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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. whats are the other 73 qualities? (besides kindness and charity.) Jazakallah!
  2. well there's nothing to apoligize for since i wasnt offended. i take everything in good humor so its really hard to upset me. although you came close: it's "snaqvi", not "snaqvile." get it right.... :) and can you really call those people muslims? i have no idea who you're speaking of, but arrogance isnt a trait of a momin, and muslim means someone who submits- to God's Word, not their parents'.
  3. *arrogance!* ^_^ i thought dracula stemmed from the legend of a really cruel russian ruler... i remember skimming over it while cramming for euro. darn i dont even have my textbook, but since you like "solving mysteries" i guess you can look into it. :)
  4. Def! Nasal Allah an Yu'ajila fi Faraji Imaminal Qaim well concerning that, you cant just wake up one morning and say "alright, subhanallah, i'll be pious today." its a pretty long and intricit process of making one's nafs mutmainah, and before that you have to learn to control yourself and keep sabr, while balancing it with love of ahlul bayt and following Islamic laws. two things which are helpful: become humble through longer prosterations; become patient through more fasts. wasalam.
  5. umm, you're a little off. aliens depicted in that movie looked nothing like the beast on top. and if i recall correctly, the defense against the invasion was first found in the middle east... muslims dont run off and hide, they fight their own battles. :P and i think that creature was in that movie... the "unnamable" or "untouchable" or something. I just remember one scene were she smashes some guys head into the ground... very gory. (we still refer to that scene as "brain damage.") anyway if youre sensitive to blood, dont watch it. how could muslims not believe in jinns? granted they look NOTHING like the pic, but they do exist and you cant deny it.
  6. brother everyone has been given that ability, everyone who is baligh has the maturity to know right from wrong (hence the meaning of baligh.) Ones who dont love their Creator can then be justly punished in hell becuase they knew what was right but still didnt do it.
  7. ... yeah he always was quoted as saying he was "son of man" or "son of God"... never saying "I AM God"
  8. I heard in some lecture that the letters "M" "H" "M" "D" were quoted from Jesus when he spoke of the sending from God who would come after him. Those letters are the english version of the Greek ones ofcoarse, and in arabic, they spell out "Muhammed." well anyway he/she said the citation but i missed it and have no idea who said it so asking them is impossible... does anyone know what i'm talking about? :huh:
  9. great i know he's my enemy but no idea of what he looks like... :unsure:
  10. funny, i have a cousin named yasser who lives in london... but he's my age, not yet in med school, and at that, i'm not too sure he wants to go into medicine...
  11. just bumping this thread back up... someone's got to know something!
  12. oh no, I take nothing offensively but find everything humorous; laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and the world laughs at you. well... she hasnt come here yet... :unsure:
  13. enlighten me... how is lebanon better off than palestine in opposing israel? i always thought they were in the same position and the jihad of arms we can not do until our Imam returns. He is the "Imam Hussein of our time," we can't be, we are the Husseinis, the followers. (inshallah may we hear his call.) I chose same as now b/c afghanistan was basically forgotten too... just think, when's the last time you heard of a news report from there? and after iraq, its to iran, so iraq will be forgotten also.
  14. wow youre a genious... she said "honour killings" in complete sarcasm. not to mention, you better get a hobby if you had time to do a google search on that. just give sis abbie time to actually come here, she prob hasnt read this thread recently, otherwise she would have replied.
  15. nope you men r still behind... ^_^
  16. hmm i see the majority of you members arent into medicine... shocking! well there's one more female doctor than male, but equal amount of students... :huh:
  17. haha lol... hmm jinns. they're kinda like shadows, but more physical than that. Like their somewhere between "matter" and "energy." What their natures are reflect their appearance. (Like the good ones radiate a pleasant feeling while bad/evil ones radiate a wary feeling.) I think the Bible might depict satan as looking like the way the movie portrayed him (we should ask a christian.) Before i realized that the freaky looking thing represented satan, i thought it was a gothic person. perhabs mel gibson thought satan looked gothic. Salam SNaqvi
  18. aah i see. but what does he look like? i know he has a physical shape...
  19. what point it proves? yani...? its funny here we have two female students and one doc but no males... :huh:
  20. ahh but its changing becuase men are getting lazy while women are striving.
  21. Salam, My friend said that there were more male medical physicians than female. However, this is soon to change becuase more female medical students are enrolled than male, and men are becoming more and more lazy as women are leaving the "traditional" domectic roles and working diligently. Is this the case with the muslims?
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