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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Completely Agree
    shukranlillah got a reaction from HakimPtsid in Ali Quli Qara'i Translation Of Quran   
    I love this translation as it is phrase by phrase and easy to understand for us who know Arabic a few.
    The translation style is unique, isn't it? The word choosing are a bit different from others.
    Some irfanee ppl say that the word choosing are great to go to further deep meaning of the Quran.
    Hope some more veiws on it from you who have got this Quran.
    Fee Amanillah.
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    shukranlillah got a reaction from ManofIslam in Audio Qur'an To Download   
    Dear Mods, Please move this important thread to the Quran forum so that people could find this thread easily whenever they are in need to have audio Quran recitations...
    Fee Amanillah.
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    shukranlillah got a reaction from habib e najjaar in Boredom In Marriage   
    You must know that a wife is not always for all types of discussions that you need.
    If both have common topics then "noorun ala noor". But not everyone gets this "noorun ala noor" thing. So accept the reality. Just be happy with the only 'noor'. :)
    Be proud of her simplicity. Her simplicity is a beauty itself. :)
    And why u don't find interest at medical related issues? If u bring this topic than may be its easier for her to talk.
    May be she can not quote philosophical quotes.... but may be she understands those.
    So just talk to her and throw ur ideas... on the end of the year u get ur philosopher wife inshaAllah. LOL like me.
    My husband studies philosophy and of course no related to me. I am so simple-headed person. See my activities at virtual world. I never join to any thread of "The Thinker's Discourse" forum. Politics etc is also boring for me. And u know what? I can not feel like join to any off-topic forum or any fun post also. Myyy problem. Though I join various type of virtual discussions but my offline life is different. Simply simple-headed.
    Philosophy n Theology etc are not for all and a bit 'different thing'. I must say 'difficult' also.
    So this 2+ years I just listend to my hubby. Now, I can 'quote' also. :)
    He always tries to throw new ideas. Even if I do not always join to his discussions.. I know what he talks about.. and sometimes I know what he is going to conclude and now ppl say that I am influenced by his-type-ideas.
    See it works. Personality sometimes transfers. Or I shud say: rebuilding of personality happens when u can influence others. Lets see how successful u are! :)
    I watched a lecture of an Ayatullah today. He was talking on family and children issues. He said if u have baby then say Alhamdulillah for it is a Amanat from Allah. If you do not have baby then also say Alhamdulillah. u dont have to look after an Amanat. If u have abnormal or sick baby say Alhamdulillah. This baby is also an Amanat from Allah. Allah gives different types of amanat to different types of people. That's His choice. Learn to view from this angel rather than complaining like: why Allah didnt give me son? or why abnormal child? or why no child? etc. Try to be happy with what Allah has destined for you.
    InshaAllah this lecture helps u.
    And another thing. Before my hubby was married, he did seek advice from this same Ayatullah about marriage. The advice of Ayatullah was like a key to a successful marriage.
    He said: **Open ur eyes before marriage and then after marriage close ur eyes.**
    You have to judge all qualities of that girl before marriage. But after marriage just close ur eyes.. don't look for or look at her faults. Consider her faults as a fault of urself. Deal with her problem as if the problem is urs. Solve her problem as if it is ur problem. If ur problem is not being solved or not solvable... then what u do with urself? Do it for her also. Then u will be lucky to have a successful marriage.
    Look at your own story from a different angel. Try to view this story from ur wife's angel. She is now quite happy with you. Don't ruin it.. Be her happiness... be her trust... be her entertainment. Feeling the feelings of her can lessen your boredom inshaAllah.
    Two cents from my simple brain.
    Khoda Hafez
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    shukranlillah got a reaction from fotros73 in Sayyid Ali Khamenei [OFFICIAL THREAD]   
    Quranic miliue, key to blessings
    IR Leader highlights prayers role
    IR Leader receives young elites
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    shukranlillah got a reaction from Fatimiyyeh in Suplications for Imam Mahdi AJ   
    Thanks brother for reminding us of duas and ziyarats of our Maola (atfs).
    Allahumma Ajjil Waliyyikal faraj!
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    shukranlillah got a reaction from Hameedeh in Ayatollah Sheikh Mohammed Taqi Behjat   
    You can check videos from here.
    His past days
    Rahbar's message on His demise
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    shukranlillah got a reaction from Hameedeh in Going To Iran   
    I am already back Alhamdulillah.
    Thanks for ur duas. :)
    Fee Amanillah
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    shukranlillah got a reaction from Waiting for HIM in Why Is Khamenei Considered An Ayatollah?   
    Ayatullah Sayyed Ruhullah Khomenei ® concerning the level of Ayatullah Khemenei:
    Mrs. Zahra Mustafavi, the beloved daughter of Imam Khomeini ® says:
    Long time before dismissal of the successor of leadership, I, personally asked about leadership and the late Imam answered Ayatullah Kahmenei. I asked whether being a Marji and the most knowledgable are the requirements. The late Imam answered: no. I asked about his level of knowledge. The Imam explicitly said, "He (Ayatullah Khamenei) enjoys that level of Ijtehad required to be a Wali al faqih."
    Testimonies Concerning Imam Khamenei's Marji'iyat
    After the death of Ayatullah Al-Araki, the matter of marji`iyat was the number one issue being discussed in the Hawza as well as in the institutes. As previously, the Hawza addressed the need for the marji'iyat and leadership to be entrusted to one person since the interest and power of the Islamic regime calls for this unity of role.
    A group of (Fuqaha and ulama, aware of the interests and great goals of the Islamic regime, addressed the necessity for the leader Sayyed Khamenei to be the marji`. Their proposal was met with widespread approval from H awza, Islamic Centers, and Muslims in Iran as well as throughout the Islamic world. Hence, letters and declarations were sent incessantly as an affirmation of Sayyed Khamenei's ma rj i'iyat.
    It is important to note that the acknowledgement of the majority of the members of the Council of Mujtahids of Sayyed Khamenei's leadership indicates his complete ijtihad, since fulfilling this main condition (complete ijtihad)38 is stated in the law as a prerequisite for leadership. Likewise, all members of the Council should also have attained the degree of ijtihad as a condition of their membership.
    Herein, we present to our clear readers some of the opinions and testimonies of their Eminence, the great ulama concerning the marji`iyat of Sayyed Ali Khamenei.
    Imam(HA) is Highest Marja` Worldwide says Ayatollah Yazdi
    Former judge in the Supreme Court, Ayatollah Mohammad Yazdi, in an exclusive interview with Iran News Sunday, said the initiative from the Society of Teachers of Qum Theological Seminary, i.e., providing the names of senior ulama competent and qualified for marji`iyat, had thwarted inimical foreign forces. Yazdi, also a member of the stated society, related that after numerous meetings, the last of which was lately held on Friday, the society had provided the names of candidates qualified for marji'iyat.
    These nominees, he said, were Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei, Ayatollah Fazel Lankarani, Ayatollah Behjat, Ayatollah Wahid Khorasani, Ayatollah Mirza Jawad Aqa Tabrizi, Ayatollah Moussa Shubayri Zanjani, and Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi.
    Following the demise of Ayatollah Araki, foreign mass media attempted to give a false image of actual circumstances in Iran, by making inferences to differences over succession to the marji`iyat, he said. Yazdi added that the Qum based society of teachers, consisting of some twenty mujtahids, made a timely decision, thus barring any mischief or misuse of information by foreign media circles.
    "Of course, the final choice of the marji'iyat is up to the people and the world Shias will make the ultimate decision," Yazdi said. The Shias worldwide are aware that among the Shia countries, only in the Islamic Republic of Iran could the marji` freely express his views about issues and problems related to the Muslims, Yazdi stated.
    While having great respect for all ulama of other Islamic countries, the society concluded that compared with other countries, the marji' in Iran is least likely to be subjected to government pressure. Asked by Iran News to express his views on who would have the highest number of mukallideen, Ayatollah yazdi said, "Given global developments, Shias now prefer a marji' who is not only a faqih but also well versed in global politics, economics, and social issues. " He also pointed out that "Over the past few days many individuals and groups, both at home and abroad, have expressed support for Sayyed Ali Khamenei, and so he will have the highest number of mukallideen. "
    "In recent days", lie marked, "many Shias in (Bahrain, Kuwait, (Pakistan, Lebanon, India, Saudi Arabia and Iraq have accepted Ayatollah Khamenei as the marji', so he is the first marji` of the Shia world."
    Source: Iran News Politcal Desk Tehran,(6.12.1994)
    Ayatollah Karimi encourages the taqleed of Ayatollah Khamenei
    Ayatollah Sayyid Ja'far Karimi said today that it is valid to take the leader of the Islamic revolution, Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei, as a marji' and lie encouraged theological students to do so. He said that in his opinion the most meritorious person in this regard is Ayatollah Khamenei.
    Ayatollah Karimi offered his condolences to Ayatollah Khamenei on the death of Ayatollah Sheikh Mohammad Ali Araki.
    In rekation, Ayatollah Mortada Banifadl said, in reply to the question of a group of Ulama of the Hawza of Qum, today that Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei is qualified for becoming the ultimate religious source in Iran.
    He said, since more than 70 leading in Iran, many of whom are just ulama at the highest level, on departure of Imam Khomeini declared Ayatollah Khamenei as being qualified for issuing fatwa on controversial or complex points of religion, therefore, to follow him would be permissible and would help bolster the system of the Islamic Republic. Ayatollah Banifadl is a member of the coucil of mujtahids and teacher of the Hawza of Qum.
    Meanwhile, a number of Shiites in Germany, the Netherlands, and Austria have requested for copies of the treatise of Ayatollah Khamenei.
    Head of Ahlul-Bait Youth Assembly in Europe and Friday prayer leader in Berlin's Imam Reda mosque, in a condolence message cabled to Ayatollah Khamenei said a number of Shiites in Germany, the Netherlands, and Austria have requested the assembly to provide them with the treatise on religious issues of the leader of the Islamic Revolution.
    Ayatollah Karimi & Ayatollah Alyazdi
    Regarding the importance of the position of deputyship of Imam Al-Mahdi (a.s.) especially in the present critical time. In addition, being aware of what is considered special and important conditions in the law to fulfill this critical divine position. Moreover, based on what we have recognized and what was shown to us of the legitimate qualifications of the erudite alem Sayyed Ali Al-Husseini Al-Khamenei for the post of marji`yat. We see no problem in referring to him and declare it to be valid.
    Ayatollah Sayed Jaafar Karimi & Ayatollah Sayyed Abbas Khatem Alyazdi.
    His Eminence Ayatollah Sheikh Ahmed Athare Qummi
    After the announcement of a group of teachers of their revolutionary and wise opinion of the legitimacy to take the leader of the revolution as the marji of Muslims, as this opinion is based on the law, I can see no need for my own approval.
    On the other hand, the sections of the law: 107 and 109, state that Sayyed Khamenei possesses the necessary scientific qualification to infer the divine law from its legitimate sources and in the various areas of fiqh besides his justice and piety are approved by more than 80 expert, just, and revolutionist Mujtahids. More importantly, Imam Khomeini saw in him the competence of leadership, which is a consequent of the lawful reference to him.
    To be the most knowledgeable is one of the conditions of marji`iyat according to an important number of fukaha, but it is not the only condition. Justice, piety, and knowing the conditions of the place and time we live in (which would enable the mujtahid to determine the case tinder study and hence deduce the appropriate code to it) are also of great importance and we cannot ignore them. Likewise, the interest of the Islamic regime is of the conditions that we can never ignore as well.
    In our world, tyranny and disbelieve are attempting to destroy the Islamic Republic and the sacred regime. Furthermore, they deny the knowledge and ijtihad of our great leader- the inheritor and deputy of the greatest marji in Islam-, which is something that the H awzas and the mujtahids can never accept. We will not rest, and will never allow his eminence to be accused of ignorance.
    Note: His Eminence Ayatollah Sheikh Ahmed Athare Qummi, member of the Teachers Council and the Council of Mujtahids.
    His Eminence Ayatollah Sheik Ahmed Jannaty
    In my opinion, the base of being the most knowledgeable is for the faqih to be able to deduce the Islamic legislations from their legitimate sources, taking into consideration the time and place as well as the time requirements. Hence, none of the nominees for the marji'iyat today are more powerful and more competent than our great leader. Moreover, the matter today is that of Islam and disbelieve, and not that of secondary legislations. Fear God, and have insight in the consequences of matters and the conspiracies of the devils and their enmity to Islam as well as their determination to destroy Islam and the true Muslims.
    Note: His Eminence Ayatollah alSheik Ahmed Jannaty is a member of the Council of Mujtahids.
    His Eminence Ayatollah Sheikh Mohammed Wa'iz Khurasani
    You have asked about the taqleed of Sayyed Khamenei, the leader of Muslims in this era. Where the worldwide tyranny and Zionists are surrounding the Muslims with great danger and threatening the presence of Islam and the Islamic Nation. Moreover, they are determined to pull the Muslims apart, disunite them and disperse their power.
    The answer is:
    Al-Imam Al-Khamenei might be like others regarding figh, piety and all the other conditions demanded in a marji. However, a group of other conditions gives him precedence and appoints him from among the fukaha and that is his continuous struggle for the cause of Islam and his resistance in the face of its enemies. In addition, he has the correct understanding of the holy book and traditions. Moreover, he has a very good insight into solving legislative problems using the simplest path, as well as the ability to administer the matters of Muslims in the easiest way.
    Besides, he is determined to unite the Muslims and bring them back to following Ahl-Albeit (as.). Above all, he is a faqih who is in control, has authority, the leader of the Islamic nation, and the one who is able to unite the Muslims.
    Note: His Eminence Ayatollah alSheikh Mohammed Wa'iz alKhurasani is the Secretary General of the International Association to Reconcile the Islamic Sects.
    His Eminence Ayatollah Mortada Bani Fadl
    In His Name
    When we gathered in the Council of Mujtahids -more than 70 mujtahids, we elected Sayyed Ali Khamenei based on the law that states that the leader has to be able to deduce the divine law from its legitimate sources and in the various areas of Fiqh. It's very well known that most of the fiqh sections are related to societal and governmental issues, those codes constitute more than 80% of the law.
    Therefore, it is certain that Sayyed Ali Khamenei is the most knowledgeable in these matters and accordingly he's the most qualified after sayyed Al-Araki to be the marji'.
    Note: His Eminence Ayatollah Mortada Bani Fadl is a member of the Council of Mujtahids
    His eminence Ayatullah Ali Ilahi Kazlaja'i
    The scientific and legislative rank of Sayyed Ali Khamenei is far from the need for an approval from myself, yet I would say that referring to him as a marji` is of the interest of both Islam and Muslims.
    His Eminence Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Shafe`i
    In his name
    Due to the continuous consultations concerning the religious marji`iyat and referring to the leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatullah Sayyed Ali Khamenei as a marji, I do inform all the faithful sisters and brothers that: Because Sayyed Ali Khamenei is one of the mujtahids who fulfills all the requirements and possesses all the necessary scientific qualifications to deduce the divine law from its legitimate sources and in the various sections of fiqh his fiqh opinions are considered to be valid. Therefore:
    1. Acting in accordance to the leader's legislations in the various matters including those of secondary individual and personal nature is valid and correct, and doing so is of great interest for Islam and for all Muslims. It guarantees the ultimate power and unity of the Islamic nation.
    2. It is a must for all members to refer to and obey his eminence concerning the governmental codes and related matters. Acting according to these opinions and codes is everyone's duty, because they have precedence over all other codes.
    3. Since what we deduced from the fiqh proves that money affairs especially the two sacred shares(alsahmain) is of the authority of Imamate where marji`iyat is considered to he a branch of it. In addition, since Sawed Ali Khamenei fulfills the two positions that of marji`iyat and leadership, therefore all Muslims should send those money to him or ask for permission from him as to where to spend them.
    Note: His Eminence Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Shafe`i is a member of the Council of Mujtahids and a teacher of Bahth Kharej
    His Eminence Ayatullah Sheik Ali Mishkini
    In His Name
    I say, as a clarification, that Ayatollah Sawed Ali Khamenei possesses the rank of ijtihad as well as the ability to deduce the divine codes from their legitimate sources that he who is to fulfill the post of leadership needs. In addition, he fulfills all the required conditions for the wilayat over the nation and the leading of the Islamic society on a broader scale. The members of the Council of Mujtahids have approved this, relying on their knowledge and by benefiting from the pronouncements of Imam Khomeini, in various occasions. Therefore, All Muslims - Sunnis, Shi'ites -and especially the great ulama from both sects, in addition to all those who are concerned for the Islamic Revolution in Iran to endure, and for Islam to keep dominating and continue to spread, and for people to continue to surrender to the Quranic verse:"apply the religion and don't disagree in it", and is keen to realize "to make his religion superior and reign over the whole world" Should accept his eminence as a marji` and a leader of Muslims.
    His Eminence Ayatullah Sheikh Hadi Rouhani
    As I have announced in the Friday Prayer, in our present era, the enemies are targeting the Islamic Revolution and the sacred regime of the Islamic Republic. Furthermore, they are trying to bring about a separation between the two roles: leadership and marji'iyat. Hence, the duty in this era calls for the marji`iyat and leadership to be entrusted to the same person. If the base is to search for the most knowledgeable, and take into consideration the marji`iyat from all its aspects; fakaha, politics, society, and administration- as Imam Khomeini says: the marji must know the conditions of time and place- we find that Sayyed Ali Khamenei fulfills the required conditions, and we find no equal to him who does so. Moreover, he was able to prove to all Muslims his capability in administering matters. Therefore, it is appropriate and necessary to refer to him as a marji` by all Muslims and Shi'ites.
    MPS Appreciate Introduction of Leader as Qualified Marji'
    More than 150 parliament deputies appreciated the recent move by the scholars of Qum seminary and members of the association of combatant ulama, in order to introduce the leader of the Islamic revolution, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei as the marji' of the world's Shia community. The parliament deputies said in a statement that Ayatollah Khamienei was the most knowledgeable expert on Muslims affairs and developments in the Islamic world in the contemporary era. They said that inspired by the founder of the Islamic republic the late Imam Khomeini, the Council of Mujtahids had earlier entrusted the leadership of Islamic society to such an efficient personality (Ayatollah Khamenei).
    Source: Tehran, December 4, IRNA (4.12.1994)
    May be these could be a help for someone to understand the languages of Ulama about Ayatullah Khamenei (ha).
    May be these could reduce our ego problems... may be not!
    Fee Amanillah.
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