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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. tootsie?? aww that so cute!!! :D death: (gasp) that pic is so sad! poor creautre! whats the second pic of? bro Irfan, umm... two wrongs dont make a right.... besides i'd rather her suffer in hell than in prison! and the friend who i mentioned being this girl's arch enemy is compiling a long long list with the help of her brother in law (who's a detective) to get her really fixed for all the things she's done (not just to animals but also to humans.) agreed. and who edited my previous post? you dont know what a cokateil is??? its a mini [Edited Out]atoo! and sooo very adorable! (he drove my mom crazy....)
  2. ok i understand both of your points (hajar and shiabro) so to be on the safe side, i'll just wear glasses to school... now what about the nose ring? i didnt go through that much pain just for it to close up on me!
  3. thanks for the mental picture... :squeez: ugh as if i havent heard enough horrible things today... my friend's arch- enemy froze a kitten to death... she still has it in her freezer. seriously do kids get these ideas from TV or something? i know the simpson's itchy and scratchy show isnt all too innocent. do animals really cry?? aww! i've only really been exposed to birds, 2 australian ring necks, a love bird (she had a REAL attitude!) a [Edited Out]ateil, 12 chickens, 6 parakeets, 2 mini parakkets, 2 bugakets, and one budgie (she's my baby!) in addition i raise baby birds for my mom's friend who's a breader, she sells birds (very profitable profesion might i add!) dont get me wrong though: i've also had a cat, a rabbit, a hampster, and i think thats all. oh, we borrowed a donkey once, he was such an ass (lol i know its lame...) wow look at me! i can go on and on... sorry for anyone and everyone who had to read the above! :rolleyes:
  4. sis hajar... yes its true some girls do it with the intention of being "pretty", but whats wrong with being pretty for oneself? isnt there a hadith from Bibi Fatima s.a. that its sunnat to pray with surma on one's eyes and mehndi stain on one's hands and 'itr perfume on one's body? intrepid: well actually some people can notice them with a glance. like my brother freaked out when i first got them... lol, then again he could tell if i was wearing clear contacts from across the room (i dont know how he does it!!!) shiabro: copying western fashion? so i cant wear jeans? this is unfair, it seems to be based on culture as opposed to religion!
  5. well its just that people gave that money with the intention that it would go to helping syeds.. but its not.
  6. for the dog bit-- sis abbie and some brothers mentioned the care for dogs. i obviously would take it to the vet reguralrly every four-six months, and would give it a place of its own to live in suitable for my own child (yeah i know i love animals a lot but...) anyway, i can tolerate humans getting tortured and stuff because i know the innocent and the trangressor will be paid in full what they earned on the day of judgment. but what about animals? they dont have an after life... or do they? so the person/s who hurt the animal will suffer, but will the animal be rewarded? someone mentioned animals crying... well come on! can you make half the sounds of the various animals of the world? (and i think only humans can cry anyway...) look i know if an animal feels uncomfort/pain it will react somehow, mostly physically and scream to communicate. my parrots even use sign language to tell me if they're hungry/bored/cold/etc. batil ka katil: bro do you honestly think Allah swt created animals to be thought of negatively? every creation He has created for a purpose. aww cute kitty bro wahashimi nice hadith bro Pir Sultan Abdal
  7. brother quiet honestly i dont think your reply was appropriate for an islamic forum. and anyway, scientifically prooven, if men had to go through labor and child delivery, they'd die from pain. God created men and women to share an eaqual burden (in some places actually i feel that men have more of a responsibility) but its culture that makes things harder for a lady, and for the fact that the ratio of men to women is 1:6-7 (i think,) women get hit hard by anxiety of stupid things. example: after divorce, men can go on their merry way and get remarried. women have a much harder time getting remarried and 90% of the time are blamed for the failed marriage, even if the guy was a total jerk.
  8. salam, According to Ayatullah Sistani; are women allowed to wear color contacts infront of namehram men? if they are prescription? if they arent prescription? normal pierecing (ears, etc) are covered by hijab. but is it permissible for a woman to wear a facial piercing (ie nose, eyebrow) infront of na-mehram? see, my eyes are like jet black, and i've got colorblend contacts which are grey, and the black over takes the grey so strongly that three feet away you couldnt tell i was wearing contacts. and my nose ring (well, the one i wear for everyday use until my hole is healed) is a small silver ball... (one friend said it even looked like a pimple :huh: , and another asked me if my nose piercing had closed up-- she thought i wasnt wearing a ring ^_^ .) these things dont stand out and catch someone's eyes necessarily, as not to interfere with my hijab, but i just wanted to make sure b/c school is opening in like less than two weeks, and i wont be able to avoid namehram much longer ( :( ! ) Jazakallah, wasalam.
  9. wait a min, a khoja community has the permission to use money intended to help syeds? :huh: how'd this happen?
  10. ok so i've only read the first two posts on this thread, sorry i'm short on time (...and lazy lol :rolleyes: .) please do tell me if this has already been discussed. so if tampons are haram or makrooh becuase they "break the tissue," then is it true that all the activities listed above (except the last ofcoarse) are haram/makrooh for a virgin to do? this would really suck... me and my dad go on a two mile trail almost everyday and walk/jog/run... :( man why do women always get laid with these things? you never hear anyone sayiing "if the man is a virgin yada yada yada..."
  11. (bismillah) (salam) ok dear brothers and sisters, being an extreme animal lover (i've got a baby bird in my lap as i type) i just wanted to know, how do animals get their fair share in injustice? Injustice-- for example: (AND PLEASE, PLEASE dont get any ideas from the following, just thinking about these things make me sick, i dont know if i can type all the things i've heard... just skip the numbered part if youre really sensitive!) 1) some kid thought it would be funny to see a parakeet go on fire. so he sprayed it with cologne and lit it on fire. the innocent creature burnt to dead. but that wasnt enough. he took the dead body of the bird to a new years eve party and showed everyone "how cool he was." 2) a bunch of kids from my school last year did a lame senior prank. in addition to letting rats into the hall, which got stepped on and injured, they got a chicken high and broke its leg before letting it loose in the school. 3) some teenagers got hold of a red hawk. they burnt it, but it didnt die. so they dragged it around tied by a foot to the end of their bike.... ok now i'm shaking and at the verge of tears, can tell no more... :cry: the point is, yeah ok so these losers will inshallah burn in hell... but what does the animal get in return? do they feel pain? it would be great if they didnt.... additionally, i wanted to verify somethings i had heard. is it true that the talibaan tested chemical poison gas on dogs? is it true that if one keeps a dog in own's property, then angels of blessings dont visit that place? i really wnated to get a dog when i got older, save it from the pound (i think its horrible for a creation of God to be killed for being unwanted...) i wouldnt keep it inside the house, just tie it to a tree in the front/backyard and ofcorse take it for a walk everyday and play fetch, etc. jazakallah SNaqvi
  12. come on, where have all the salafis disappeared off to??? i know you have to have some bleliefs b/c i was debating with a sister from ur sect about the talibaan, and ended the conversation with saying that only Al-Mahdi will be able to bring a just gov't to this world. (she smiled so i knew she knew what i was talking about...)
  13. uh huh... ok so in the first book of gita, does it deny idols too? in which ways does it display tauheed?
  14. ok i found an ayah for those who deny majic: and i'm really sorry sis, dua.org wont work for me either. this was the best i could do: Dua Joshan al Kabeer sounds like the best idea i've heard yet! salaams and dua...
  15. lol at kannez... i know what you mean... and i started this thread!!! :!!!:
  16. umm... i apoligize, i hadnt known. is it here on shiachat? well inshallah, remember to answer my previous question! ok so i got a feel for what the sunnis believe, but what about the salafis?
  17. hmm... k sorry everyone this isnt relevant but i'm curious. all people who believe in one God and the hindu sects who believe that all their gods are essentially one (they just perscribe attributes to each characteristic and vwa-la, they have a god for everything...) but anyway, all these people submit to God, arent they considered muslim then? and are animals too then considered muslim?
  18. salam, JazakAllah bro salman for your input. what exactly is The Permanent Committee for Islaamic Research and Fataawa? Sallam No i dont. The traditions regarding it are to weak. care to elaborate? ok, give me an indirect proof, what hadeeths make you believe this? bro syed, thank you very much for that article... unfortunately i was short on time and so wasnt able to read it entirely, so i skimmed it and came across this: what about the rest of the Imams? is this a sunni or shia source (just out of curiosity.) ? bro/sis alifaia, are you from ahle sunna or r u shi'a? same question to sunain. wasalam.
  19. they used ropes and cords. (too lazy to get the aya's... i'll post them later though.) but there are verses which say some creatures (not human) taught people majic and they spread evil in the world... its in the begining of the quran, and not about Hadhrat Musa's people, some other prohet's... :donno: sis aliyah... well thats really tuff... umm... ouch! i dont know what to say, since even her suppose-to-be mother-in-law liked her. dua e joshan e kabeer is really long, would take me same amount of time as it would to type up a 5 page essay... so inshallah i'll try to find a site and email it to you. May Allah save that household from dispair! ameen, salam.
  20. once again lol... i'm a sister. :Hijabi: why did this topic dir down??? i want more info! thanks bro ali786!
  21. well i should tell you its not just the afghan girls... add the desis. hmm... if anyone from their own family passed away (God forbid) they'd be in so much pain as not to even talk to anyone, esp during the sermon being delivered during the funeral. but when it comes to the PROPHET'S family, its a totally diffrent thing.... :unsure: have people forgot the tradjegty of Karbala?
  22. but plucking would take forever! and i think the entire point of removing the hair is to remove it from "there." waxing... (shudder) i cant stand it on my leg, i couldnt bear it over there! just shave.. its the easy way!
  23. glue it to her head? lol, actually my friends told me to do that when these girls from school wanted to pull my hijab off my head... (sigh) so many memories of starting hijab... :Hijabi: btw, make sure you know whats going on in her life with school and everything, that some kids arent bothering her. as close as your relationship might be, she may be holding out on something. talk to her about her views on hijab... make sure she's prepared for the real world when everyone asks her "whats that thing on your head" in an everso mocking voice. (darn kuffr! :angry: ) oh, and sis um ali, aww... beautiful reply! and the ideas of diner for her graduation (very cute), and the diffrent color scarfs were also good. just by curiosity, bro ali, will your sis be the leading hacker of the next generation? :unsure:
  24. raw egg does wonders.... i kno i kno its sick but my cousin forced me to do it one time and after just an hour (i was whining and finally she let me off the hook) my hair literally was thicker and silkier and stronger... i always tell myself i'll do it again, but never really get to it... :unsure: 1 egg for hair a little longer than the shoulder, 2 for really really long hair, keep it in for 1/2 hour, minimum, and do it as many times a week as you want, though once is enough. (note: its very effective on frizzies) also, can be used on color-treated hair. my firends tried mayo, but it really doesnt work as well as egg. i'd feel naked if i were bald!! :Hijabi:
  25. no replies? :o i'm hurt :cry: come on! i'm really interested!
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