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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salam sis, I like to be ur friend in facebook.Is it possible for me?

  2. can anyone tell me where I can get copies of the majlises that Jan Ali recited? There was a specific one (don't know for sure if recited at Luton or Clahpham) re power sleeping.... I would be grateful for any info
  3. as good as he is.... if it's being televised then expect a lot of advertising his work
  4. (salam) i didn't go heres some pics of the event...
  5. i had to get petrol one night, was pretty late, maybe after 11pm. I was paying, when a woman walked up to me and started telling me how Jesus loves me and that how she was a born again Christian and she was so happy and how I could be happy too. I stood staring at her in my hijab, I just didnt know what to say. I didn't mind her saying all that, but it's like how did she expect me to react?? What was she expecting me to say? So i smiled at her got into my car, locked my doors and drove home as fast as I could!!
  6. 9 times out of 10 im in a rush, so just grab anything that doesn't need to be ironed!
  7. (salam) Go see a doctor. You may be depressed - but kind of subconciously (did i spell that right?!) there must be something playing on your mind, it's probably that you just can't put your finger on it.
  8. (salam) went there for 10 days in 2002. Although I only went to make my ziyarat, I have to say I was completely shocked by the way men are there. I know you should never judge a book by its cover and not to generalise by a mere few and all that but I found the men (especially in Mashad - must I add) to be perverted! I won't go into detail of what happened!!!! However, the country itself is very beautiful - Mashallah :)
  9. (salam) i just spent 4 months in Pakistan, and I totally disagree with this comment. It's not that the education system is 'baikar' at all, it's all about who can afford to be educated. Now I have cousins who pay 300 Rs per month and cousins who pay 2200 Rs and no prizes for guessing who is doing better?! If everyone could afford it, then there would be a whole lot of educated Pakistanis and I think you would find that Pakistan would not be in the position it is right now if this were to happen.
  10. (salam) Helping Hands Muslim Aid Red Cross & Red Crescent - though not Islamic, help a lot of Muslim countries!
  11. i don't dream shiachat as im hardly here. But as sad as it sounds I dream of sudoku!!!! I have to get the metro every morning just to do the puzzles on the way to uni! God!! I really need to get me a social life!!
  12. snap!!! Two of my fave names!!! Inshallah I have 5 sons and 2 of whom will be named Jacob and Noah (if & when i get married!!!)
  13. i think any woman would, but as for knowingly marrying someone who does not intend to work, i doubt that a lot of women would even consider that these days... well I know I wouldn't... mental note: must find a husband before age 30 or I could be eating my words!!! lol
  14. (salam) yes and all hell broke loose... well maybe not to that extent! But I thought my friends mum would never talk to me again! Sometimes you just have to say what needs to be said and just hope for the best!
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