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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. :D :P hahaha... should i share? (macaroni and cheese story!!!) sigh... ur too cute! :rolleyes: well finally you posted on here! and welcome noora.
  2. yeah... we had a fundraiser once for the afghan people back when the US invaded... to this day i feel guilty b/c i didnt pitch a penny. see, i started hijab 9/10/01 (yes i knoe perfect timing) and so people gave me a hard time as it was, and not to mention my homeroom (in which we were doing the fundrasing) was full of ignorant tough bullies, and 3 of the 8 giirls who literally wnated to pull of my hijab were in there too. to add to it, that was when i was very quite, only talking to my very close friends, esp since my grandfather's death had affected me greatly. sigh if only i could turn the hands of time back... hey do you think i should propse a fundraiser for the iraqi people with my student government?
  3. sis hajar, for not being greedy and obeying Allah's command and giving charity, i think Allah will reward us.
  4. oh yeah... has the site been moved? whats thr new url?
  5. what the___!!!! what happened to ww.nawha.com? i go there for some nawhas and i see.... maritial adds! (???) :( that was my fav easy acces write up site!
  6. :cry: bro i wish there was something i could do... but i live in the states and am way under 18. but i will pray for her!!! :o alhumd!
  7. yeah, bro find out what ticked her off... could be a big misunderstanding... big enough to cuase a divorce! have you even tried to talk to her, find out the reason of all of this, yet? oh and if the wife divorces the husband, does she still have to marry another man before marrying her first husband?
  8. (bismillah) (salam) Can someone give me a logical explanation as to why some sayeds think that they are superior to ummati? its getting annoying now, because i've started noticing that non-sayeds have a bit of an attitude towards sayeds... they have this concept that all syeds think they are somehow better than non-syeds. (and here i am, living proof, that not all sayeds are as arrogant for this belief.) I know back in the day, when sayeds actually were religious, this concept of superiority might have been held... but sayeds didnt have to exhalt themselves, they didnt have to demand respect, it was already there, and there was no arrogance of either side. i've even heard that people would kiss the hand of a sayed for blessings. but as the entire ummah seems to be in a decline, (for example, i've heard reports of alcoholic beverages being sold in the Holy land of Iraq!) i've come to believe that only deeds, not blood, will exhalt a person. For example, i can pick out a sister right here on this forum to whom everyone should show respect, whose knowledge and fear of Allah i just wish i had half of... but i'll ask her permission before revealing her name. (she a non-sayed) Bro Sayed_Ali_Najfi replied a very interesting comment, which i have forgotten now, but hopefully he'll share once he replies, when i asked "do you think a sayed blooded person who doesnt even pray 5x a day is better than someone who's reverted and prays 51 rakaats daily?" (he was in favor of sayed superiority by the way.) he even said that sayeds will not enter hell fire, that they will be burned in ice (?) ! Additionally, i've always felt that a syed blooded person isnt sayed unless they are faithful (pray, read Quran, fast, do proper hijab, etc.) is this correct? And isnt a "proper sayed" suppose to have high qualities, one of which is humbleness? i.e. not thinking of oneself as superior to another... your thoughts much appreciated, wasalam.
  9. sis ur totally right and sunni brothers/sisters have any comments???
  10. bro irfan- word? lol. sis zuljenah, yes i know ur right, but said "in jail for a little while" ... the composition my friend is reporting will send her to jail for life... esp b/c that girl's over 18, she's not a kid anymore. she's done a lot of offenses, and my friend's got all the evidence and witneses and people who hate her just as much. oh, and i dont really know the girl, i've only seen her once, when i had to help a teacher. i dont even know her last name! (or how to spell her first...) and i know that punishing the transgressor is a way of justice... but, personally speaking, i'm not up for revenge. i'd rather forgive, forget, and recieve my rewards as opposed to cause turmoil for another, even if they tresspassed me. that cat is so cute in ur avator! is she urs?? sis abbie... :cry: declawing is horrible!!!!
  11. to an extent you guys are all lucky... i'm the only shia i know from my school... well except for an irani brother, but he openly says he's an athiest and so i stay far away from him, and all the others are sunni. only 3 of the 8 knew they were sunni, the rest had to ask their parents ( :o ) and only one of those 3 was able to ask further more from her uncle to tell me what sect of sunni'ism she belonged to. i know right? its so annoying! one sister who i suspect of being a salafi/wahabi always tries to "invent" ayats stating that crying for a dead person is haraam etc... grr whenever i ask her for the ayats, she's just like "i havent been to my mosque in over a year... etc etc." and whenever i try to rebut her comment, she always tries to pull something. like one time, she said hijab felt more like a resrtiction to her, and i was about to use Bibi Fatima s.a. as an example, with the whole her going to people to demand her inheritance from the baghe fadaq, and i just took the masuma's name and she was like. "who's that?" and then rejected any claim i made because to her, Nisa'il'alamin doesnt exist. (irony... her name is Nisa!) *sigh* hey have any sunni brothers or sisters posted yet? .... are there any sunni sisters on this board?
  12. well bro yoa and talvaar, to be quite honest, i was getting interested in ur debate. perhaps you two should open a thread on this! and thanks bro zain for saving the thread!!! sis abbie, declawing is torture?! my mom's friend had the sweetest, SWEETEST cat and she didnt have claws... :o . and where do you get these cats from? sis hajar: thanks now i get it. people actually use that type of language? on a islamic forum?! lol you made the forum confu-zed :blink: :) ok, so i had a cockateil :( i miss it now.... k so about this hadith.... anyone knoe anything? isnt prostitution-----> fornification/adultery one of the biggest sins?
  13. ameen!!! does the grand Ayatullah have protection of any kind in the material form, ie body guards??
  14. but... i remember some shaikh saying that every creation has been given the choice of accepting or rejecting Allah, even a small nitrogen atom. (including animals.) but they all accept Him, because they recognize His (dont know what to call it... cant say being or existence....) presence? yes they accept His presence.
  15. doesnt the person with the mental disability feel "diffrent" already? going to a special school, riding on a mini bus... and what would telling him he's disabled accomplish? i could understand telling an adopted child that he's not born into the family, but...?
  16. in theory, arent all animals better than us? they never sin, constantly in ibadat... like the perfect muslim!
  17. hajar: k i'll write to Sistani... eventually. lol i'm such a procrastinator ;) . well since a typical school day should only be 10 hours, i guess i could take it out and put it back in when i get home. jlain: aww lol. but dont arabs have multi colored eyes? (blue, green etc.) u live in qatar right? freedom fighter: maybe your eyes are too big for the size diameter of contacts you got. that happened to me, it was really annoying! then i got a bigger diameter and it was all fixed, lol.
  18. so am i... you guys doubted that he was married? (i stopped coming here near the end of the school year, so i have no clue what half of these inside jokes are...) just saying, i mean i know sis hinna exists and all but... bro dhulfiqar could just make up a new nick.... :unsure:
  19. haha... well, whatever strikes my interests will be what i reply to... but that was relevant to some theory i was working on lately thats driving everyone i talk to crazy. (well except for my neighbor, she loves when i come over! -sigh- old irani ladies are so cute!) but anyway, you wanted opinions. if you were to change your post from a question into a statement, i'd agree with you. we wouldnt know how good something is until we see its absence. (we realize what we've been given -a healthy brain, wealth, etc- when we see the less fortunate.) and aftr you mentioned it, i realized that they could also have been placed here to test us, as you said, to see how well we take care of them.
  20. :D lol wait a min, i thought there were a lot of canadians on this board, who all knew eachother? talking about humorless humor... britts go into that catagory too! anyone seen bend it like becham? :squeez: eeww! and britt people think its hilarious! my cuz even sent a copy VHS here to america, (:angry: am i gonna get even!) but we never got it converted so i saw it in the theaters w/ friends, and felt really bad b/c i told them it would rock, practically forced them to buy the ticket (ok, so i'm a lil pushy), but we came out yawning... :o stupid movie... <_<
  21. well i hope this works...
  22. bro wahashami: (your post on the 2nd page) actually yeah i heard that if you take care of plants they pray for you too... my mom's the one who told me, i but i think its her way of getting me to water all her 37 plants... lol. i've heard that even creatures that die around your house had sacrificed themselves to take the affliction that would have been on the family. occasionally i find a dead bird in my yard, i always make my brother burry it. do plants feel pain? sis/bro death, the link that you posted didnt work. but is the pic a grave? so confusing! sis abbie, i'm not formiliar with your "declawed cat." is there a story behind it? interesting hadith about the prostitute and the dog... but is it true? and who keeps on editing my post???!!! you have to be kidding me if you dont know what that bird is!!! :angry: (sigh) :angel:
  23. hajar: an adornment, well it depends... the one in my nose right now is just there so that the hole doesnt close up and for comfort because i can blow my nose peacefully without it annoying me (allergies...) but if there's something special, for example, a mehndi or something, then i'd wear a nicer one, like a diamond/ruby something that matched my outfit. so... long story short the one i'd wear to school would be the one i'm wearing now, so tiny it looks like a pimple, not intended for beauty or attraction. freedomfighter: why would you think colored ones are annoying?
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