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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. wait a mintue... was it my "sorry effert" or yours? and who are you referring to when you say "people who lack knowledge"? (If you havent noticed, for me, its still early morning twilight hours... i'm still sipping my chai, and havent woken up yet.) <yawn>
  2. wow, i'm really slow... i just realized my avator's gone... and my brother had to tell me! :huh: my avator with Allah and the 14 Maumeens' names wasnt un-islamic.... and i really liked that one too :cry: oh well, {sigh} but bro ali, what significance do flowers hold to Islam?
  3. hmm, you probably already know the book, "then I was Guided" by Sayed Mohamed Tijani Smaoui , a sufi who became shia. an excert from his book, the chapter "journey to hijaz"... haha, it goes on: read the entire book here, its really good, and really short good point brother youth of ali.
  4. first of all i'm a girl :Hijabi: and why would i be so insane as to be jealuos of you?? :huh: and you still havent answered the question, (which was the only reason i ever reffered to you) : what faith do you follow?
  5. but the whole concept oh "kosher gelatin was that it wasnt made from the meat of animal, instead it was made from vegetables... that was my initial point. thank you brother abbas. does Sistani's above rules apply to cakes or other bakery goods with alcohol in them, or to Jello? doesnt the alcohol in the cake take chemical change by being cooked? and doesnt jello use vegetable (kosher) gelatin?
  6. bro shiajihad, what Marja do you folow? and you know, that type of action-fighting jihad under anyone's command but the Imam's is forbidden... even when Ayatullah Khomayni ordered jihad, it was the Imam who told him to do it. just wait and pray, inshAllah we'll all see the day and fight along side our Imam, (ameen.) and is Islamic jihad also anti-shia? i knew hamas was, but....
  7. well.... its never happened to me (no one could even say anything about me, lol, i'm pretty straight foward) but a very close friend of mine went through this as well. she exploded to my mom and her mom one day (they were having "chai" together,) and my mom said basically what everyone else here is saying... ignore her. its just like back in elementary school, at recess if anyone picked on you, you'd just ignore them and they'd loose their interest, and go pick on someone else. as soon as this lady is tired of picking on you, she'll go to someone else, and everyone will see that she's a fake. (my friend had it just about as bad as you, and this worked, although she still tries to talk about my friend.) additionally, i know in gheebat, there is an interest to find out what other think about you, but whenever someones come to me and says. "you know so-and-so, well they said you...." i cut them off there and say "i could care less. Allah knows what i do, what could be better?" the first few times, you might ponder a little bit as to what that person would have said, but then you just forget about it. its much easier for me to say salam to someone not knowing that they really dont like me. alhumdulillah, because of this one little method of not backbitting (even if i'm the listener,) i have no -personnal- enemies. :D
  8. interesting... the enemy looses while it thinks its winning.... sir g, what faith, if any, do you follow? yeah... muslims are so intolerate.. we definately beheaded all the Meecans after it fell to Muhammed (pbuhahf) and never allowed christians to pilgrimate to jerusalem and we dont have any respect for the people of the book..... (very sarcastic voice) and because we are such "radical muslims," you know that we will not change in our course of thought since we are so fundamental, why do you waste your time amoung us? you'll accomplish nothing here, except to make an *ehm* out of yourself.... you might as well leave the house and get a job, do something useful! and another thing... i dont like your accent....!!! <_< Peace on those who wish peace on me :P
  9. salam, I think one of the sunni brothers (bro salmany?) had cited this ayat, saying that Abu Bakr was being compared to the Prophet, and if we shia thought that wasnt true, then to provide an explanation. (which i personally think was.... well, ridiculous.) (I got it from here) Al Quran 9:40 i had found this really beautiful discovery of the puzzle of the little letters (darn, what do you call those again...? ) and it was really magnificent, i just found it the other day, i'll have to go find it again for the exact names/references again, but.... when a prestigious shaikh was trying to decode the mystery behind the "letter thingies", he decided to jumble them up to see if it would create a word/phrase/sentence; it did. the exact arabic, again, i'll have to find it, but a translation: Ali's hand it the truth and i follow it. (ma'ashAllah!) nice topic brother Ali Naqi.... this should be interesting! wasalam.
  10. ma'shaAllah..... this should be in the poets forum.... :)
  11. (bismillah) (salam) is kosher gelatin haraam or halal?
  12. salam, this is the first time i'm visiting this forum in a pretty long time. Good work Brother Ali! but did some PM's get deleted when the site was down? i got this email, i get get the bolded text with my PM's, but then i came here and my inbox had nothing from "Mirabad." :huh: confused..... snaqvi
  13. i avoid showing myself to even muslim women b/c everyone loves to gossip, and i know how it can happen without even thinking of it. (i.e. i was with my family going somplace in the car and i was telling my sister about this girl i had met at the imambargha and when she and i went to do wadhu, obviously she had to take her hijab off to do her masa, and i was about to describe her hair- it was really pretty- then i stopped and realized that my brother and father were probably somewhere in the conversation, since no one else was talking....) :unsure: and non-muslim women are even worse, since they dont understand hijab properly (hey lets face t, if our own women understood it, would you ever see a non-hijabi?) and my own friends (from school and such) i have to tell plenty of times, donot describe my hair/body to anyone, even if its a woman, but they still go off and do it. (damn my past, when i didnt do hijab.... :angry: ) and about how much you can reveal to women, i had a thread under sisiter's forum on "hijab infront of mehram" and i think sister hajar said that you can shown your arms (from hans to shoulder) your legs (from foot to knee-not the thigh) and your upper body, but i dont think thats really common..... so basically cover your thighs and your stomache (and everything in between.) umm, i know sister hajar knows alot about this stuff.... just wait for her to come by. :rolleyes: SN :Hijabi:
  14. salaam alaikum Sis don't take this the wrong way but if ever we meet....under No condition are you to come within 40 feet of my stove!!! :!!!: I will do all the cooking ^_^ wa salaam aliya hey, ok, i can cook now, with the spontaneous combustions that occur rather frequently under my care in the kitchen... but the food comes out really good! (understand that when you are starving, anything tastes delicious!) :) umm, whats a "tooyah" ? and do i even want to know? :huh:
  15. salam, well bro i know i'm a sister, but i can still relate to you. when i was about eleven, my parents and my older sister left me and my brother, who was 15 at the time, home alone. lazy older brother, who could live on cheeze puffs for five months, did just that. now i was very picky and couldntt eat the same things for even two meals in a one day.... here a few tips from experience: a) never throw things into the frying pan. i tried this and the oil splattered and my clothes caught fire and i was terrified.... i still have nightmares. B) NEVER fry things when watching tv, or talking on the phone, etc: I was trying to make breakfast on the first day that my brother and i were home alone. sunday morning cartoons were on, and my egg was sizzling. i swear, i was only away for two minutes, when i heard this roaring sound, and i turned around to see this fire, a huge fire, in my face (this is when my fear of hell was first injected into my brain might i had.) lets just say i was happy my brother knew where the fire extinguisher was.) c) make sure the oven is empty before you begin to pre-heat. someone stupid but tupper-ware in the oven, and well, you know the rest. d) use salt when boiling pasta. i tried macoroni vesta or whatever that was, my mom makes it really good, but it came out really goowy that day... lets just say i havent been able to look at macoroni and cheese with much of an apetite after that day... e) never expect the cover of a box for a 3-minute meal to look like the results. i threw away so many meals thinking i did something wrong... lol f) if your mom leaves you cooking directions, make sure you know which spice is which, i really dont want to share my story for this one. g) if you get sick of cooking, visit your friends who live with their mothers, esp at dinner time, (lol,) and your aunts, ofcoarse, and stock up on dry food, and al-safa products, which you probably have already done, but still. oh never use the oven unless you absolutely need to, 5/7 times i had a fire, it was because of the oven. i swear, its possessed!!! just a note, over the seven days that i was banned, i tried to cook for the first two, and drank milk the rest of the five. (i also found out that i am lactose intolerant...) lol, i lost most of my baby fat. my mom was a little worried that i was turned away from food. ( i use to be a person who lived to eat, now i just eat to live...) oh, and i made my mom teach me every recipe known to the pakistani world. :)
  16. b-but, i was hoping iraq would become an islamic state..... like iran..... :cry:
  17. salam, in Ayatullah Sistani's book Islam Laws, Taudhihul Masae'l 1, he wrote: so in the summer, a fast can be broken at around 1:00? i think i might have read the masae'l wrong, it just seems too easy!!! :blink:
  18. salam, ever since sis genoflu-- (sorry sister Z i forgot the rest of your nick!) gave my sister a CD of nasheeds (which i stole from her...) i've kinda been into them. i was trying to find a nice site online where i could download mp3s, but all the ones i find dont fit my taste. i like the slow, mellow ones, not ones similiar to heavy metal. (and i'm not kidding, some where that bad.) does anyone have a good site for mp3's? thanks in advance, wasalam
  19. this was the original post, and although we have past several very interesting points, i havent found an answer to brother's question. anyone know? was it just a mixture of iblees's freewill + pride? someone mentioned that a world existed before ours, of jinns, and they had already faced qayamat. i have heard this before also, it still lingers in the back of my memory somewhere. so who was the shaitan of iblees's world? (if there was one...)
  20. yeah!!!! go bro farsh-e-aza! (by thw way, nice nick!) lol, hahahha i'm guessing you grew up in a muslim country then huh?
  21. wow, inetesting...and informative. sis noorfatima... i can see you have come a long journey to your faith, alhumdulillah, may Allah grant everyone your determination and stamina! keep going, this little discussion seems very interesting!
  22. salam, please recite surah-e-fatiha for a distinguished member in my community. sadly he passed away. (he was also brother dasouljah's grandfather, by the way.) duas and salams, kh
  23. well according to this, i'm desi, afghani, and arab! lol, i guess "traditional cultural muslim parents" are all alike.... lol. i love this one (not on the list, but) : you know you're desi if your mother yells at you for two hours- and threatens to slap you if you cry- after you get hurt, then finally asks you, "are you ok?" :huh: (this was more prevalent in my childhood, i managed to be less clumpsy b/c of this. thank you mommy!) :D
  24. thats all you people had to say? asking about a stupid vegetable???!!! thats it, i'm not making anymore just for fun threads. they either end up dead like this one, which was suppose to be long, or suppose to be short and end up being 21 pages (i'm not exagerating.. look at panjabi airways!) ok i'm going to go and ventilate my anger on a pillow.... i cant never start good threads and my polls always end up locked.....
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