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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. wa salam. I found a lot of inspiration at: www.al-Islam.org www.sijny.org (the multi-media is really good) www.madressa.net www.najaf.org I hope you like them. May Allah keep all of us on the right path. Jazak Allah.
  2. Salam dear sisters. Not to be rude to my other sisters, but I'd prefer replies from sisters who live in the "Western World." I wear hijab, any normally I dont care what people do or say, because its all part of "sabr" and "jihad." But there are a group of people in my school who enjoy torture. (yeah, they're that cruel and hard-hearted) Last school year, before this summer vacation, I was getting a lot of threats from people in my school as to the issue of my head scarf. They wanted to snatch it of my head. I was to the point of tears when I herd this, but my friends supported me and so I made it through. But when school starts this fall, I will be attending the High School as a freshman (9th grader) and have older, more racist, and more cruel people attending school with me. :cry: I dont want to tell my parents about this dilema because they will force me to stop wearing hijab to school. Sorry for this long post, but my question is: What is the Islamic way of telling someone to "bug off" when the annoy you excessively? Thank you for your time, may Allah bless and reward you all. Jazak Allah, Khuda Hafiz.
  3. Salam.... Excuse me of my ignorance, but I have heard since I was young that when the 3rd Imam (as) blew out the candle flame on the 9th of Muharram, no one left. But "Ya Aba 3abdillah" said in his/her first message that "Most Left". Could you clerify this for me? Was it a typo? Because I have always heard that some of the Prophet (saw) companions were disloyal (I won't take any names as to not bring up Sunni/Shi'a controversy) but all 12 Imam's companions were very loyal. Please reply soon, I'm very confused. Jazaak Allah. Khuda Hafiz
  4. Alaykum Salam. Personally, I think the attacks were all a conspiracy, done by the government, but blamed on Bin Laden. Even so, I don't support him because our brother mentioned, he has taken many Shia lives. Lanatallahe allul komel zalameen
  5. Instead of compaining about what the zionists do to innocent children amongst ourselves, why dont we spread the word to other non-Muslim people, gain sympathy for the Palestinians, and try to get support a peace plan (in favor of the Palestinians)? I am a new member, infact i just joined today, but i can see that a lot of people are involved in this discussion forum. If we all pulled together, do you think it would be possible to have a peace rally, as was held in Washington D.C. in April?
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