truth basis and is not a temprorary rule for a particular people. The response also shows Talut (as) is truly Rich and blessed as well. The proof of his authority was through inheriting from the blessed chosen guided offspring: And the prophet said to them: Surely the sign of His kingdom is, that there shall come to you the chest in which there is tranquillity from your Lord and remainders from what the family of Musa and the family of Haroun have left, the angels bearing it; most surely there is a sign in this if you believe. Thus Ulil-Amri from the nation, can be seen as people who possesss the "Amer" in Mohammad (pbuh) which he guided servants and was taught by, and ascends by and is light by which Allah (swt) guides...whether "Amri" means authority or is referring "Amrallah" of which is "Ruh from Amrana", and as such "you did not know...but rather we made it a light we guide whom he please of our servants and verily you guide to a straight path" "believe in the light brought down" "and those who follow the light brought down with him:... the fact they possess that perfect Ruh and Light of Mohammad (pbuh) which is the Quranic Light, is proven else where in Quran. So they are the Masters of the Kawthar and in them is found the Tranquility from Allah (swt), and the Prophetic Knowledge... It's quite obvious now it's referring to the Chosen Family (as) of Mohammad (saw). 38:45 And remember Our servants Ibrahim and Ishaq and Yaqoub, men of power and insight. 38:46 Surely We purified them by a pure quality, the keeping mind of the (final) abode. 38:47 And most surely they were with Us, of the chosen, the select. Read: Or do they envy the people for what Allah has given them of His grace? Then surely We had given to the family of Ibrahim the Book and the wisdom and We have given them a great kingdom. So of them is he who believes/believed in it, and of them is he who turns/turned away from it, and hell is sufficient to burn. Then read: And we then inherited the book to those whom we chosen of our servants so of them is an unjust one to himself and of them is a moderate and of them is a foremost doer in good deeds That is the great superiority It becomes clear the "Chosen" are the Ulil-Amri and recalling the Talut (as) verses, there is no doubt about that. wa salam
  14. I apologize for the spams... I guess I got over excited when things started to link for me..... The main thing I wanted to show however was that there is flow of topics... I noticed you (on sunniforums) as well most Sunnis, your main objection to the Shia view, is that it's off flow... Some of our scholars also could not see the flow and hence said that the order is changed and it does not have any relationship to what is before or after.... There are some Shia here on this site who also were (or still are) of the opinion that order of Quran is corrupted.... I have always been defender of the view that Quran order cannot be corrupted because it's the Seal of Revelations and it's Order is part of the Miracle of Quran and why Surahs cannot be fabricated... I am just wondering, do you at least see the flow from the recitation of topics or do you still see it's as "off-topic"?
  15. I guess your some what right about "hatred" and "animosity".... I use to like to make unity threads and talk about it, but that was banned to be discussed....which I never got really why... I believe unity is most important and yes Sunnis are part of Muslim Umma and make the bulk of it and we should not separate from them or cause hatred... If you think it's best to close it... then inshallah khair... I will post my posts in Ahlulbayt (as) section...... I think firmer policies against talk against Sheikhein (ban talk about Abu Baker and Umar all together as well as Aisha) and enforcement on Akhlaaq and also allowing unity to be discussed and ways of achieving it, can make the section beneficial and not against unity... May Allah (swt) give the whole umma unity soon and make us all work towards it...if closing this section helps that in some way, then nothing is more loved to Ahlulbayt (as) then unity of the Umma (in Ali (as) own words in Nahjul Balagha) and no goal more important in helping Imam Zaman (as) than unity of Muslims in brotherhood and firm stance against the enemies of Islam and Jinn Worshipping Elites who are the killers of the Anbiya (as) and Awsiya (as) and are the Shadow Government of most of the World today. wa salam
  16. (salam) What about people who have been guided and increase in knowledge....? There was not to long ago a Palestinian Girl (Fatima2003) who converted....and others have converted as well as many shias become "firmer" in belief by proofs shown... I came here knowing barely anything and now see Ahlulbayt (as) in Quran because of constantly always trying to prove Ahlulbayt (as) to others, the more knowledge I am bestowed about them as a result. I do not see any need to stop, it's my favorite hobby, to talk about Ahlulbayt (as) to others, because they are the purpose of life and the treasured topics of Quran is about them (as)... And in fact, understanding the proofs of them in Quran and their realtiies, is understanding the world and it's deception and begining to scent The Blessed Name of Allah (swt) and understanding what Nubuwa really is about... I hope you keep it up... We have in Shiachat so many off-topics and topics attacking the government of Iran, and helping the enemies of Allah (swt), and comments attacking our leaders who are leading the fight against the enemies of Islam and Ahlulbayt (as) such as Nasrallah (ha) and so on....of which is real Fitna.... and we have irrelevant non-beneficial talk of worldly things which hardens the heart and makes one dumb...thread after thread.... But this section which is about the Treasures of Quran, Ahlulbayt (as), brings people away from Allah (swt)...? I really do not understand the reason of "shutting down" this section and not others, while who knows "Ahlulbayt" (as) , knows Allah (swt), and the more ones knows them, the more one get's closer to Allah (swt), while talking about "video games" in bro section, and other things, brings people closer to Allah (swT)? Just a hadith about them being branches of paradise or any understanding of them brings people closer to Allah (swt) since they are Ismal Atham... Ahlulbayt (as) are the Spiritual Side of the Message, the Way to Allah (swt), the more they are dicussed, the more "how does Imam Mahdi guide" is questioned and answered... the better for all of us... There is great benefit in people saying "What is the purpose of Imam MAhdi" and how is he "The Guide"... Because then we have to answer it and the truth of "Wilayah" becomes more clear to Shias as well as Sunnis as a result and if we know it, it becomes a reminder for those missing the blessed life of Wilayah so it does the opposite. The more we talk about Imamate of Ibrahim (as), the better, and more we get to attack the blind rhetoric of the Yahoodi type mentality that denies the Unseen Path and Glories and Way... The more we talk about Imams (as) who guide by Allah's command, the more we recall the Unseen Path and Unseen Treasured Signs of Allah (swt) of which we been turning away from and are being called to return to... and of which due to not being upon, as Jaffar Sadiq (as) shows in Misbahalah Sharhiah one ought to when doing salat and reading Quran, feel regret at the very least... Thus when we say "the path of those whom you favored" feel sad of not being under the "favor" and guidance of the Imams (as)... When do ruku, feel regret and sorrow for not being vested with "clothes of light and honour and beauty"... When do Sujood, regret for not tasting the intimacy that is beyond all pleasures and glory and majesty this world can offer... We are to reflect on our barzakh images and why by Allah's (swt) mercy, we are prevented from being shown the Unseen Glory which would bring judgement on us... This way our Salat can atleast not be a heedless salat... The more we talk about Ahlulbayt (as) and proof of them and Imamate of Imam Mahdi (as), it's better for all of us.
  17. (salam) I know this hard for you to digest and I understand if you will see me as "Kaffer" for saying this, it's because you been brought up to understand Nubuwa and Anbiya and not "Awsiya" and do not know the difference... So I understand but just calm down a bit and read about it... Inshallah Allah (swt) blesses with you understanding in this blessed month. :) As for "Revelation", there is different type of revelation... If you talking about the connecting the High reality descent to people in Prophets (as) who then recite God's Signs and bring proofs to people and this state is unique to them and they are "connectors" to people to the Unseen by their Nubuwa, then this Hussain (as) did not receive since the final "sign recited" (Quran) and final "balagha" is sealed with Mohammad (pbuh) and he did not share in that honorable task Prophets (as) go through for the sake of guiding others, as that last of such Tanzeels where sealed by the best Tanzeel and recitation and connection, the Nubuwa and Resalat of the Master of All Creation, Mohammad (pbuh). If you talking about the Experiences and Treasured Revelation Prophets (as) are upon and the Clear Light and Vision and Mystical Experiences, then we believe Awisya (as) share with that "And the Tribes" includes people like Mariam (as) who are part of the "chosen offspring" and "the wahy" and "bayana" they're hearts received it by inheritance and they then experience more through their light and get high states of intimacy with Allah (swt). And aside from that is the Angelic Revelations from every door and side and level which is not to do with reciting God's signs to people and bring a revelation to them... to the Holders of Wilayah and Ulil-Amri of this nation. From Adab As-Salat of Khomeini (qas): The author (may Allah have mercy upon him), quoting Shaykh Abu Ja'far at-Tusi, from his men, from `Abdullah ibn `Ajlan as-Sakuni, said: " I heard Abu Ja`far (AS) say: The house of 'Ali and Fatimah is the room of the Messenger of Allah (SA), and the roof of their house is the Arsh of the Lord of the worlds. And at the bottom of their house there is an uncovered opening to the Arsh, the mi'raj of revelation; and the angels bring down revelation upon them in the morning and in the evening and every hour and twinkle of an eye. The angels are in ceaseless groups, some descending and some ascending. And Allah, the Blessed and Exalted, disclosed to Ibrahim the heavens till he saw the Arsh and He increased his seeing power. And Allah increased the seeing power of Muhammad, 'Ali, Fatimah, al-Hasan and al-Husayn (AS). They used to see the Arsh and they found no roof over their houses except the Arsh. Their houses were roofed with the Arsh of the Beneficent, and the ascensions of the angels and the Spirit in them, with the permission of their Lord, `for every affair in peace. 'I said: "for every affair'." Ile said: `In every affair.' I said: `Is that revelation?' He said: 'Yes"'[/i] Suratal Laylal Qadr shows this "Wahy" experience does not end, what ended is the Tanzeel Wahy to Mankind, and "guidance" type revelation, not the experience type. Imams (as) are "mines of his words" and Treasures upon treasures they receive and you should acknowledge that about Auli-Mohammad (pbuh) because you bless them five times a day. Ayat Tatheer shows Imam Hussain (as) is higher, see the Ayat tatheer thread. As well Ibrahim (as) is said to be of the "Saliheen" in the next... And Yusuf (as) prays "Alhaqni bel Saliheen"... This is the highest level of perfection and refers to Ahlulbayt (as) who are also the "Khalideen" that Adam (as) wanted to be of and as such his sin was not a real sin like ours, but tarkal Awla and unexpected of a person of his high status. The "Aleen" (high ones) are Ahlulbayt (as) by the contrast to the "high chiefs" and mention of wage at the end, which flows about the talk of his Chosen ones, and the power they have, as well our hadiths show Ahlulbayt (as) are higher and were lights created before the rest for 14 000 years and they glorified Allah (swt) while there was nothing else with the perfect fourteen Ma'asoomeen (as). So we believe because of this being handed to us, that Ahlulbayt (as) are the best... We do not believe "Nubuwa" continues but if you define "Nubuwa" as any type of revelation, then you make conclude we don't believe Nubuwa ended. But read what Nubuwa is in Quran and it's about Tanzeel and recitation of God's signs and a book with proofs and connecting recitation from outward that brings sight to the inward and has various levels.... Resalat is Nubuwa but with more need of clear conveyance to the Hosts of people, including to the hearts that have not understood like the believers. Thalqarnain (as) is talked to, and he is not a Nabi. Mariam (as) talked to by Angels (as) but not a Nabi. Not denying the high rank of Anbiya (as) and the special honorable task of Prophethood, but keep in mind that Prophethood is sealed by Mohammad (pbuh). And for the Seal of Prophets (saw) to have the best chosen family and successors, automatically, they would not be Prophets (as), right? Imam Hussain (as) is superior my view to all Prophets (as) except Mohammad (saw). As for hadiths, there is plenty of Shia hadiths to confirm this and there is no reason to deny them as far as we know, unless you can show by a clear proof that it's impossible and absolutely false to assume this.
  18. (salam) I will like to mention another argument, even if is supposed the "kum" and "Ahlel-Bayt" is about "wives" only, which obviously is not, and "Ahlel-Bayt" obviously includes more then wives let a lone the gender change, but even we suppose, then even to stay that Allah (swt) only intended by that, is not true... Why? Because it's in the book of guidance which is a mercy and guidance to all.....it has to have more purpose then just that. The very fact it was left in the book of guidance for all generations to come to read shows that there is more purpose in that...and the very least some knowledge of Allah is gained by this to everyone... So that's another argument... Anyways, this has not brought up yet and this is usually final "cannon". There is incident of Mubahila. M U B A H I LA Yes WE WON'T LET YOU FORGET THE INCIDENT WHICH PROVES CHOSEN FAMILY. I won't post the hadiths because it's well known event, but in the event, for "ourselves" it was Mohammad (pbuh) and Ali (as) "our sons" Hassan (as) and Hussain (as) and "our women" Fatima (as) and the Prophet (saw) then said "O Allah, these are my family". This refutes this "need of being added" to family theory which is nothing but conjecture at utmost limit of what conjecture can be, he (saw) did not say "o Allah, make these part of my Ahlulbayt"... With addition, there is some points to be thought about the incident. For "We" to be the "Muslims" is out of question, if thought about, and as to get all of Muslims to come up for such incident, is just out of logic and also would be testing everyone "faith" in the incident while there is people of different degrees (...say we submit and faith has not yet entered..). "we" thus refers to a "group", and the question is why only Fatima (as) for "our women"... Why not any of the wives? This shows that "we" here is a group other then just normal family "my family" here is referring to Chosen family which is the Surah talks about "and the family of Ibrahim and the family of Imran above the worlds". The incident of Mubahila shows that Mohammad (pbuh), Ali (as), Hassan (as), Hussain (as) and Fatima (as) were "One Group" that no one else alive is included in that at that time.... "our women", if there was any more women in that group, then he would have brought her. The reality is Fatima (as) is the only woman in the group and hence "our women" refers to Fatima (as). If any more were for "ourselves", he would have brought more then Ali (as). This shows they are his Chosen family beyond doubt. Even if this is denied with some sort of twisted logic, then at the very least, it is shown they his family, when he (saw) said "These are my family". The notion of that they were not part of the family and he is asking them to be included is refuted by the event amongst other things. (Daughter not considered part of family??? is this the "Arab" definition that Shias came and ruined as well?). So we have: Hadithal Kisaa The phrase is said by itself, so whatever means, it means what it means. IF the Inama was towards commands, then Mohammad (pbuh) should have read "yureedallah.." and there would be no problem but the "Inama" then refers to something in the phrase. Salawat hadiths Ahmad -Hassan hadith and As-Suyuti record Umm Salama saying it happened and it does contradict the other hadiths, so even Safiya traditon is rejected as "opposing" the Umm Salama ones, then these do not contradict for sure, and no reason to deny. There is probably more traditions with the Salawat mentioned by Umm Salama, but this is two I have become aware of. Salat Link with Ayat Tatheer. Mohammad (pbuh) was commanded to command his family towards Salat and would recited the verse, and this showed the meaning as shown earlier. Many hadiths about Ahlulbayt (sa) Two weighty things, never seperating from Quran, Boat of Nuh (as) Emphasis on loving Ahlul-Kisaa, other hadiths.... Imam Mahdi (as) part of Ahlulbayt (as) This shows it's about "wives" only when Imam Mahdi (as) is part of ahlulbayt (as). The Grammer It switched from plural female and it's talking to wives, so they are identified and being talked to directly, and there is no grammer justification of referring to them as plural male. "Ahlel-Bayt" means the family which includes more then wives. "Chosen Family" The Quran has gone in great length to discuss chosen families and in line with topics of True Blessings and Everlasting Provision and showed wisdom in Chosen Families and a Chosen offspring and the blessed Tree of the Prophets (as) and Chosen ones (as), who form "tribes" of Chosen people. Blessed Recitation The Recitation is found similar to other parts of Quran and also opens up doors to smaller Surahs (Suratal Kawthar) and there is similarity to many Surahs and combination of many parts. Mention was the talk of obedience then Chosen family in Suratal Auli-Imran. The Rope of God and holding to God by the "Messenger among you" and "signs recited". The Sulaiman (as) talk of wealth and the favor he has, and peace upon the chosen ones, and preaching of choosing next over this world. The "Given from all things" "blessings up them", and "purity" and "exaltedness" of talk of the Chosen ones and pure families all combines as well as additional information. The talk of the sought water after The light verse goes well. The mention of Mariam (as) and the "Ruh" in Suratal Tahreem in relation to admonishment of wives, then also supports a similar admonishment in these verses. The Similarity of Suratal Hud and contrast of non-chosen and chosen family with the issue of Treasure from "Worldy" view and true blessings, and about the not being forced while hating the light, supports "Ahlulbayt" to be a chosen family like the Chosen family of Ibrahim (as) (Ibrahim (as), Ismael (as), Sarah (as), Isaac (as), Yaqoub (as), Yusuf (as) and others we do not know of and "Hajar" (as) perhaps is included). Prefering Mohammad (pbuh) over world in other Surahs mentioned with talk of fighting in God's way and before talk to wives, fighting in God's way was discussed and remains on topic of prefering Nabi (as) over the Self and so here the choice is similar to the wives and also is hinting towards women, that they too have to choose Mohammad (pbuh) over world, but that does not mean Jihaad for them, but other things. There is preaching to what searching the world results in and what choosing Mohammad (pbuh) results in (He has all blessings people seek and beyond.. why choose world which just inherits Rijs over whom gained all blessings in creation and all sought water sought by people in this deceptive world). And it links with other truths of Wilayah as well, and goes well with the objections as recently shown, and other Surahs show the issue is related (purity of Family of Imran (as), Highness of Musa (as) and Harun (as), the peace in the Prophetic knowledge and Tranquility in it, etc). The recitation thus is blessed and beautiful and flows, and goes well with the whole surah, as well as verses before and after, and hence there is no reason to object to "off-topic"..and the flow is similar to many verses in Quran at the same time... so in combining all those flows, which all cannot be fabricated, is a huge proof that's the recitation. That and hadiths confirm the proper recitation while there is no real proof to deny the blessed Final Chosen Family (may Allah shower his blessings upon them) that are the best of the blessed Chosen people brought out for mankind. And if that is not enough, then do not forget the Blessed Family (as) of M U B A H I LA Which by itself is sufficient proof. :)
  19. (salam) Bro, thanks, jazakallah both of you, inshallah I will learn to organize and write a good book or site that systamatically will look at the objections, the reply by Tawheed, and how it relates to Mohammad (pbuh) and then his family...and show the "chosen" "family" meaning in reply to those subjects...and then prove beyond doubt "family of Mohammad" are "Chosen ones" only. but here in these debates, my "thoughts" come up and when I write, it becomes clearer to me. This knowledge is but a favor amongst many favors that I have not acted upon and is but a proof against me, and not something I can take pride in as a praise unfortunately. Remember the "rock" in Isa (as) vision I posted about, the hadiths say the stench of a person who does not act upon his knowledge is worse then all, and so I hope prayers from Tayeb people like yourself and .Inshallah. and other members when I post and you benefit....that Allah (swt) breaks my hard ungrateful heart and leads me to a sincere (a delayed for too long) repetance. wa salam
  20. The Objections to Mohammad (pbuh) in Quran that all had to do with Sadness and straightening of the heart of Mohammad (pbuh) and they all relate to each other since it's all one real blindness. 1) Honour and Highness 43:31 And they say: Why was not this Quran revealed to a man of importance in the two towns? 10:65 And let not their speech grieve you; surely honour is wholly Allah's; He is the Hearing, the Knowing. Mohammad (pbuh) is shown to be (high) (Ali (as)) as response to this objection and there is much about this in Quran, specially in talk between Musa (as) and Firon, and Nuh (as) and his followers as well. In some verses there is huge allusion to Ali (as) as I showed in another thread and get's clearer when knowing what the name "Harun" (as) actually means as well. 2) Richness and Being Blessed 11:12 Then, it may be that you will give up part of what is revealed to you and your breast will become straitened by it because they say: Why has not a treasure been sent down upon him.. 025.008 Or (why is not) a treasure sent down to him, or he is made to have a garden from which he should eat? And the unjust say: You do not follow any but a man deprived of reason. And there is much talk about this specially because it has to do with Allah (swt) being the Blessed and Rich and the Risq we ought to seek and hope for and mankind being the Needy and the world being a deception. It's in the midst of these topics that chosen offspring and family is mentioned.. and the Name "Hassan" (as) has to do with this reality the most. 3) Clear Proof and Sign The most repeated objection and most verses repeating it: 2:118 And those who have no knowledge say: Why does not Allah speak to us or a sign come to us? Even thus said those before them, the like of what they say; their hearts are all alike. Indeed We have made the signs clear for a people who are sure. 6:37 And they say: Why has not a sign been sent down to him from his Lord? Say: Surely Allah is able to send down a sign, but most of them do not know. 10:20 And they say: Why is not a sign sent to him from his Lord? Say: The unseen belongs to Allah; therefore wait-- surely I too, with you am of those who wait. 13:7 And those who disbelieve say: Why has not a sign been sent down upon him from his Lord? You are only a warner and for every people there is a guide. 13:27 And those who disbelieve say: Why is not a sign sent down upon him by his Lord? Say: Surely Allah makes him who will go astray, and guides to Himself those who turn (to Him). 020.133 And they say: Why does he not bring to us a sign from his Lord? Has not there come to them a clear evidence of what is m the previous books? The topic has to do with the light and beautiful names of Allah (swt) and it's manifestation in perfect Servants of Allah (swt). The talk of the Names and Adam (as) and Iblees (la) and "Signs" and "light" and "reminder" and what is Nubuwa and Resalat and Imamate, is all explained by replying to this and it has to do with the Name Hussain (as) and the beautiful Names and blindness to it... "The Bayana" is Mohammad (pbuh) and it's the beautiful Image of Mohammad (pbuh) is the Light brought down. 4) Humanity and it's position in universe 006.008 And they say: [b]Why has not an angel been sent down to him? And had We sent down an angel, the matter would have certainly been decided and then they would not have been respited. 011.012 Then, it may be that you will give up part of what is revealed to you and your breast will become straitened by it because they say: Why has not a treasure been sent down upon him or an angel come with him? You are only a warner; and Allah is custodian over all things. 017.094 And nothing prevented people from believing when the guidance came to them except that they said: What! has Allah raised up a mortal to be a messenger? 017.095 Say: Had there been in the earth angels walking about as settlers, We would certainly have sent down to them from the heaven an angel as a messenger. The talk of Adam (as) and Angels (as) all have to do with this as well...and "being given from all things" talk of Sulaiman (as). There is more verses, one significant one is: 006.009 And if We had made him angel, We would certainly have made him a mortal, and We would certainly have made confused to them what they make confused. The Fitra of Mankind, is thus a major issue, and the talk of Mariam (as) and the "Ruh" and purity and who is being sought and worshipped in falsehood due to forgetting the Source is all a major topic of what Man is and how he falls to the lowest of the low and can get to the highest of the high due to the Fitra he remains upon and cannot be removed.. Either seeking bright Star that is Zahra (as) or Zahratal Hayatal Dunya (and more sought, the more the light dissappears, but still in moving away from the source and further into non-existence, the sought is still the Pure Drink of the Chosen ones). The "Kaba" said 4 times, it perhaps allusion, to whatever we gave up, in whatever direction we went, we can turn back and "return" and slowly "regain" all that is loss and the 4 birds being brought back to life from from four directions is a huge allusion to the reality of the Kaba aside from the fact we should face it from all directions. The "Middle nation" is mentioned in midst of that and is not a coincidence because the middle reality of the the Witnesses (as), that is Ahlulbayt (as), who ascend straight in the middle combining all glory glorified by creation, is majorily on topic. So yes the Most perfect Servants of Allah (swt) are Human, and the worse creatures of Allah (swt) are Human, and this a major message of Quran, because of the Fitra and Amana humans are upon which is the complete Surah combining all wants, wishes, adoration, and glorification, of all creation, so we either point to world of multiplicity and go lower and lower to the lowest of the low, or we point towards the light, and reach the highest of the high. Tawheed will bring us to highest levels provided we act upon the belief with faith and sincerity and truthfulness. Outward Shirk or Inward Shirk (Nifaq) will bring us to the lowest of the low, the latter "Nifaq" bringing us lower since it's utmost level of lying to others and one self. So paying attention to those themes in Quran, and then the replies to the objections, explain one another and themes get mixed together and more doors of knowledge open the more on remains focussed on it. Now bring this back to Ayat tatheer.... It seems Ayat Tatheer unites all the replies to the objections and shows "Ahlulbayt" are the "highest" creation yet just "Mortals" "favored" and "Richest" of creation and all but Allah (swt) is false, and Clothed with All Beauty and Glory sought as well, since the "Inama" is saying nothing all is kept away other then Al-Rijs which is by which they undervalue Mohammad (pbuh) , and also recalling the talk about the "Tayabat" and "Enter the City" emphasizes on the Shariah of Mohammad (pbuh) and all "halals" being "favors" and even "Signs" of Allah (swt) and "Glory", and unites in "higher blessings", and all "higher blessings" unite in Ahlulbayt (as) and the "higher united" blessings are to be sought in Salat and Following Mohammad (pbuh)...and that halals are fine if we just remember the source and do not distance us from Allah (swt) as they are from Allah (swt). It also has a secret to "if we were to take a jest we surely would have taken it from ourselves if we were such to do it", with the issue of "Glorious pleasure states" being in Ahlulbayt (as), and "if we were such to do it" is because Allah (swt) is far exalted of "changing" and "doing" in want of anything, since he is the Ultimate Rich and Blessed and Peace and Tranquility and his Sate of being is more pleasurable then anything in creation since creation is mix of non-existence and existence, and is never complete Existence but ever needy of Allah (swt) and all return to Allah (swt)... So his state will remain unique to him, and is not to be "gained" as he is ever-existing so the question of "creating for Fun" is out of the Question, as the Exalted Loving Merciful holy Glorifed Source of all knowledge in creation is beyond need of anything and creating this world has nothing to do with any personal gain for himself. The issue is people, they often see Allah (swt) deprived of something we value, but this thought has to go away, he is the life by which "exist" and his knowledge brought down in stages to this world of forms and mulitiplicity, and is how we hold great somethings and praise and want and search and glorify...whether in falsehood forgetting the source or remembering the source... When forgetting the source, we Worshipping "Aside from Him" and seperating the Names while that is but a falsehood so we loose and loose and get closer to "darkness" "Rijs", and it's a falsehood as there is "None Worshipped but Him" (laysa maboodan Ghayrik) (There is none worshipped Aside from You - Imam MAhdi (As) Du'a Rajab) since he is Glorified in all "brought down" Glory, by all senses, at all levels, but when he is not unified in heart, then we "split" our animals and go to the lowest of the low and perish in the darkness. "All praise belongs to Allah" "The Existence, the Life" the Glory and beauty all belongs to him, the praise at all levels and by all senses, belongs to Him...but the limitations he is free off and the "glory' brought down he is far exalted above all creation. The issue of "the Favor", is what is "upon Allah" since it combines all blessings of Angelic and Mulk beings "given from all things" and it being the "By the Name of Allah" which is walking up the "connection" of "way of Allah" not diverting, an entering "the mercy of Allah" is entering the blessed Name of Allah (swt) and his Remembrance experienced at various levels..."by the Name of Allah, the Rahman, the Raheem, we gave you the Kawthar". Which is an ever flowing river of paradise.... So we get to know while "he is but a servant we favored", the "favor" is what makes them "Exalted" "Beautiful" "Glorious" "Rich" and the postion of Perfect Insan is higher then all Angels (as) by that "Favor", and hence it relates to both the objection of "Angels" and "Shirk" since Source of the favor and Risq is the True Existence by which all exists. So the question of Angels (as) should be sent is out of question when all the Blessings and Glory in them, is combined in the "favor" gained"by the Name of Allah" and that being the "path" of "those whom you favored" as it's "the path of the Honorable The Praiseworthy" Blessed Rich Glorified in All Glory and Majesty and Beauty and Want and Wish and Praise, the "path of Allah" to which is Unseen, and who else fit to guide humanity but the perfect pure souls who have not been kept from any glory, power, majesty, of any Angel (as)...they however are brought out to the world of veils while Angels (as) are Unseen, while if the Unseen of Perfect Insaan would manifest, like the judgement Angels (as) would bring with truth and no respite would be granted, then same with that, and in fact, Yamal Qiyama is when the Truth hidden now is manifest and will bring judgement upon all and manifest our realities hidden now (mainly our deeds). It shows they too are "Thul-Ady" "Possessors of Power"... it being after Suratal Sajdaa (and we made from them Imams who guide by our command" is not a coincidence. When the verse is read calmly, and the whole sentence just means what it means, no brackets, no emphasis on "YOU", just phrase read... Then the meaning becomes clear. The fact Rasool (pbuh) said it by itself. And the Salawat link in hadiths (no reason to deny the Hasan hadith from Ahmad for example with Umm Salama saying Salawat was mentioned since it does not contradict what else is said in other hadiths)... And fact he linked to salat and the command is in Quran and linked with "Risq" is Suratal Taha "keep up Salat for my remembrance" and talk of "Zahratal Hayatul Dunya" and "Uul" in the earth, shows the meaning. And if you focus it's by the "remembrance" Musa (as) power was granted by Allah (swt) permission, in which he did miracles beyond ability of "seher" and the beautiful names in that humble perfectly pure Servant of Allah (swt) manifested along with his supreme power that is but gained by ascending the straight path so that he appeared as the highest in people's eyes, "you are the highest" "the Lord of Harun and Musa", which is after talking about the highness of purified souls such as the ones addressed "O Sister of Harun.." and "and purity", the blessed family of later Imran (as) then the Imran (as) father of Musa (as) and Harun (as) and earlier Imran then Abu Talib (as).. So it empahsizes on the honour and beauty gained in Salat and "command to your family" (ahlul-Thikry) and "Risq" and "thiker" showed to the Umma where the True Honour and Treasures and Ranks and Beauty is to be gained... The link of "Taha" and previous surah with the talk of purity of Chosen Family of Imran (as) and "sustance" on them and "blessed where ever I may be" "peace upon they day he was born, and on the day he dies, and the day he is raised to life" , beautiful names and highness in "Harun and Musa" (as) and "tranquility" in the family of Musa (as) and family of Harun (as) as "peace is upon the servants he has chosen" shows beyond doubt "We then inherited the book to those whom we Chose" are the blessed pure family of Mohammad (saw) who are the means to Tranquility and Peace as the offspring of Fatima (as) are the Princes of Peace, of which denial is but injustice to one self. "and purifies you a perfect purification", "And if you call them to the guidance they will not follow you" "..Obey the The Messenger and Ulil-Amri from you.." "say: no wage do I ask you for it except the love of the Near Kin.." "no wage for it except who wants to may take a path to his Lord". Love the princes of peace, that is wage of the Messenger of Mercy to enter into the Peace and Blessed City, To walk the Unseen Paths, to be clothed robes of Beauty and Glory, He asked only for that his reward and wage, So how ungrateful are we, that we do not respond to Beloved, Seeking a false mirage, we only loose as we age, while his reward was but salvation of ourselves, As the pure guided offspring reward is but upon Allah, he being their reward, as only we deceived ones seek other then him, in false lie we call our world,
  21. (salam) I do not know if this has been mentioned but Mariam (as) is mentioned in Suratal Tahreem in advising the wive, sp the fact the "Ruh" that Mariam (as) was breathed into her, is more better then all world, then ayat tatheer and the salawat verse can be seen in light of that as well. That as right before the Salawat on Mohammad (pbuh), they are told to fear Allah (swt)...and recalling ayat tatheer Fatima (as) shares in that..as does the whole Ahlulbayt (as)... And recalling purity of Mariam (as) and the Peace and Tranquility in the "Ruh" breathed into her, which is being taught from "All the names" and is being "given from all things" since it's the Surah that unites all glories and is the Tranquility of Talut (as) and the chosen ones. While ofcourse the position of Ahlulbayt (as) blessings are a whole different level, as is the level of Mariam (as) to what the wives can be, it is still advising them in the same way.... So we have another link.
  22. Imama be Amrallah, the Witness of People And there Guide... Guide to whom, to Allah (swt)... Caller to whom by Allah's Permission, to Allah (swt).. Allah (swt) is UNSEEN, right, so the PATH to him is UNSEEN. Interceding what path, the UNSEEN path, of hell and heaven, left and right..... The Master of the Circles of Existence and Guide to Allah (swt) and light and caller to Allah (swt) by his Permission is the Imam. Imamate ended in the last successors of Isa (as) from Isaac (as) line...then it started in the Ismaili line with Mohammad (pbuh) and Ali (as).. From the Perfect Awsiya (as), the Qurayshi Hashimi blessed Chosen offspring, Imamate switched from Isaac (as) line and went to Mohammad (pbuh) and Ali (as) and then to the pure offspring of Fatima (as)... The last Imam on earth is the last of the pure offspring of our Master and Leader and Guide Hussain (as) which links back to the Great Messenger Ismail (as), the son of the Great Friend of Allah, Ibrahim (as), and Allah (swt) says about the guidance Ibrahim (as) received "we made it a word to remain in his seed so that they may return"... The return is by the Imams of Guidance (as). Ahlulbayt (as) are Imams who Guide by Allah's Command... Mohammad (pbuh) and the family of Mohammad (pbuh) are Imams that Guide by Allah's Command just Ibrahim (as) and the Family of Ibrahim (as) were Imams that Guide by Allah's command.
  23. I wrote this translation a long time ago, it's not all correct, best as I can do: Narrated with strong chain from Imam Al-Hadi (Blessings upon His Holy Majestic Soul) when asked for a visitation on can use for visiting any the Imams (Blessing upon their August Souls and upon the Holy Messenger and Sealer of the Divine Revaltions) Peace be on you O Household of Prophethood staying place of the message the visiting places of the Angels the destination of (the divine) revelation the source of mercy the treasures of knowledge the ulitimate peaks of forbearance the foundation of honour (and generosity) the leaders of the nations the guardians of favours the elements of righteousness the pillars of virtues the chosen callers the directors of the servants the support of inhabited lands (cities) the doors of (true) faith the trusted ones of the Benificent (Al-Rahman) the distinguished descendants of the Prophet the elites ones for the Messengers the close ones of the best one in the sight of the lord of the worlds and mercy of God and blessing be upon you Peace be upon the Imams of guidance the bright lamps the flags of piety (who) have (full) understanding owners of high intelligence the cave for mortals the inheiriters of the Prophets the highest parable2 the calling unto to good God's proof on the people of (this) world and the next and (were) in the first and mercy of God and blessings Peace be upon the station which through God is known the receivers of God's blessings the deposited (place) of God's wisdom the safekeepers of God's secret(s) the carriers of God's book the successors of the Prophet of God the offspring of the Messenger of God peace be upon him and his family and God's mercy and blessings Peace be upon the (those who were the) calls toward God the ways towards God's pleasure the abiders of God's commands the complete in their love to God the sincere to God's oneness the clarifiers of God's commands and prohibitions the honored servants who do not go ahead of Him in speech and they act according to His command and mercy of God and blessings Peace be upon the Imams of giving His call the leaders of guidance the loving guardians the protecting defenders the people of the reminder (ahlul-thiker in Quran) the possessors of authority (ulul amr in Quran) the remenance of God (left with the people) his chosen ones his group his wisdom (aybate ilma) his proof his path his light his glamour and mercy of God and blessings I bear witness there is no God but God, One with no partner with him, Just as He himself testifies about himself and as the Angels testify and those of knowlegdge among his creation There in no God but Him, the Mighty, the Wise And I also bear witness Mohammad is is chosen servant and his approved Messenger He sent him with the guidance and the religion of truth that He may cause it to prevail over all religions however much the idolators may be averse. And I bear witness that you are rightly guided the divinely guided the infallible the honored the ones brough nigh the pious the truthful the chosen the obedient to God who rise in establishing God's command who act according to his desire the achievers through his honor (and generosity) He chose you with his knowledge approved you for his secret distinguished you by his power made you mighty with his guidance specifically distinguished you by his glamour chose you for his light helped you with his spirit was pleased with you as representitives on his earth proofs on his creatures helpers of his religion safekeepers of his secret(s) treasures of his knowledge invested ones of his wisdom interpeters of his revelation supporters for his Oneness witnessess on his creation way points for the servants torches in his lands and ways to his path God perserved you from falling (into error) Gave you safety from unruly disoderliness purified you (being free) from dirt kept the uncleanness (al-rijs) away from you and purified you perfectly so you magnified his majesty exalted his glory made great his praise majestified his honour established his remembrance made firm his covenant showed the wisdom regarding his obedience adviced secretly and openly for His sake called to his way through wisdom and in the best manner plunged your selves into troubles in his pleasure and patienly beared what befell you in his cause and you established prayers gave the prescribed alms order the doing of good forbid the doing of evil and strived for God the striving he deserves till you made high his call made clear his obligations established is boundaries propagated his constitution of laws (and decisions) wayed his way raced hard in accomplishing this for his pleasure surrendered to his will re-affirmed the Messengers that from before therefore who turns away from you has missed those who cling to you is there (at the proper destination) who falls short in their full duty towards you is destroyed And the truth is with you and in you and from you and aimed towards you and you are those worthy of it the staying place of it the inheritance of Prophethood is with you the return of creation is towards you3 the reckoning of them is through you3 the seperation (of evil and good) is in you3 the signs of God are in you and his plan is with you his light and glamous is in you his affair is entrusted to you who befriends you befriends God who hostile towards you is hostile towards God who loves you loves God who bears a grudge against you bears a grudge against God who take asylum with you takes asylum with God You are the greatest way the most upright path witness in the mortal life and intercessors in the everlasting life and God's mercy extended and his treasured signs and the guarded trust and the door that mankind is being put to trial with who comes to thee is saved who does not do so perishes to God do you call and to him you lead Him is who you truly believe and to Him you submit by his command you act and to his way to you rightly show and by his words to you judge successful (and happy will be) is the one who befriends you perished is who is hostile towards you unfortunate is who denies you astray is he who seperates from you triumphant is he who clings to you safe is he who takes refuge with you peace is upon who testifies to you guides is he who takes asylum with you who follows you then the garden is the end who goes against you then the fire shall be the end who denies you is a disbeliever (kaffer) who fights against you is a polythiest (mushrik) and who forsakes you is in the lowest part of hell4 I bear witnness this (all of the above) is true for what passed with you and will contine be true for the future and that your souls, lights, and forms is one, and became good and pure from one another God created you as lights so he kept you closely attached to his throne (arsh) until he showed kindness to us through you so he put you in houses that God permited to be risen5 and his name be remembered there in5 and he made our duty of blessings on you and what he distinguished us with your guardianship (wiliyah) to makes good our manners and a cleansingness for our souls and means of purification for us and atonment for our sins so we were submitters through your honour6 and by becoming aware of your true status we became disinguished God made you reach the most glorious position of those honored and highest place of the those brought nigh and higher then stages of the Messengers where no one else reached nor came close to it nor can the elites one go past it nor can can anyone go ahead of it nor did anyone hope in God's will such a stage till there was not a close Angel nor a sent Prophet nor a saint nor a martyr nor a scholar nor an ignorant nor an inferior nor a superior nor a righteous believer nor a wicked sinner nor a stubborn tyrant nor a devilish rebel nor any other being have ever been there except that (God) informs the splender of your authority the importance of your thoughts the greatness of your glory the completeness of your light the truthfulness and goodness of your essence the firmness of your position the honor of your rank, and your place with with him your grace through Him and the specialness you have with him the closeness of your places with him May my father (be at your disposal), and my mother, and my family, and wealth and possessions (be at your disposal) I call God and you to bear witness that I am a believer in you and (a believer in) what you believe deny your enemies and ( deny) what you deny I see (aware by heart of) your glory and (see) the misguidance of those opposed to you I am you friend and friend of your friends angry at your enemies and i stive against them I am at peace with those peaceful with you I am at war with those at war with you I accept as true that is confirmity with you I falsify that is as at falsehood with you I obey you, (deeply) aware of your rights I acknowledge your superiority I carry and perserve your knowledge I take flight to your camp and shelter Respoding to you, believing in your coming back I testify to your return and anticipate your affair waiting for your adminstration I firmly hold to your words I act uopn your commands I take shelter in you I visit you safe is the seeker (of safety) through your graves I seek intercession with God, the Al-mighty and the Al-Majestic, through you I do gain his closeness by you Through your headway, I seek fullfillment of my needs and wants and wishes in all circumstances I believe in your hidden and manifest (characteristics), present and absent (characteristics), and I believe in the first of you and the last of you I entrust all this for you I am submitful to what is with you my heart with your is at peace my opinion follows you my help is prepared for you until God, the Most High, revives his religion bring you back in His days manifest you for his justice give you firm ruling position in his earth I am with you- with you! not with anyone other then you I believe in you and brefriend the last of you with exactly what I brefriend the first of you With God, the Al-might and all Majestic, I disconnect from all your enemies and from the jibt and taghoot and the devils, and their party who are unjust to you and those who deny you rights and those who cut away from your guardianship and the stealers of your succession and the doubters in you and the deserters of you and everything that is seperate from you and every one obeyed instead of you and from the Imams who call to the fire May God, as long as I live, keep me on your guardianship, and your love, and your religion and fullfills me to your obedience and grants me your intercession and makes me among the the chosen friends of yours, following your call and makes me those who follow your footsteps and abides in your path and is guided by your guidance and is gathered in your group and brought back in your return adminstrates in your government honoured in your safe and sound provision and firmly lives in your days and is truly delighted by your vision By my Father, Mother, My self, and family, and my wealth (all at your disposal) who desires God begins with you and who takes the path to unity of God approaches you to do this and who moves towards to him turns through you to do this O my Master, I cannot encompass your glories (from God) Nor can i reach the position of understaning of your true poistion and (cannot reach) the position of knowing your measure And you are the lights chosen the guides of the virtous the decisive and great proof through you God opened and began and through you God seals adn by you the rain falls and by you he keeps the heaven from falling down to the earth by his permission and by you he drives away troubles and heals the affliction with you is what God brought down to the Messengers and what the Angels alighted and for which unto your Grandfather (if for Imam Ali say to your brother instead of grandather) the Ruhul Ameen (trustfull spirit) was sent God has given you what he has not given in anyone in the worlds all honorables bow down to your honour every great submits to your obedience every mighty is humbled to your superiority everything is lowers itself for you the earth was light by your light the successful were succesful by your mastership through you the path is taken toward Rithwan and who denies your mastership has angered the beneficent (Al-Rahman) May my father, and my mother, and my family, and wealth and possessions (be at your disposal) Your remembrance is among those remembered Your names are among the names Your bodies are among the bodies Your souls are among the souls Your beings among the beings Your traces are among the traces Your graves are among the graves but most sweet are your names the most honorable are your beings and great is your nature and majestic is your station and how fullilling is your covenant and how true is your promise your words are light your commands are guidance your mandate is 'taqwa' (God-fearingness, piety) your acts are all good your manner of living is goodness your habit is generosity, your nature is being truthful, sincereful, and helpful your words are decisive and final your opinion is that of knowledge, forbearance, and deep thought if goodness is remembered your are the closest and most entitled of it, the root cause of it, the containers of it, and the stayin place of it, the gaol of it, and the ulimate desitination if it How shall I describe your good merits, and the beauty of your trial and through you God pull us out of disgrace and set us free from clutches of afflictions saved us from the ways of perdition and from the hell May my father, and my mother, and my family, and wealth and possessions (be at your disposal) through your mastership God taught us the knowledge of our religion and set aright what was corrupted from your world and by your mastership, God words were completed and the favor became great and seperation was brought together and by your matership the obedience to you has become obligatory and to you belongs the obliged love and the high rank and the praiseworshy position and the renowned station with God, the All-Mighty, the Al-Majestic the mighty office the great majesty and the accepted intercession O our Lord, we believe in that which You have sent and followed Your Messenger so right us down among those who witness O our Lord, do not deviate our hearts after having guided them and give us from You a mercy, indeed you are the Liberal Giver Glory to be our Lord, for his promise was fullfilled O Freind of God, between me and God, the Almighty and Majestic are sins that won't be removed except by your desire therefore by the right of your completed authority with his secret entrusted the affair of representation combined obedience to him with your obedience your requested to obtain pardom for my sins and you are my intercessors therefor I obedient to you who obeys you obeys God who disobeys you disobeys God who loves you loves God who hates you hates God O God, I do not find any intercessors closer to you then Mohammad and his household, the chosen, the virtious Imams for making them my intercessors so by the right that you have made incumbent towards them, I ask you to enter me in the group of those who true know them and their rights, and in the group of those who have obtained your mercy by their intercession, indeed you are the Most Merciful of the Merciful And bless Mohammad and his family, the pure, and bless them abundantly, sufficient for Us is God and Good the Patron
  24. wa salam "Talut and those with him", "they said" "they" is generalization of "Talut and those with him" "Kanu" can be a generalization of the group, and probably is, I highly doubt he includes Shuayb (as). wa salam
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