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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salam. yes the milk supply may hamper but not that much. depends upon ur body and upon ur baby's health. Today the doctor told us that fasting has impacts on ur body... not that much on ur baby's body. He was a child specialist. And if u r very weak and very thirsty while feeding the baby, then upon ur serious weakness u can break the fast for that that day. or u can fast a day and have a break of 1 day or u can fast 2 days and have a break of 1 day or u can fast 3 days and have a break of 1 day etc u shud give fidya for the days u had the break time. Fidya for 1 day which u was not fast
  2. salam. I heard that Abul Ala Mowdudi, the founder of Jamayate Islami in pakistan was not against Islamic Revolution in Iran. He was in support of the revolution. So what is the truth? I need documents/references also. Please.. any links? TC kh fee amanillah
  3. salam. The big part is Ruhullah. Whats there underneath? Thank you.
  4. Happy Birthday Sis ! Hope you have a good one.

  5. Our belief is the life of baby starts at implantation. So I asked doctor about the time interval between conception and implantation. She said it varies.. from 2-3 days to 4-5 days.
  6. Allowed. http://www.al-islam.org/m_morals/chap4.htm
  7. salam. of-course pre-marriage courses r very useful. http://www.momin.com/urdu/Youtube_Videos2/Categories/Uncategory-.html # [session 1] Family Life In Islam - Sheikh Usama Abdulghani # [session 2] Family Life In Islam - Sheikh Usama Abdulghani
  8. Salaam. You must know that a wife is not always for all types of discussions that you need. If both have common topics then "noorun ala noor". But not everyone gets this "noorun ala noor" thing. So accept the reality. Just be happy with the only 'noor'. :) Be proud of her simplicity. Her simplicity is a beauty itself. :) And why u don't find interest at medical related issues? If u bring this topic than may be its easier for her to talk. May be she can not quote philosophical quotes.... but may be she understands those. So just talk to her and throw ur ideas... on the end of the year u get
  9. ^ addition: http://www.al-islam.org/modestdress/ Salam. Children not necessarily need to know all the philosophies behind. But a summary should be given to make her proud of it. Do u n ur daughter pray together? If u do then tell her this is the same reason why we do hijab, that is to please Allah. Iman, Wilayat, Namaz, Roza, not to eat haram foods, not to steal.... everything is wajib for us... for the same reason. This shud be made clear. Then there are detail philosophies and explanations of Iman or Imamat or Hijab or Roza etc.... u shud also tell her those explanations. But at first kids
  10. First: http://www.al-islam.org/encyclopedia/chapter1a/12.html http://www.answering-ansar.org/fiqh/usool_al_deen/en/chap6.php Second: http://www.answering-ansar.org/answers/tawassul/en/index.php this topic has 7 chapters. see all.
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