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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. maybe i'm too young (as my friends say) to understand the bonds of love, and i warn you this will sound harsh, but just drop it. they guy is obviously more prone to obey his family than to please the girl. if the guy and girl do get married, what if the in-laws do jadoo on her? and she's not accepted as it is, when ever a fight breaks out between wife and family, since the guy is more prone to obey his family, guess whose side he's gonna take? married life will be hell for her, b/c when you marry a guy, you marry his family. mashAllah, the ummah is growing, find another muslim. (i hope your friend doesnt read this, i sound like a real jerk!) however, if she's really stuck on this guy, then: for duas go to www.al-islam.org you're bound to find stuff in there. and if you have a mawfatiawul jannah, or a tafatul awan, read dua-e-jaushan, it is the best, protection and cures for everything. (and you could tell the guy to read it without telling him its for the removal of the majic, b/c its for a multitude of things: success, health, etc.) SNaqvi :angel:
  2. salam, yes, brother is this the ayat you mentioned before? i read this ayat all over the quran, including this: i asked two mulanas about this, one said in reference to the non-muslims mentioned in the ayat, they will have their reward on earth. (family, wealth, etc.) the other started with this: he said something like "some people say that only muslims will enter paradise. further more, some say that only a sect of a sect of islam will enter the garden. but only Allah is the Judge, none can take that place. i think, i'm not sure so dont quote me here, (how ironic? maybe he saw the future?) that all who submit to God, truely love Him, and look for His pleasure will be shown the mercy of Allah. After all, isnt He ar-Rahman, ar-Raheem?"
  3. use "Depends." works like a charm! :P
  4. wha? ok why would a lady be in the market for a daughter-in-law in middle of muharram? esp on ASHURA! eww... tight clothes are yucky.. (shudder) :o well thank you sis, i had a visual pic and now i'm scared for life. yup nightmare till i get a pysch...! ok if i had a son, i'd never get him hitched to a girl who was like that... no love for the Ahlul Bayt!! and what a show off! who the he!! even looks to see how pretty you look/what you're wearing/etc in that month? and what, do women not do matam in other cultures? pakistani women do it hard enough to bleed!
  5. (bismillah) (salam) what do you brothers and sisters that are sunni and salafi believe about Al-Mahdi? I know that you believe he will be from Sadaat (syed) and his father's name is Abdullah. what else is there? Do you hold significance to him and his coming? do you pray for him? are there special events, such as wars, which you know are definite with his coming? are there signs stated which will tell of his arrival? do you see him as a "final caliph" or anything special? do you believe he is already alive? if so, for how long has he been on earth? JazaakAllah. SNaqvi
  6. you can vote that many people?! i thought it was only one... :blink: so when you said "popular", must it be positive or can it be in a negative way?? lol..just wondering and all...
  7. huh??? at khoie, (the one in queens right?) when the sermon is upstairs, both men AND women sit upstairs, the men setaed in an "L" shape around the women, seated in a rectangle (with a divider in between, ofcoarse.) and when the men are downstairs, so are the women. the basement is normally for eating/ladies-majlis/namaze janaza, the seond floor is normally where the lecture takes place, and the 3rd floor is for the madressa.... i dont kno, maybe you go to a diffrent al khoie?
  8. that was really offensive... :o i dont know how you took in what what i had said, but i'm pretty sure what i meant to write was not what you read. and unless i was born in the occupied territories, with zionists kiling my family, destroying my home, and shreading my hope strand by strand, i'd never look to that form of jihad.... infact, since i'm a sister, my jiahd is in my home, not on some bus. i'm really hoping your anger was triggered by something else and not what i said...
  9. (salam) What does the last sentence mean? Thanks. i'll use an example, Bush shouldnt go killing thousands of innocents in order to find someone.
  10. one of the sisters mentioned that this song is about the man's daughter... the original might have been, but read the lyrics, they changed the view. burqa band? rock and roll? too funny, too funny, :D
  11. ahh, but you didnt mention gossip! ^_^ no i'm just kididng, i get your point. although how could the holy prophet "lose his mood" if he was the perfect being??
  12. SNaqvi1214


    If you just realized that, you are slow on the draw. He has been winking for months..... pretty sad thing to be suspicious of. Maybe you need to get out more. :D . this is sad, have you really had it for months? or are you just saying that to cover up something.... hmm. i should really start annalizing avators <_< who knows what i'll find...
  13. salam, inshAllah bro die like Hussain (mashallah, you have so much ambission!) speeches will be in english in less than 10 years... it seems like my generation is a bit... rebellious, lol. :) and as for the irani people making fun of your accent, your not alone, iranis arent the only ones... pakistani are notorious. :( i could speak urdu if i tried, but then infront of elders for some reason i always choke, and mix the genders adjectives with the wrong verbs, and they bite their tongue to not laugh.. its just horrible! :cry: lol women... grr! just on sunday we had a majlis for Bibi Fatima s.a. and got this excellent zakira from overseas, and after everything was over, (matam, ziarat, etc) she was reading duas, and would have read atleast 3 more, but the women just started talking and walking away... it was so disrespectful!! i felt so bad for the zakira, and angry at the women for portraying such an image to her... :angry: right on! :P bro/sis waiting, i think you are correct on your part too, but back in the day of the Prophet, i really dont think anyone sat in masjid-ul-haram and said "did you hear who did what? i know i know, i would never have guessed!!!" wasalam.
  14. SNaqvi1214


    ah man, lol sis i just realized your avator abay is winking... is that Islamic??!! :huh: :P
  15. yes i agree with you, actually, me and sister hajar were talking about this, she finally explained to me that Ayatullah Sistani does not allow music aceptable for amusement or gatherings, (of sinful people.) nasheeds are ok, b/c they inspire us to remember Allah and His messengers. songs that cause one to think about thoughts of sinning are not ok. this song, although i'm sure it was made to portray a positive mesage, but i agree with bro pasdar1, its an oxymoron... or atleast the way i concieved it, it is... sounds like a love song! :huh: totally agreed. i disagree with you here, thats like saying no one in my school/uni does hijab, so i wont either... sin is all around, avoiding it is our jihad. :) now that would make a nice one. where did you hear this? do they have a website?
  16. sounds about right, the cycle america likes to play with other countries... but saddam wont be the guy. the CIA will set up another sucker, make him fight with another muslim country, prob not iran, since the shia unity when saddam fell between the two countries was surprising to bush, make this sucker do something stupid, like invade kuwait, go to war with him, seize more oil wells, then 13 years later, try and boost the economy by bombing his country and trying to find him. yup, seems right, unless the shi'a clerics in iraq try and do something like Ayatullah Khomeini (ra) did. btw, whens the last time anyone heard of developments in afghanistan? :blink: this world is too corrupt, cant wait for our beloved Imam to return... ameen
  17. but the sooner they are in their graves the sooner they will be punished for all their disobiedience towards Allah swt and sins. is it true that Udday clubbed a man to death in the middle of a banquet? i heard he killed the man (in a party!) who intruduced Saddam to his second wife, Udday being the son of the first was a little upset...
  18. salam, true sis zahra. since you seen to be deep in understanding this topic i have a question, it may sound wierd but: were the prophets made prophets before they were put on earth? but then sinners were made sinners also before being put on earth, thus destined to burn in hell, isnt that unfair? being created just for the sake of burning? or were the prophets made prophets after displaying their obiedience to God? but then how could they know they were prophets at birth? oh and thank you so much for not calling me a brother, i've never seen you on this board before (welcome!) and people normally assume i'm a bro... lol wasalam.
  19. ok, yes i agree that the last Prophet pbuh and the imams were infalliable, but the other prophets werent. didnt hadhrat Musa a.s. kill a man? granted, it was an accident, but Allah still made him repent. yeah the whole thing with the Ya Ali Madad... hehe, some of you went to the convention down in DC back in May right? on the second night, me and this arab sister (i'm pretty sure she was iraqi, from michigan) were sitting together, and i think someone was making a speech, and the whole "Nare Taqbir. Allahu Akbar. Nare Risalat, Ya Rasulullah. Nare Haidri, Ya Ali." thing went on, lol, she said she never heard it before the convention, and the first time she heard it (someone was saying "Nare Haidri") she thought someone was having a heart attack or a seizure or somethin.... lol. :D she was a sweetie... but i never saw her again :( SNaqvi :Hijabi:
  20. syedzadi: "can you speak italian?" well, kinda--yes and no. i took coarses in school, and can watch the RAI channel and understand them, so i cant speak it fluently, but could survive had i crash landed in italy. :rolleyes: bro mario, if you're not fluent in english, there are serveral sites to translate the english text of the Quran into italian. or you could just look into it from a search engine... but make sure you dont read one with a lot of parenthasies--(). those often are translated into the way the translater interpretted it, and the stuff in the () are his own views, which can get annoying... :squeez: sis pyarilarki, wow, one hour and 48 min... thats a really long time! it only takes us about an hour (only 18 mintues if my brother is driving, lol, he's a recless youth!) to get to khoie-- from eastern LI.... btw, cute nick! ^_^ SNaqvi :Hijabi:
  21. salam, he's refused to lead the sisters jamaat since before winter of 2002. the fire was in muharaam of this year. bro dhulfiqar, i dont know if you attend the saturday madressa or not, but there arent that many people to cause a hazzard. and women cant pray upstairs? last sat we had a shortage of two sister teachers and we combined some classes and all the girls classes and the young children's mixed class were upstairs. ulhumdullillah, Allah swt secured the floors even through the fire so that worshippers could come. during a majlis, i forget which mulana it was, but he is excellent, the entire women's area was jam packed, and i'm not exaggerating one bit. i imagine the brother's side was the same. thats a good idea, i'm sure an alim like himself has a very good reasoning. the sister who moved to london whom i was talking about before tried to change his views, but gave up. this sister was very knowlegdable, so i'm guessing the mulana had a good reason. thank you all for your replys, the madressa has been through havoc these past couple of weeks so i havent been able to get anyone to speak with him, when things cool down a little, i'll get my auntie to have a chat with him. jazakAllah.
  22. good point... and a perfect example would be idol-worshippers, who not only created their gods but interesting stories about them....
  23. ibne... its called sabr. if you know someone is doing something just to tick you off.. ignore them. and another thing, you know how we (or atleast i) feel now, how when you visit a suni person's house for something religious, and they see you praying stange, and start talking LOUDLY of the success of the sipa sahaba or that the "rafideen are amoung us" while rolling over laughing... just bite the bulet, ignore it. bro syed STOP provocing him! j/k
  24. just by curiosity... whats the point of this thread? :huh:
  25. saalam, ok i found the cutest pic of a baby angel, and thought "hmm, that would be a nice avator," so i tried to load it and it wouldnt work. i put it here, if you all think its un-islamic, then i'll totally refrain from the thought, but if it isnt, some help please?
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