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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salam, salawat bar

    Mohammad wa Aalay Mohammad

    may Allah bless you on your birthday

  2. Sallam Alaykum

    beautifull poem Mashallah

    must say really touched me Jazakallah for Sharing Iltemase Dua


  3. lol no prob bro... Tell me an objections you have if any...
  4. (salam) Bro, this is what my first post was about... And the translation is wrong, it left out "fa"... The two ways of reading "fa" is "then (ie. in doing this) if you differ.." or "therefore (ie. in complying to this) if you differ" I went through why it's the latter and why Ulil-Amri (as) are not repeated. wa salam
  5. Thanks for the addition... From Yusuf Ali: "you. If ye differ " The word "Fa" is missing... This is the problem, "fa" is the factor, is it "therefore" as in "in obeying Allah and obeying the Messenger and Ulil Amri from you" , you should as a result of complying to this, when you differ.. or is like "then (in doing this) if you differ".... the two ways of reading "fa" makes you reach different conclusions. I also would like to mention, that there is two obedience commands, and hence that supports the fact Ulil-Amri (as) are Ma'asoom as well... We see else where in Quran, Prophetic authority vs
  6. (salam) 2 possibilities to consider 1) Kuli Shayan if referrring to existence (light) rather non-existence (rijs/darkness) then can be seen in light of "given from all things" and ayat tatheer would confirm that the Imamal Mobeen has all existence in universe encompassed in him and he is deprived of only Rijs (darkness/non-existence). 2) It can also refer to the to the fact he witnesses and perceives the whole universe malakut. Another "twelve" coincidence is verse Twelve mentions twelve Naqeebs in Suratal Maeeda 5:12...and we rose from them Twelve Chiefs...
  7. Jazakallah... I think this Surah is really important for the materialistic societies today...to recall the holy families regard for oppressed and there utmost disregard for world and self... Perhaps the most emphasized example of Ahlulbayt (as) (and see 5:55) is there regards for the oppressed... Mohammad (pbuh) came to free the oppressed of the world just as Musa (as) came to free the oppressed Bani-Israel.
  8. (salam) No problem bro... The intention was for people to benefit so alhamdulilah Allah (swt) made you benefit... inshallah Allah (swt) increases you in knowledge through out your life and brings you closer to Him and Ahlulbayt (as). And thanks as well, I've benefit from your posts and topics as well. May Allah (swt) spread the whole Deen of Haq till blessed generations are raised upon the truth from birth to death and do not have to go through the deception the world is in today... wa salam
  9. (salam) bro :) Maybe they want to talk about Abrogation like Efendi did... This is the last life line they have as far as I can tell. And inshallah calmly and with wisdom, we will show the fallacy in that view... (which is quite obvious if just thought about). And besides that, there is other arguments you brought forth, like the fact wage is for the message, and to disbelievers it would mean the wage they owe if accepting, not that an wage can be expected while rejecting. And also the notion all Mohammad (pbuh) asks from them is that, is false, since he was asking a whole lot more then that..
  10. (salam) Farid, do you agree at least the following verse: Have they feet with which they walk, or have they hands with which they hold, or have they eyes with which they see, or have they ears with which they hear? Say: Call your associates, then make a struggle (to prevail) against me and give me no respite." (7:195) Contradicts the view that Mohammad (pbuh) was asking Disbelievers and Mushriks of Quraysh "not make a struggle against him" and "give him respite" while this verse says "then make a struggle against me and give me no respite" (same thing Nuh (as) said) Forgetting the wage verses,
  11. (salam) In talking about Politically Rising against oppressors and defeating the arrogant disbelievers and raising the Truth.... Suratal AUli-Imran in midst of that mentions 1) Authority is Granted by God, just as Honor is (the Light by which proves Authority). 2) Politically Authority of Mohammad (pbuh) (at that time) stems from people who love God over world. 3) Then Talks about Chosen Families and Yahya (as) being a Leader/Master and also about Isa (as) and Mariam (as)..which along with hinting Chosen family Mohammad (pbuh) is part of... Shows like the Talut (as) verse, the Chosen Familie
  12. (salam) Sorry I deleted the post... Yes first it was about rejectors of Zaid (qas) (whom people hated) and then it was translated that all those who rejected Abu Baker and Umar..
  13. (salam) The propaganda spreads and is accepted because people want to accept it without proper investigation.... It makes them feel better about themselves when they hear bad stuff about the people who actually rose for Islam and Quran while their people are focused on the Idol known as "Dunya". Here in Canada, an injustice is found about a Muslim, and the government is forced to compensate and admit mistakes because the people do not tolerate injustice to it's citizens. Investigation is commanded and truths are brought out... Arab countries, people go to jail with no reason, and people rem
  14. (salam) The attitude of Ahlulbayt (as) was to look up the current situation and act towards the current Enemies..... When the usurpation happened, Ali (as) and Fatima (as), especially Fatima (as), strove for the rights... but when Ali (as) saw that the people were bent against him and only the Mutaqeen, who were his followers, would rise, he spared them that and saw more wisdom in patience and was against Fitna Sufyan wanted and kept to unity, and then helped the Umma and did not cause division. Here is lesson we ought to learn from Ahlulbayt (as) on how to look towards the current enemies ins
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