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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam, What does shaytan look like? I know this sounds like a childish question and i do feel a little callow for even wondering, but i recently saw the movie Passion of the Christ and they depict satan as human looking, actually quite like a gothic person. I know he's a jin and all and what they look like, but has he been made extremely ugly to reflect his nature? does he even look like a jin still? This one isnt really on shaytan but on kaffirs: why do english translations of the Quran translate kaffirs as disbelievers? shouldnt it be a "dis-obeyer"? becuase the quran does testify that shaytan was a kaffir but how he could disbelieve in Allah swt existence while conversing with Him is strange. how do you define a kaffir? wasalam, SNaqvi
  2. I keep on hearing this arguement against mourning in Muharaam. Three wahabis have so far told me that its in the Quran, but none of them have given me references. Do you have ANY proof to back up your claim? And i dont want anything from al-bukhari or al-muslim, only the Quran, for surely it is the only uncorrupted book.
  3. i can already imagine EXACTLY what he will say. well he didnt reply yet... so what do you think he would have said? what about us "brownies"? :unsure:
  4. Jazakallah! i finally changed my icon to something of my interest... out of curiosity (and if you cant convey to me this explanation in a statement of two or less syllable words, pray you dont!) how did you find the webpage of that picture? SNaqvi :P
  5. ^_^ Salam all, havent been here for a long time, hope you everyone's doing well. I wanted to change my icon but for some reason I can't, or rather dont know how. On www.yaahussain.com, all the way on the bottom of the main page, there is a bird flapping its wings. now how do i load that as my avator? i understand if thats too many pixel (dont even know if what i just said made sense,) but then there is arabic icon some where towards the middle of the page that says "la illaha illala muhamad ar rasullulah" then flashes and says "aliyun waliyallah." how do i load that as my avator? I've been really fustrated trying to work this out. any help please? :huh: Jazakallah, SNaqvi B)
  6. interestingly wierd... i was looking over my old madressa notes and found something that said that an 'alim was trying to figure out what the letters on top of the ayats (ain, jeem, lam, ect.) meant. he came up with something that surprised him, and tried again and again to scramble the letters in order to make a diffrent phrase. but the only thing the letters spelt out was... i forget the arabic, but translated it meant "Ali's palm is truth and I follow it." allow me some time and i'll dig up refrences, the arabic, and what not for it.
  7. whoa bro, you should either make sure you are reading your sources CLEARLY or provide them with your claims. I'm shia, and i'd never reject Bibi Kulsum. my nani is even named after her, so which shia are you talking about that reject her? You're probably just jumping to conclusions, since bibi Zaynab is more well known, but ofcoarse you ignore the fact that Bibi Zaynab was the older sister who led and protected the women and children of the kafila since Imam Ali ibn Hussain was too ill and rarely conscious.
  8. (bismillah) No he doesn't love you... Because Allah unlike the Christian version of God isn't a hypocrite, he can't love his good servants and his bad servants at the same time. Imam Amir al Mu'mineen (as) says : Your friends are three : your friend, your friends friend, your enemies enemy. Your enemies are three : your enemy, your enemies friend, your friends enemy. So Allah can't possibly love the enemies of his beloved servants. Peace be with those who accept guidance. nice quote from Imam Ali. Allah loves all His creation, why would He create a thing just to hate it? this is a really bad parrallel, but say you have to children, one does wrong to the other. obviously, you wont disown the bad one, but you probably would love it less. So Allah swt loves Mo'mins more than your average joe.
  9. hmm... God is He, the only, who has the right to judge, since He is Knower of all, Powerful over all. I always believed that people go to heaven or hell based on their knowledge, ability, and understanding of what has been brought to them in this world. So if you were a good believer in your own faith and did right, gave charity etc, you will be showed mercy. (because after all, once you strip away the faults and contradictions of Christianity, Judaism, etc, all you have left is Islam, the religion brought down by diffrent prophets but corrupted till the time of p. Muhammed saww.) well anyway, so if you follow your religion with good faith, and love God, He will love you. (I stand to be corrected as i recognize my limited knowledge and unlimited ignorance.) Trinity, I'd like to ask you the same question. Does your God love me, according to chrisitianity?
  10. salam, NEW DISCOVERY: there's this brand of cereal which has "soy protein" (sounds sick but the thing has honey in it as a flovor... delicious!) well anyway, its called kashi. the one i tried is "go lean crunch"... so good! it has a lot of other products too. ....? you "can tell"? well thats a first! and thank you, but i dont like greasy stuff for breakfast, i tried it once, and i felt really sick and yucky all day.
  11. .... ? a handful? with contradicting statements or details? :huh: how do you know which one is true? you poor confu-zed child! and as for the urine thing, you are defeding a belief you yourself dont support... so maybe you should reconsider b/4 you call someone else a hypocrit. SNaqvi.
  12. salam keep it up sis abbie! anyone know foods high in fiber? take in mind i live in america, please dont give me ingriedients found only in really rare stores! wasalam, SNaqvi
  13. .... ouch.... :o what a jerk!! talk about not being able to accept rejection!
  14. complex carbs? why not just eat proteins? they take even longer to digest.... i think :huh: Okay sis, since I am not good at science, can you explain that in simple english pleease? lol fasting is healthy, it gets rid of germs in your body. simple enough? wasalam.
  15. umm someone correct me if i'm wrong, but doesnt islam say to go out and learn about other religions?
  16. wasalam, i'm not a @) i'm a :Hijabi: ! get it straight! lol j/k
  17. salam, well thank you brother Irfan, i'll be sure to try out that drink! jazak Allah. some people brought up some good points. someone said that you are suppose to feel hunger during fasting b/c it will make you thankful for having the blessings Allah swt gave you and so that you feel softened towards the poor and give charity, and also to remember the thirst of Imam Hussain a.s. and karbala. No doubt, i do these but i am very weak to hunger. i eat a lot, i mean A LOT, and someone mentioned only missing one meal, lol you should spend a day with me! to add to it i have a fast metabolism so i get hungry easily, and i am anemic (but dont know how to spell it,) so i feel weak quicker than others. put together, i get killer headaches... :( but anyway, back to topic, with all due respect, Fasting was prescribed before the event of Karbala took place, so... someone asked about having to wake up to do niyat. well according to Sistani, no, just do it when you wake up. Shaikh Sehlani said in al-hunda Q&A section that sleeping from the time of fajr to the time of isha while fasting is ok while fasting, it wont break the fast. normal people (not me) dont feel hunger while sleeping b/c they are unconscious. so i dont think the ABSOLUTE reason of fasting is to feel hunger. and another thing, i remember a mulana saying that a russian doctor was researching the stomach (or trying to figure out the reason for fasting, one of the two) and concluded this: every year our stomach builds up a germ layer. only the constant rubbing of acid in our own stomach can break it down. this has to go on for atleast 30 days- the Holy month of Ramadhaan.... :D love being muslim lol. well anyone else have good breakfast ideas? ....help! wasalam, SNaqvi :)
  18. NOT FEEL HUNGER? bro, youre fasting, youre not eating, how r u suppose to not be hungry?? :huh:
  19. yeah it has been for some years now.... :) gO MUSLIMS!!! LOL
  20. salam, i can never find a good breakfast while fasting that will keep my stomache from rumbling until even 10:00. any suggestions? wasalam.
  21. salam, Is it true that Islam is now the most followed religion in the world? it finally jumped ahead of christianity? wasalam
  22. i never heard of this before, it is like marinating it? and when you could it, do all the germs die?
  23. I didnt get a room.... :( thats it i'm on strike!!! :angry: sis i think i know you... did you go to the convention in DC last... i think it was may, and do you have a sister named fatima? wasalam, SNaqvi :angel: this is our shaikh: @) and our zakira: :Hijabi:
  24. lol :D wait... are u a bit old for being adopted? :huh: suprising of all the new yorkers... and i only know a handful :unsure:
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