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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaamun 'Alaikum, A Shi'i man may not take a woman from the Ahl-Kitab as his wife. The only exception to this rule is during Mut'a. Wa Salaam, Dhulfiqar Ohhh.....that explains a lot. ^_^ thanx sis roya_a, i'll be sure to check it out at my Islamic bookstore... next time we happen to pass by there (unfortunatley its 2 hours away-by car.) maybe its on al-islam.org? hmm, i'll check it up and tell you too. wasalam.
  2. salam, thank you brothers. again it seems that i must say: i'm a sister, not a brother.... (its ok, this mix-up happens all the time.) between the period of time in which i posted my previous message and now, I realized that most of the confusions i had were produced after i read this gruesome book: Princess, life in Saudi Arabia Under the Veil. I hated it, it shows a total cultural view point and not at all about religion. I think the book is also responsible for corrupting my mind with cultural pivoted thoughts... bro salmany: 1) thanks for the explantaion, very complete and thorough... although i highly doubt a woman would want more than one husband- one is more than enough! 2) again, the book said it was harder for a woman to get a divorce than a man (in saudi.) i guess i thought "hmm, since saudi does it, it must be right..." 3) from my knowledge, i'm pretty sure a man may marry within the ahlul-kittab. and why will the children not be brought up by the religion of the mother? she's the one who will primarily be with them... 4) hmm, ok i know Allah swt tells everyone to be on their gaurd from evil. but what can she do to make her mehram men stay on the right path? bro Muhammed Ali, thanks for the book! Al-Islam always has the best, i'll be sure to read it when the link is working again... take care everyone.
  3. salam, hope you all are in the best of health and Imaan. I have a few minor misconceptions which i would like cleared up about the Islamic rights bestowed upon men and women; do women really have equal rights? some things I'm alittle confused on... 1) A man can have up to four wives, mutas, and slave girls. on the other hand, a woman can only have one husband. why can a man have so many relationships? 2) Why is it harder for a woman to get a divorce? I get the point that women are emotional, but why is this so? 3) why can a muslim man marry any woman from the "ahlul-kittab," but a muslimsah must marry a muslim man?? (for the sake of the children's religion? this doesnt make sense to me, the children will be brought up by the religion of the mother, since she will spend more time with them.) Similarily, why is it that a syed man can marry a non-syed woman and have syed children, but if a syed women marries a non-syed man, her children will not be syed? 4) this is a more "what can?" instead of a "why so?" question... we all know about the ayat in sura Nisa (4:34.) It says "men are the maintainers of women.... and leave them (the wrong doing women) in their sleeping places and beat them..." ok so know we know that this is what men can do to help women stay on the right path. what can a woman do to keep her mehram man on the right path? and why are men the "maintainers of women"? isnt it the other way around too? i heard a wise old woman from my communtiy say that "women can live their entire lives without getting married, they learn to work outside as well as within the house, but men must marry. they need SOMEONE TO TAKE CARE OF THEM." i found this very true... my father tried using the washing machine once (just that once, never again after that,) and my brother only cleans when company's coming. (you should see his room right now :blink: !) but anyway, would this mean that women are the maintainers of men? I was searching inside my self and couldnt find the answer. hopefully you, who are deeper in faith and knowledge than me, can answer my questions. Wasalam. P.S. be prepared... i have even more coming.
  4. I recieved the following in an email... i'm not sure if my voice will do anything in this government, and i dont even know if the man is innocent or not..... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As-Salamu Alaikum, I am writing this mail to inform you about an innocent victim of American justice system. Minister Walanzo Shabaka is currently in the Oklahoma death row for a crime that he never comitted. Minister Shabaka was wrongly accused of murder and was arrested when he was only 18 years of age. Now he is 29, waiting for his execution by lethal injection. All his appeals were denied and the execution is planned sometime in the next month. He could not defend himself in the court of "law" because he is poor and black. Minister Shabaka reverted to islam in the jail. He is a devout muslim. A cursory look at his writings will give you an idea of how enlightened and knowledgeable person he is. Now, only mass action against this injustice can stop his execution. You can do the following to help him. 1. Sign this petition http://www.petitiononline.com/walanzo/petition.html 2. Write several emails to the Oklahoma's Governor Brad Henry asking for the end of the death penalty for Minister Walanzo Shabaka and demand his release. 3. Please also send letters of support to Minister Walanzo Shabaka, who has not seen the external world for 13 years. You can write him at: Min. Walanzo Shabaka (Robinson) # 189399 H-Unit, S.W.3- OSP PO Box 97 McAlester, OK 74502 USA 4. Please forward this message to as many people as you can. 5. Please spread information about Minister Shabaka in your community, group, organisation, masjid, islamic center, cultural center, school, university and in any place you can. You can gather more information about Minister Shabaka from the following websites. Brother Walanzo Shabaka: Live From Death Row http://www.taliyah.org/shabaka/index.shtml Minister Walanzo Shabaka Info http://www.ccadp.org/walanzoshabaka.htm FASOMS - Friends and Supporters of Minister Shabaka http://www.fasoms.com/ Please don't ignore this message, do whatever you can. Today an inaction on our part would be like the inaction of the people of Kufa on the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (as).
  5. thank you sooooo much sis arabian princess. you want some "bebsi?" :) lol sis zuljenah, american desi was a hilarious movie.... "now i know why everyone in india is starving...YOU GOT ALL THE FOOD!" "where's the naan?" (making the word naan rhym with man, instead of the correct pronounciation.) hehe lol. "weiners," OMG! thats so funny... poor shaikh. lol, kh t/c bye all.
  6. (salam) does anyone know what happened to the on-line prank call of "you kick my dog"? I was looking for it and I couldn't find it... it was hilarious.
  7. ok since no one else is guessing... *I've been bit by a dog on the way to school. yup, in 5th grade. i had to go to the emergency room and everything *I got attacked by a sheep and then chased by a cow all in one day (and i didnt do anything to disturb them...) in kashmir, the animals are really active! *I almost got kidnapped...over 5 times! once in a jaloos, at a public library, after school in kindergarden, at a pizza hut, and at a Birmington coat factory. what can I say, the people love me :) * I talked to a man (in person) right before he got shot by the SSP. my grandfathers friend... it was very sad. :( *I came close to drowning... in my own pool. I got my foot stuck on an inflatable toy, so my head was underwater ... (i was alone in the pool) the lie is... I never got hit by a car on the way FROM school, but i almost did on the way TO school. (when people in my neighborhood are late for work, they dont care about anyone else!)
  8. very funny bro, we all know Prophet Muhammed was the last Messenger of Allah.... the thing i forgot to mention was that i dont speak arabic, so unlike english which i can just glance at and know the word, when i read arabic i have to actually look at the letters which make up the word. so whenever i tried to focus on one of the letters, it would blurr, and in my fusturations i'd just open my eyes when in sajdah. when i first told my mom, she said it was because i had read a lot of Qur'an- but I hadnt read the arabic one since Ramadhan, i was focusing on the English translation. shado25, i also speak urdu, dont worry i understood your post fine. :P bro pasdar 1 and sister zuljenah, I always pray for the enire ummah- especially our Palestinian and Kashmiri brothers and sisters, but if you please I shall specify you as well, and the entire shiachat community :) does anyone here pray Namaaz e Shaab on a frequent basis??
  9. salam, ok, i've been having wierd things happen to me. last week, whenever I went into a long sajda, I would see arabic words (with my eyes closed, so it was like blue-ish-grey-ish-white-ish lettering on black. i know, bad explaination.) and this was practically ALL of last week. This monday, I found myself crying after Ishaa in sajda, but didnt realize what i was doing until my sister walked into the room. and now today i think i heard two Adhaans.....i mad my brother put the tv on mute for the first, just to make sure. when i told him why, he asked how much sleep i had gotten the night before. am I alone here? are other people going through unusual things.... or am i going crazy? :blink: ;) :huh: :unsure:
  10. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! thats the exact ayat i was looking for, May Allah swt bless you sister hajar and brother pasdar1! yeah, you saved my human development grade! :D :P :D :!!!: peace :Hijabi:
  11. (salam) i wish you all the best of health and Imaan... I'm doing a report for school and cant find this ayaah i need... i goes like "Oh you who believe! We have not created you into diffrent races so that you may despise eachother..." it was something about tolerance. i know this specific ayaah is very popular, can anyone give me a citation? plz, plz! thank you very much, peace.
  12. hehe bro ali, patience is a virtue... but anyway, i went, and mashaAllah, the debate went very well. although i think dan barker will regret what he said today; that hell is a threat, and that he would rather burn there for all eternity than to bow down before God in Heaven. and, a lot of non-muslim people showed up too, and we needed extra benches to seat all the people who had come. bro Husnain was on a roll. dan would totally avoid very specific points that bro Husnain pointed out and misinterpreted many of the things which the bro had said, and not to mention take terms out of context from the Qur'an (how could God be All Merciful and Just at the same time?--one of dan's points) ok, i guess you 'll see the debate later then, peace
  13. b/c rapes are highly unethical and disrespective (in any culture.) i guess they want to torture you as long as they can before they kill you...?
  14. man, Dan Quayle was really confused wasnt he? lol :D
  15. SNaqvi1214


    salam, (sister, I'm not Hazrat Yusuf, I cant interpret dreams, but ) i think that you were being too materialistic. collecting your belongings instead of saving you life. maybe you are suppose to give more charity. oh, and normally, when one of the Masumeens come in your dreams, you dont see their face, but you know its them. you sence their presence, thats the way its suppose to be. (sis, i'm really sorry if i got the whole message of your dream wrong.)
  16. thats right, and about 2-3 years ago, the damn SSP killed one of the Zuljenahs :(.... Allahumal 'un katalatal Husaain wa sahaba hi. :Hijabi:
  17. yeah i've heard that qawali... i think my dad still has the casette. sis zuljenah, lol, i cant speak panjabi (but can understand it.) the sme goes for gujrati, and pahori (kashmiri,) but thank Allah i can atleast speak urdu (with a heavy english accent... :( ) take care.
  18. sis arabian princess, youre so mean! :) but seriously, i have to admit that during Ramaadhan, i really had cravings to eat the turbah. i heard its haraam to eat, but a dying person may have a nibble to try and bless their soul.
  19. awe, c'mon, no one else will guess? oh, btw, d is ture!
  20. Bismillah Ar-Rahman-ir-Rahim As the world gears up to mark the first anniversary of 11th september attack, we would like to tribute to the innocent victims of terrorism: On this year, we remember the 121,237 iraqi babies who have been killed (World Health Organization statistics) as a direct result of American-imposed sanctions on Iraq, preventing child-medicines from reaching Iraqi hospitals. 3 times People killed in 11th Sept. = Iraqi babies die every month Every day 160 children under the age of 5, and 400 of all ages, are dying from pre-famine conditions and disease epidemics caused by lack of food and medicine On this year, we remember the 31,202 Afghan Muslim civilians who have heen brutally murdered, by American warplanes bombing their villages, houses, mosques, hospitals and wedding parties 10 times people killed in 11th Sept = Innocent muslims killed in Afghanistan On this year, we remember the 6,084 Indian Muslims killed and burnt in cold-blooded killing orgiens organised by the indian Government in Gujarat, during the last twelve months. On this year, we remember the 5,078 Chechen Muslim civilians who have been killed by Russian aerial bombing On this year, we remember the 3,039 Palestinian Muslims who have been murdered by israeli soldiers On this year, we remember 2,170 Uzbek Muslims who have been taken away from their homes by the American-backed Karimov Government in the middle of the night, never to be seen again. On this year, we remember the 1,473 Chinese Muslims who have been executed in public after having been forced to consume alcohol and the flesh of swine, in the East Turkestan (Muslim) region of China On this year, we remember the 1,399 Kashmiri Muslims murdered and the 852 gang-rapes carried out by Hindu and Sikh soldiers in Occupied Kashmir. On this year, we remember the 1,261 Indonesian Muslims massacred by Christians in the Maluku region of Indonesia, having supplied with M-16 assault rifles, rockets launchers and funds by the Netherlands On this year, we remember 598 Muslim Mujahid prisoners being kept in small cages in Guantanamo Bay, after their beards were forcibly shaved, their hands and feet were bound and their eyes and ears were covered, in conditions where they are subject to malaria, heatstroke and other tropical diseases On this year, we remember the deaths of the hearts of 1.2 billion Muslims worldwide who are blind to the above, but awake to a few people killed on 11 september 2001.
  21. since noone else is posting.. my turn: A. I've been bit by a dog on the way to school. B. I got hit by a car on the way home from school. C. I got attacked by a sheep and then chased by a cow all in one day (and i didnt do anything to disturb them...) D. I almost got kidnapped...over 5 times! E. I talked to a man (in person) right before he got shot by the SSP. F. I came close to drowning... in my own pool. enjoy... although i think the false one is obvious.
  22. so then you speak panjabi? (double negative)
  23. 786/110 salam, sister thats a pretty though problem. why not try telling him that namaaz is the deed through which all other deeds are accepted. (ie, if you dont pray, your fasts dont count, your good deeds dont count ect.) hehe, this is a lesson i taught my students at my madressa: your deeds: their worth: namaaz 1 fasting 10 helping mummy/daddy 100 sharing with classmates 1000 (so namaaz = 1 good deed, and for each additional ibbadah you add a zero) and so on and so on. so if you pray, you can have up to/more than 1000 good deeds. but if you take away the thawaab of praying, all you have is a bunch of zeros. ( 00000 ) hmm, maybe you should read the books too and tell him why praying is important if he finds that it is not essential. wasalam.
  24. aww she's so adorable!
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