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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. http://www.madressa.net/fx/main.html mario, I'm pakistani, and although i'm trying to learn arabic right now, i really dont seem to see the reason to know arabic before you covert. as long as you know what you are saying when you pray in arabic, and pronounce it correctly. granted, some people say, and i agree, that the true beauty of the Quran lies in its arabic text, there are several translaters publishing Qurans worldwide (esp in the US.) and you'd be surprised by the number of european descendents on this page. i probably dont count, but my great grandmother was italian!!! :)
  2. salam, InshAllah all of you are in the best of health and Imaan; ok i'm volunteering at a hospitol during the summer, and i have an interview on wed (day after tom.) i know this is going to come up, and i am horrible at avoiding it. how do i kindly tell the person that i dont want to shake his hand? i really need your help, esp sisters, i know you all must be faced with it too... (just to show how bad i am at this, i'll give examples): a.) my sister was introducing me to the high school principal (my school's) and he put out his hand and i ignored it by looking up at my sisters face. when he pushed it out again i took a step back, and he still didnt get it so my sister had to say "she cant." (he finally understood.... jerk! :)) b.) when i went to my friends church, i faked a sneeze as to not shake the priest's hand. c.) when i was introduced to my friend's father, i jestured a respective slight head tilt, and he looked at me puzzled and said "you're buddhist?" i could go on and on, and as of yet, the fake sneeze/yawn is the best method. i dont want to stand there and say, "i'm not shaking your hand because yad yada yada..." infact, i dont even want to use words... its there some type of "body language" or something that can be used? just a simple but not rude "sorry"? fiImanillah.
  3. i think i spend too much time on this forum... i actually looked up "fatimah"'s profile... the pic w/out hijab is on there.... i need a life :huh: lol ok i'm going to walk away now and find something creative to do....
  4. it depends on what you mean... i think its ok to do wudhu, put on nailpolish, then pray. but putting on nailpolish, then doing wudhu... the nailpolish will cover your nails, thus invalidating the wudhu, so you cant pray anyway. Sistani: ok, well the first one doesnt mention nails, but does mention water not touching an area, and the second mentions the finger tips... sorry, i'm not much help.. lol. just wait for sister hajar. :)
  5. Damn brits...we shud nuke u... :shaytan: 4th of july..the onyl reason i went was my lil cute cousin saw firewors on tv and he was so excited... so i took him :) nuke me? its b/c i'm shia isnt it??(lol) or is it b/c i have brittish family? well guess what, had america still been colonies of brittain, all these anti-Islamic campaigns would not have been persued, and we would probably still be back home cozy in our islamic countries... lol, see what trouble america brought? and anyway, had you seen what we did that day, you'd definetly like them too!!
  6. i follow sistani, and i'm pretty sure he does too. yes i agree he has a great deal of knowledge- ofcoarse, he became a mulana from an Irani institute, but that doesnt mean he's perfect (no one is), and that his opinions are always correct. we had two jamaats for a while, and then the sisters' leader left (:() as i said before, so then we just prayed separelty, then i was put in charge to lead the small class's (4-8 years old) jamaat-- i was subbing for their teacher back then, but even now that their teacher's back, i still do it-- and i started a small jamaat with me and a few of my friends, they made me lead it since i already did the small kids, but its just not the same. :unsure: i'd like to follow an alim, not lead... whenever i see the huge jamaats from the middle east on the news, or even large jamaats within the diffrent mosques, something lights up in my heart; and i know everyone knows what i'm talking about b/c we're all muslims. :). (like when you see a hijabi walking down the street, you say to yourself, "she's one of ours."--this is sad, i'm quoting white castle, lol ) i'd really want my imambargha to foster a community, not just a separated congregation. ouch thats rough! :huh: i dont want you all to think that this mulana is that rude as the one above (am i allowed to say such a thing about mulanas, even if they're sunni?) he's really nice from what i have seen and he really, ok only pakis will understand this expression, "dil lagake parte hai" (translated.. um, puts his heart into everything? sounds better in urdu!) but i dont know where he picked up these views. even when we prayed in one jamaat, his daughter, who is my friend, would pray in a room off to the side, separted by a curtain. (i know, you're going to say why dont the sisters pray in there then, since it's separted by a curtain; but its higher up by a few steps than where the imam would lead, and when i said "off to the side", i meant it!) must be, why else would he forbid us from following? but which marja would say this????
  7. :D lol the other masumeen? and the pious ulema? and the masum-e-karbala????? good answer! i'd never think of the infinity thing... werent we created which a mind to try and comprehend such a thing? while we're at it, why did God create man? i mean, i love Him and all, but why were we created?
  8. like we'd ever listen! :) according to the nutritious facts, they have NO calories. lol i guess girls named sarah have a habit of being "disobedient"? (my name's sarah too) wasalam
  9. i'm trying to decide whether or not i should share what i did on the 4th.. its wasnt exactly patriotic. lets just say me and my brittish cousins- who absolutely HATE america- had a lot of fun with the flag... hehehe (evil laugh) and no, there werent any matches, if thats what you're thinking. :P although we really wanted to have our own "american fireworks", it would have caused a scene and my neighbor's would be a little curious... this year was really boring, since we didnt get to see any fireworks because of "increased security"... we didnt even leave the house! i tried to bribe my uncle with cava to take us kids somewhere... which DID work, and we were leaving the house right in time for my bro to call home and say that there was no where to go b/c there was too much security everywhere!
  10. oh no! wallahi, he's a die hard shia from iran... he's a really nice person, just a tad bit extreme... do sunnis not lead women b/c of their gender? sounds more wahabi than sunni! thank you so much sis umali! I had already looked in my book, and the above is all that was there, so i skipped that section on the site... *oops* (guess i didnt look everywhere!) :)
  11. wow... bro ya aba you really are hard-core in your belief that syeds are arabs arent you? in every post you posted, you say "syeds are arabs" ... even if it doesnt pertain to the content of your post! :) sis abbie, i'm still agreeing with you on DNA on muma's side.... sounds more reasonable, since the egg is bigger, and then the baby thrives on the mothers blood while in the womb (which has nothing to do with DNA but still...) and i disagree with this point: if you are refering to Bibi Fatimah's aal, then remember Imam Ali was also syed. I was always under the assumption that syeds included P. Muhammed (dah) and the children of Imam Ali and Bibi Fatima.... whats this of hazrat Ibrahim being a syed? :huh:
  12. this is a little off topic, but since i started the thread i think i can do that. :) i have come to notice that a major reason the youth in my community dont have much interest or knowledge on religion is because the mulanas tend to speak in such a higher level of laungage, whether its urdu, gujrati, etc etc, that the youth can not even grasp the concept the preacher is preaching. i mean, the level of vocabulary is so high that you'd never hear it in daily conversation, and only the elderly elders (really old people back from the old country) are not lost in thought. i agree with you, mulanas do say this... but then why dont they follow it? lol bro/sis lebstyle.... i'm laughing so hard i'm crying!
  13. ok, i've never filled out a profile on any of my messengers, including yahoo and aim, and i told my friends about 2 years ago, if you foward me junk mail i'll block you. after three examples, they stopped :) i hate special offers, i'd never go for those stupid yellow book directories, in fact, everything you guys listed i've done 3 hotmail accounts ago. i'm about to ditch msn for live.. :( this NEVER happened with my yahoo/aim accounts! humerous... lol, but i dont think thats the case. how could so many people im me at once, if it was one person, as soon as i sign on? and i kno, i dont have that many stalkers!!! someone mentioned my friends doing this... ok i'm fairly young, but the youngest friend i have is atleast 2 years older than me.. the rest are an average of 5 years older than me. see, i happen to be at a rather higher maturity level than expected from my age... even in school, i have more upperclassmen buddies than my own age friends. so i doubt its my friends pulling this. this is really annoying, i havent used msn since the day before i started this thread.
  14. a stupid loser asked me this question. i dont know how to answer it: since God is all-powerful, Can God create a rock heavy enough that He cant pick it up?
  15. sis umali... dont be so modest, you are a great scholar in comparison with an ignorant like myself... :) thank you for your response. and whats the URL of Sistani's page which you got this from? i looked all over but couldnt find anything! i agree with you, it sounds like the absence of the statement is enough... i'll have the mulana look at this. thank you again! sis abbie i agree, there are so many scholars, but its just too hard to get in touch with them. (sigh) bro ali, yeah thats the set up of another imambargha i attend in the city (well, Queens.) since i'm stubborn and i grew up at this imambargha, i'm not leaving! this mulana i'm speaking about lived in Iran for some time, but he still doesnt accept the female followers. May Allah bless you all for your input, thank you. :P
  16. salam, ok i had to change my adress on hotmail b/c too many people from God knows where kept adding me to their msn buddylist and talking to me, starting out conversations with "hey.. a/s/l" (i finally figured out what "a/s/l" means!!!) ... and its starting again on my new account. i could understand if it was someone from a discussion board (like this one), or a long lost friend, but i dont even know these people! and they wont tell me how they get my adress. i thought at first "i'll just block them" but then it was like fifty people would im at the same time and i had to figure out if i knew them or not b/c i messed up my buddy list somehow deleting everyone (leave it to me to do the impossible!) my question is, how do you stop people from getting your email adress? i dont recall signing up for anything, going somehwere special, etc etc, and i just changed my email adress a few days ago. now i really stink when it comes to computer smarts... can someone help?
  17. salam, i hope you all are in the best of health and Imaan and are allowed to pray as you wish... ok this issue errupted around december, but i'm really bothered by it now: Every saturday, my local madressa's school boys line up in the jamaat to follow the Imam in prayer. seems normal? nope... the alim refuses to lead the sisters because he claims there has to be a parda inbetween the men and women. this made me mad because-- 1) even if one of the brothers decided to turn around after/before salaat, we're all in hijab, how could that be a problem? 2) at hajj, i know, i know, its a diffrent atmosphere, but still, men and women pray right next to eachother without a problem, why cant we pray BEHIND the men??? 3) its unfair, i feel that i am being persecuted just because i am a sister... :( (ok, that one's just a little personal :) ) but the solutions i've thought up: 1) have a sister's jamaat... we use to, a very sweet momina lady use to lead, but she moved to London, and now all the remaining teachers say that the job of leading everyone's prayer is too big a burden (as in they are afraid of praying incorrectly and messing up everyone's namaaz) 2) literally put up a curtain in between the two sections... the Masjid will be torn down pretty soon... see, there's a new one being constucted on right behind it, so unless its to repair something important, i dont really want to stress the management out with extra problems. 3) i think this one might be the one (inshallah..) i cant find one anywhere, but i'm praying, does anyone know a ruling from any well known alim which states that women may pray behind men without any type of parda? (as in the curtain, not hijab!) NO HADITH PLEASE! (we've tried this, it failed.) May Allah bless whoever solves this problem... there are many more girls than boys attending this madressa too, so imagine the deeds you'll cash up! :) ma'salama
  18. salam, first of all, sister abbie should become a moderator! :) keep it up sis i had a simular question on gelatin... check out bro abbas786's response- Halal...Haram... Kosher gelatin a lot of lebs live in aussie, dont they? snaqvi:hijabi:
  19. Hazrat Abdullah ibn Jaafer (as) was the cousin of Bibi Zaynab (as), so he was Sayyid. but i was under the impression that syeds had to be descendents ok Imam Ali and Bibi Fatima (ofcoarse, from the Prophet....) Abdullah was neither of these.
  20. thanks and yeah i'm a new yorker..... got the attitude and the black clothes :)
  21. you mean "corrected" :) i thought we werent suppose to use hadith, since obviously we cant agree on anything.... and what is this bro salmany? you're trying to use an indirect proof? and over that, more hadiths. :no: just admit it, there are no ayats about caliphat, but many on Imamat.
  22. wait... so if DNA is passed predominently through the mother, as shown by sister Abbie, why then is a person with a syed mom and non syed father considered to be non syed? and were Bibi Zainab's children, Aun and Muhammed, syed? b/c their father was non-syed... atleast to my understanding...
  23. lol, sister nida, join the club :blink: :) since it says "kosher gelatin" or even if it doesnt (ie it just says "gelatin",) is it considered halal since there is a doubt on whether it is halal or not? and again, does Sistani's above rules apply to cakes or other bakery goods with alcohol in them, or to Jello? doesnt the alcohol in the cake take chemical change by being cooked? and doesnt jello use vegetable (kosher) gelatin? btw, i'm a sister. :Hijabi:
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