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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Wow! That was quick! JazakAllah Khair situ and Rohani!!
  2. Salaams, I am a follower of Ayatullah Sistani (as). My situation is as follows, I want to attend a protest in the holy month of Ramadan, the venue is 30 miles away and I pray Qasr there. If I leave after Zuhr, and return before Maghrib will my fast be accepted? If it is not accepted, is it Haraam for me to go there? Thanks in advance JazakAllah Khair
  3. Yeh but he's dead. I can't taqleed in myself? Can I? Oh haha. Sooooo funny?! I just wanted a marks who has similar thoughts to me. If you have nothing good to add don't add it. :(
  4. Salaam, I am looking for a new Ayatollah to replace Sistani as I think he is too loose. I need someone who: -Thinks Music is fully haram -Thinks tattoo is haram -Has an english book and website Apart from that I have no other requests. Thanks
  5. Salaam, Can you buy and eat pizza from a shop that has no Halal Certificate but do sell halal chicken. They also sell pork and haram chicken. They say that there chicken is halal. Can I buy a pizza from there?
  6. Salaams, I sunni brother asked me, if Ali (a.s) did not like AbuBakr then why did he pledge allegiance to him. I was wondering if you could give me sunni proof that he didn't. If he did then what were the reasons behind it. With sunni reference please... Thanks Shukran
  7. Salaam, A group of my friends asked me why you include Ali (as) in our Kalima. I'm sorry brothers but I could not answer him. This is why I am resorting to shiachat. Any one know why we do it. I know it's not wajibat, and that on the day of Ghadir the prophet said whoever Praises me must praise Ali. But any more... With sunni reference please.
  8. AsalamuAlaykum Sister, Jazakallah, May Allah bless you for all your work. I love all of your work!!!! Thanks
  9. Come on mujtaba, I will back you up!! Thank you, I will try to get that.
  10. Thanks a bunch guys. Anyone else... Maybe more about specific things I need t know?
  11. Thanks a lot. I didn't have all the hadiths at the bottom, but the rest I had. Thanks
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