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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    Do the math

    ROMANCE MATHEMATICS Smart man + smart woman = romance Smart man + dumb woman = affair Dumb man + smart woman = marriage Dumb man + dumb woman = pregnancy OFFICE ARITHMETIC Smart boss + smart employee = profit Smart boss + dumb employee = production Dumb boss + smart employee = promotion Dumb boss + dumb employee = overtime SHOPPING MATH A man will pay $2 for a $1 item he needs. A woman will pay $1 for a $2 item that she doesn't need. GENERAL EQUATIONS & STATISTICS A woman worries about the future until she gets a husband. A man never worries about the future until he gets a wife. A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend. A successful woman is one who can find such a man. HAPPINESS To be happy with a man, you must understand him a lot and love him a little. To be happy with a woman, you must love her a lot and not try to understand her at all. LONGEVITY Married men live longer than single men do, but married men are a lot more willing to die. PROPENSITY TO CHANGE A woman marries a man expecting he will change, but he doesn't. A man marries a woman expecting that she won't change, and she does. DISCUSSION TECHNIQUE A woman has the last word in any argument. Anything a man says after that is the beginning of a new argument. HOW TO STOP PEOPLE FROM BUGGING YOU ABOUT GETTING MARRIED Old aunts used to come up to me at weddings, poking me in the ribs and cackling, telling me, "You're next." They stopped after I started doing the same thing to them at funerals.
  2. interesting.. so the appearance of gog and magog signals judgement day?
  3. i read this book, its wonderful. i gave it to my christian friend to read, who is now coverting to islam (#2 !! alhumd) she's reading it right now for her seventh time...
  4. what do christians believe about Gog and Magog? are there some sects who dont believe in them? (additionally, can i have some refrences from the Bible?) thanks, peace snaqvi
  5. wow, thats really........ (searching for word)......... interesting. are there even any wahabis on this board? (i havent been here as much so i really dont know the new comers.)
  6. i thought that we celebrate it because today is the day that the 4th Imam smiled alittle after crying tears of blood for 40 years. he smiled because he found out that the killer hurmulla of his baby brother asghar was killed. lanatallahe alal komil zalamin
  7. salam, mashaAllah, bro/sis lover of Ali (as.) May Allah help us to achieve the level of faith of the ones like you! KSIMC- hehe, i use to have the same problem, but just think, Imam Ali use to pray 1,000 rakaats every night. Imam Zain-ul-Abideen prayed so much that his face turned yellow, his eyes and nose red from crying, his feet swollen from standing.... with this thought in my head, i jump out of bed at night. who are we to call ourselves their followers if we dont follow their traditions? Um Ali- i'm pretty sure its only 40 monins wa mominat, and i do four per finger (4 people x 10 fingers = 40) i first started reading namaaz-e-shab about 1&1/2 years ago, and i could read all of the four sets of layl, shafaa, but on vitra i'd always forget what to do next (its so long!) so... i cheated :huh: yes i know, bad, very bad, but i made a recording of all the supplications to be read and played the cassette in my prayer. i only used it 5 times, i memorized all the duas by then. ^_^ yes i know, very cheap.... the long version of namaaz-e-shab is in the tohfatul-awaam and in the mawfatiul jannah. There's a short verion too, but i personally think that the normal version is much more... (searching for right word) enlightening? i dont know, i just feel overcome with a tranquility in my heart that is undescibable.... since many people have posted the version commonly used, here's the clip notes- shorter version for the bro/sis who want to start reading it: niyaat- 2 rukaat namaaze shafaa qurbatanillallah; suratul fatiha-> surah falaq-> ruku, sajdas, get up-> suah fatiha-> surah naas-> NO QUNUT! ruku, sajdas-> tashhad, salam, end. read this dua-- Ilahi ta'arraza laka-fee haazal laylil mota'arrezoona va-qasadaka fee-hil qaasedoona va-ammal fazalaka va-ma'aroofakata taaleboona va laka-fee haazal layle nafhaatoon va-javaa'ezo va-ataayaa va-mavaahebo tamunno beha ala man-tashaa'o min ibadeka va-tamna'ohaa mal-lam tas-biqa lahul inaayato min-ka va-haa anaazaa abdokal faqiro ilaikal mo'ammelo fazla-ka va-ma'aroofaka fa-in kunta ya mavlaya tafazzalta fee hazehil laylate ala ahdim min khalqeka va-oodata ilaihe be-aa'edatim min atfeka fa salle ala muhammadin va aale muhammedenit- tayebinat tahereena fastajibli kamaa va-adta innaka la-tukhleful mee-aad. niyat- 1 rukaat namaaze vitra surah fatiha 1x, surah falaq 3x, surah naas 3x-> Qunut- la ilaha illallaahul halimul karim, la ilaha illallaahul aliyyul azeem, sub-hanallahe rabbis samaavaatis-sab'ay va rabbul arzinas-samaavaatis-sab'ay va rabbul arzinas-sab'ay wa ma fee hinna wa maa baina hunna va maa fawqa hunna wa maa tahta-hunna rabbul arshil azeem va salaamun alal mursaleena val hamdo lillahe rabbil aalameena va sallallaho ala muhammedin va aale hottaahereen. astaghfirllah rabbi va atoobo ilaihe (70-100 tmes) astaghfirullah-hallazi la-ilaha illa howal hayyul kayum be jami'ay zulmi va jurmi va-israafi ala nafsi va atoobo ilaihe (x7) haaza maqaamul aa'ezo be ka minan-naar (x7) Rabbi a'sa'ato va-zalamto nafsi va be'asa maa sana'ato va haazehi yadaaya ya-rabbi jazaa-am be-maakasabat va-haazehi raqabati khaaze'ata le-maa aataito va-haa'anaazaa baina yadaika fa- khuz le-nafseka min-nafsir-rezaa hattaa tarzaa lakal ootabaa la-a'ood. (once only) al-afwa (300x) rabbigh firli var hamni vatoob alayya innaka anat tawwaburrahim(once) {name 40 people who you'd like to pray for the forgiveness of.} Alla-hummaghfir lil mo'mi-neen wal mo'mi-naat.--> ruku, sajdas, tashahud, salam, end-> (now you may sleep:)) umm, instead of that whole qunut for namaaz-e witra, you might want to start out with portions, or make a recording (like i did :P ) to get use to it, i sure know i wasnt prepared for the entire qunut, and i sat the first time i read it (it was very very long......)
  8. i know from experience that if i dont think about it, i'll feel better quicker, but i keep on seeing old people where ever i go and cant help but think not only about poor "john" but also all the old people in nursing homes who are abused, or neglected children, or starving mothers who have to watch their starving children, or the struggling ummah..... :( wow, i must be a pesimist, i just feel even worse thinking about those less fortunate people.... :cry:
  9. salam, and psycologists here??? please say yes! ugh!!! i've been really depressed and i cant get it off my heart no matter how hard i try... a bubble bath, calling up long lost friends, laughing with good ones, reading old time favorite books, indulging in ice cream, extra special duas, it just wont go away!!! :( see, what happened was that on sunday, my school participated in a "special program" for people with disabilities (down syndrom, etc.) The Special Olympics, where a person with disabilities gets paired with an "average person." i had to do it for a class grade. (its not like i didnt want to go, but i wasnt really into it either.) ok, so long story short, me and my three friends got paired with a girl who could talk, was friendly, etc., and i met a girl from my community (i didnt know she was going to be there, lol, i didnt even know she lived on long island.... ^_^ ) and she was alone with a 44-year old man who had autism and couldnt verbally communicate. i decided to help, she was kinda clueless and all alone. so this person, named John, did a lot of strange things. he shoved me so hard one time i fell off balance and fell to the ground, he had a temper tantrum and i had to chase after him when he ran away, he was really friendly and liked to stroke the lacey part of my hijab on my shoulder (this is when i gave him my map to look at, to distract him from touching my hijab for fear of him trying to take it off, , but then i found out that he also liked to tear up paper.... yes, i was lost for the rest of the day lol.) well alot of things happened and he seemed like a kid. which was sad, he's older than my father... i dont know why, but i feel so depressed, like in the summer when i get books that i think are going to end happily, but end with some one dying, and i walk around depressed for what seems like forever (or until i forget about the book.) but anyway, i told my sister that i couldnt think back to it without feeling upset, and she just looked at me wierd, i talked to a couple of friends from my class, and friend#1 said: i got attached to the man and now i feel like my friend is missing. friend #2 : i feel giulty because i cant do anything to help him friend #3 : (she's more enlightened-a God fearing christian-) i feel giulty because i do not deserve to have a fully functioning brain while people amongst me have done nothing to deserve a disability. (i side with her more than the others.) i dont know what to do, i'm normally always a very cheery person, i hate feeling depressed, i feel like i just want to tear my heart out of my chest... help.... its already been two days, and since i havent gotten over it yet, i know from experience that it'll last a long time. (i want to get rid of this feeling before i get really upset...)
  10. hey people! i'm posting my third little experience and i havent even gotten any from you guys. :( .... you have to have some type of thing happen to you! last year my school went on a field trip to six flags (a theme park.) this was in may 2002, less than a year after 9/11, and the nation was again in the "high terror state of alert" or whatever its called... me and my group of friends were walking through the medal detectors and it kept on going off on me. i took off my watch and my cell phone but it was still going off. since i wear really really baggy jeans, i had a belt on, and a really comfortable hoodie on (yes i looked "gangsta") the hooded sweat shirt covered me below the belt (dah,) so i forgot that i had the belt with the stupid metal thingies on it. (i threw away that belt that day...) i realized it, and told the man but he just said "take it off" *jerk!* so i had to run all the way to the bathrooms, take it off, hold up my jeans and run all the way back. (some of my friends were still going through so i just took my spot right in between two of them.) i finally got thorugh and it went off again. i finally realized it was because of my shoe laces (i had these cute little things on it... and yes i threw them away too...) and told him, but he was still persistent and told me to take me shoes off. only when i had to walk with my bare socks while holding up my pants did the stupid detector not go off. (to this day i still curse the metal detecors, they dont even do anything!) ok, so i'm finally about to go off to the bathroom to put my belt back on, he calls me back to check my bag. after all of that, he had the nerve *jerk! jerk! JERK!!!* i gave it to him, but then realized that i had a patato in it (my stupid friend tried to play a belated april fool's joke on me... after a month she still wanted revenge for what i did to her) so i tried to pull the bag back back, then he got suspicious, and pulled it out off my grasp. he opened it to find my wallet and a patato, quickly closed it, and gave it back. ofcaorse my friends started laughing, as i threw the bag at one of them and ran to the bathroom still holding up my pants... stupid patato.
  11. ok, then why dont YOU tell us a good knock knock joke??? :D (i'll personally tell you if its a corny one or not...)
  12. oh my God, bro youre so mean! lol :P but seriously, i want to see all the seven wonders of the world, see the sahara of africa, plus remains of ancient civilizations in all the continents. oh and i also want to spend a muharram in karbala, a safar in sham, a ramadhaan in medina, a zil hajj in mecca (dah!), visit the burial sites of the 13 masumeen's ziyarats, the place where the Present Imam was last seen, all the graves of the shaheed of karbala, and other masums. InshaAllah i will have enough energy/age/$ to do all the listed.... (this isnt make believe though, its real!) i might join the trip if i get bored enough this summer, but for now schools still in session. have fun! hehe ^_^
  13. haha lol ali, here's another one, it happened to my sister: oh, and a list of the characters: *my sister- a recognizable muslimah, she wears hijab; *a muslim TA- his name's Muhammed, everyone knows hes a muslim *Aisha- my sister's friend, she doesnt wear hijab so people cant really tell she's muslim *my sisters lab partners- they stay relatively absent in the stroy she was already late to lecture, so my sister ran into class and put her stuff down. she saw that her lab partners werent there yet, so she quickly got out her cell phone and ran back outside. less than a second after she left the room, the muslim TA also leaves, running faster than my sister, with his coat on. now what aisha and the other students witnessed was a hijabi running into class, putting down a curious black bag, opening it slightly, switching something on (she was actually getting her phone out,) and running out of the room. then the other muslim runs out of the room. both the man and hijabi had their jackets on, maybe they'd run far? everyone was freaked out, thinking that maybe the black bag was a bomb... lol. ah, darn. its funnier the way my sister's friend (aisha) tells it, she makes faces and things too.... who's next? come on, living in the west, these things have to happen!!!
  14. salam, lol, some experiences could only be told by muslims and laughed at only by mulsims. here's one of my many: last tuesday, in school, during my math class, while my teacher was lecturing his ever so boring conic secular blah, i heard the adhaan. at first i thought my ear was just picking up on various sounds put together that sounded like it, but then the adhaan got louder, clearer. i wasnt about to stay in class, hey i wanted to go to the Imaam, so i just got up and left (i sit in the back corner, opposite the door, so i had to cross the entire room to leave). i was trying to find which direction the sound was coming from, to follow it, then realized it was from a classroom, and remembered that some of the the 9th grade global classes were covering islam; the class was watching a movie on the faith. i also realized that in was tuesday, not a friday, and certainly not the tenth of muharrum... i walked back to class disappointed and realized my teacher would ask me where i ran off to in such a hurry... i couldnt say "being a muslimsh, when i heard the adhaan i thought my Present Imam was calling the momins for jihad at mecca," so i decided between "i had to wash my hands in the bathroom" and i had to get a book from my locker." the second one seemed more reasonable, and when i entered the class room and he inquired as to where i had been, i realized i hadnt any books in my hands, and couldnt use the second excuse. i meant to say the first one, but i came out (exactly this way) "I had to wash my hands in my locker-i-i-mean i had to get a book from the bathroom." he looked at me like i was nuts, then told me to sit down. ^_^ anyone else got laugh out loud experiences?
  15. i tried talking to her mother day before yesturday at a majlis (on the line for the bathroom, when she was alone) , but that didnt work, she thought i was being sarcastic and died laughing... while i was at the brink of tears. all my other choices are out, my mom would flip if she found out, and she has enough things to worry about; we dont go to the same school, so i cant tell her councelor; her sister could care less, to add to her sister, by the way, i have suspisions thats she's an anorexic. i really have to make an appointment with her, but i cant drive, my mom's at work when i'm at home (she's at home when i'm in school), so is my dad, and my bro&sis are always at college or doing college work. i dont even know what hours her mom works, and she's going to find it pretty odd that i'd invite her over my house without her daugher and my mom at work, and i dont even know if she'll be able to come. ugh i just want to get this over with now, she's getting paler and thinner by the minute. :(
  16. ok this isnt working. she picked up the phone, so i hung up and called back and her mum picked up but i had to hang up again b/c i broke off crying... how could i be such a bad friend???!!! i dont know how to tell her mum, should i write i note? tell my mom to tell he mom? COME ON! HAS NO ONE BEEN IN A SIMILIAR SITUATION?? advice needed here...
  17. wow, i just read the essay on the link... i think i need to make a phone call to someone's parents. :cry:
  18. salam, she's been at it for a pretty long time (6 months). and she's actually happier now then before, and pretty active. she doesnt throw up everyday, maybe just once a week, whenever she binges. should i just bluntly tell her parents? b/c i tried slipping hints to her mother, but she doesnt get them at all, and even once i said in a loud voice right after she had thrown up (infront of her mother) "are you feeling alright? what were you doing in the bathroom?" her response was pulling me away and chasing me around until she got a good punch to give me a dead arm. its going to be hard to tell her parents without her becoming my arch enemy. i know you think when she is cured she'll thank me, but the problem is that she never forgets anything, which is why i think it going to be really hard to cure her even with the best phscologist---she's really stubborn.
  19. lol, sis zuljenah you probably would remember my older sis then... i'm still like a baby compared to all of you! SIDDIQAH!!! dear sister where have you been??? i havent spoken to you in the LONGEST time! school caught your time again? :) hope you and your loved ones are in the best of fortune, especially your mosque i still have yet to visit; my local imambargha, ShaheNajaf of Long Island, has been burnt down :( . the alam's panje have been melted, the tabut is now a bunch of ashes. we have to have bibi Sakina a.s. 's majlis in my mum's friend's basement. well, atleast the new imambargha is more than 1/2 done... thats something to look foward to!
  20. lol bro dasouljah i think i know you.... and i know bro dhulfiqar is from my long island community but cant figure out who he is! and you think long islanders have a wierd accent? where are you from bro/sis amirah? :) salmany what masjid do you attend? and do you have a little teenage sister? my friend's got an older brother's who's really interested in religion and who's name is salman.. might be you!
  21. salam, well thats good, last time i had one was in the summer. yeah, ok i'll donate the packets. does anyone in ny know a good halal store to get noodle soup packets? i live on Long I by rt 112.... and no the two indian stores on rt 112 have yucky noodles that taste too desi/foby with mirche and everything, the taste doesnt even blend together :sick: thanks for the info, wasalam.
  22. Salam, hope you all are in the best of health and imaan, unfortunately one of my friends isnt... she's bulimic. I dont know how to say this all, i found out last month and now i need help helping her. she told me about a month ago that she is on a "strict diet." here's pretty much what she eats: breakfast: a glass of skim milk and vitamin capsuls lunch: a small little 100-calorie container of yogurt snack: gum--yeah she counts that, it has 10 calories ok that all that she keeps in her stomache, but at night, she doesnt have nutritious food for dinner, she binges on all that she missed--she has ice cream, cookies, chips, you name it, she has it. then she goes and throws it all up. also: she works out extensively for about an hour each day. her argument: she gets all the nutrients she should needs, to ensure that she takes vitamins. she just gets "rid" of all the excess fat. in addition, she argues that junk food is makrooh anyway, because it is unhealthy. she wont listen to the fact that she's wasting food, she's messing up her insides, or that she could vey easily kill her self. oh, and i've tried to use religious arguments against her, but they wont work. dont get me wrong, she's very religious. she told me the first time she tried to throw up, she couldnt get the food out beause she didnt have enough in her stomache to get it up. the next morning her cat died and she thought it was a sign from Allah. (as she was telling me this, she laughed and said "but why would Allah punish my cat for what i did?) she is 5'5, she use to be 130lbs, she's now 120. she says when she gets to 110, she'll stop. i made her promise me she wouldnt go below, but i'm doubtful if she really will ever tell me how much she really weighed once she went under 110. From health class, i recognized that she was calling me for help when she told me. and she only told me, noone else knows about it (except for all of you now...) If i tell her parents, she'll be really mad at me. i know some of you are going to say "she'll thank you once she's cured" but i know her, even when she's cured she'll recognize the fact that i told on her, not the fact that i helped her, and she'll never trust me again. i dont want to loose a friend like hr, and i hope i can help her with your help. what should i do? please pray for her, wasalam.
  23. Salam, Gosh darn it! I just heard from someone that Ramen's Chicken Flavor Noodle Soup is haraam, because it has powdered cooked chicken. but then from someone else i heard that it was halal because the chicken powder is artificial: Soup Based Ingredients: Salt, monosodium glutamate, hydrolyzed corn and soy protien, lactose, sugar, dehydrated vegetables (onions, garlic), spices, POWDERED COOKED CHICKEN, cabbage extract, turmeric, disodium inosinate, disodium guanylate. hmm, i dont know what to do. i've had these noodles plenty of times before, and still have packages, including the one infront of me from where i got the ingredients. if they do end up being haram, which i hope theyre not, theyre really good!, is there a way to clense my body from the haram food, or do i have to wait for digestion to take its course? HELP!!!
  24. OMG OMG OMG!!! I just heard on the news that Ayatullah Khioe's son was killed in Najaf in Imam Ali's Masjid!!! :( :cry: I thought there'd be a topic here already, guess not. what happened? who would do such a thing? my brother just came home and said that there was an actual fight with swords and the old arab style fighting. INANLILLAH WA INNA ILAHI RAJI'UN. LANATALLAHE ALLAL KOMIL ZALAMIN.
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