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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. tsk tsk bro, you go on line and fool around while on the job? :o
  2. Its a curious question, i was reading a book in which a girl tells her life story, and says that in her village rape victims would commit suicide b/c they knew that no one would marry them.
  3. bro baatil ka katil that'd be great! hurry bro a12!!!! i still have time!
  4. salam, what are the chances of finding your true soul mate? I know Allah swt says in the Qur'an that for every creation there is a pair, but what if you cant find him/her? or is it that no matter what, one is destined to find his/her soul mate b/c Allah has power over all things? and what about the men who get four wives (now i'm talking saudi here...) are each of those four wives his soul mates? and people who die old and unmarried, were they not destined to have a soul mate? or is it that everyone shall reside in heaven with his/her own soul mate? but where do the hoors and rizvaans go then? additionally about the Imams: I understand why the Prophet had nine wives, and why Imam Ali rmarried after Bibi Fatima's death, and the roles Imam Hassan's wives played, but why did Imam Hussain have two (some sources say three...) wives? was it because the threashold of pain was to great for one woman to carry (losing all her children in karbala/sham?) or is it that only animals are created in pairs? thanks in advance, wasalam. P.S. you can tell by my questions about this and other topics that i have WAY TOO MUCH TIME on my hands... lol
  5. hmm... well lets see, considering you're the only one who i know (who i met in person) that is in new york and on shiachat... ofcoarse i remember you! salams! i havent seen you in such a long time! how are you? and your mother? wow, i think its was b/4 muharram that i last saw you... hopefully i can come out of my long-island shell and come to the city, well, atleast queens! hey, i didnt even see you at the jalus. did you go?
  6. salam, hey new yorker bro/sis's..... come on, introduce yourself!!! i for one am from long island, i know sis zuljenah is from new york, and sis giacomo too..... what about the rest of you?
  7. salam, plz, plz, does anyone know where to get an audio for this noha... logo zara hatgawo, sajjad ko anedo pyasi (maybe masum... i dunno the exact wording) sakina ko pani tho pilane do... i need it before tommorrow, this lady wants me to read it at her house. MAY Allah GRANT YOU YOUR REWARD WHO EVER FINDS THIS NOHA!!! ameen
  8. ya know, i got some replies in my thread "questions about karbala" concerning h. Qasim's wedding. oh, and i think h. ali akbr was called that (ie akbar) because he was older than h. ali asghar. and was there another daugher after sakina for her to be called the ausat (middle) ?
  9. it went like this "Rehayi kiad se zainab ko jab mili hogi.... Hussain ya hussain shaheede karbala..... darn i dont know the words!!!!! anyone, just anyone know what they words/where to find this noha online????? please, please!!!! :squeez:
  10. salam, my mommy's a bird lover, so naturally i got the gift... we have two austrailian ring neck parrots... mana and mithu (cultural animal names from pakistan) and they dont know how to talk yet, but they are fairly hand trained. mana, they girl, always climbs onto the kitchen counters and turns on the microwave, sets the toaster, and destorys any papers in reach of her neck. mithu, the boy, is a very loving bird. he loves being held and touched (mana will chop off your finger if you go near her...) he nuzzles against your neck and loves to be fed. (we need to put him on a diet, he's getting too fat) i also have my own separate bird-a parrakeet. she's a loner, her mate died a month ago. :( her names lilo (his was stitch--from the disney movie lilo & stitch) she loves to eat grass and is very good with staying in one place. i can put her outside and go away, 10 min later if i come back i can expect her to still be there (munching on grass/cement-from the drive way). ok now i'm rambling on. you got the picture. :)
  11. oh, thank you everyone, may Allah swt bless you for sharing your knowledge with me, anyone know the rest?
  12. bro ale muhamed, this reminds me of a hadith, where H. Isa came across a woman who he was told would be his companion in heaven. when he saw her, there were flies all around her still body. she had no legs or arms, she was lying on the ground of a small shabby hut. he saw her lips moving, chanting something. he moved closer to hear what she was saying, and her words brought tears to his eyes. she said "Oh, Thank You Allah, for not giving me hands, for I might have used them to sin. and thank You for not giving me feet for i might have sinned. and thank You for not giving me eyes to see with for i might have sinned...." i dont know the citation to this hadith, i heard it in a majlis. maybe some else knows it? ok, so what i'm getting at is that Allah swt gave us hands right? these hands can now be used to hurt or even kill someone or to help or save someone. the ones who follow good as opposed to evil will help people. iblis was given the power to whisper in people's hearts. now he has the choice of helping them to the right path or encouraging them to sin. ok, now finally, you asked: Iblis will be punished for the free willled choice that he decided to do, which was mislead people. additionally, praying to be forgiven for a sin you have not commited yet, like you said iblis did, is kind of, i'm sorry i dont mean to be rude, but its stupid. its like me saying "i'm sorry" before i slap you across the face.... well, those are my views....
  13. salam, i hope you all are in the best of health. i've got a few questions about the whole story of karbala: 1) some lady told me that H. Qasim was NOT engaged to Bibi Kubra (binte Hussain.) the whole thing was made up. but all the people at my local imambargha accept the theory and the girls even have a tradition of putting mehndi on their hands on the day on which we mourn H. Qasim (i believe its the 6th of Muharam.) is it true that H.Qasim was not engaged to Bibi Kubra? Where did this tradition come from? (I myself have never, ever put mehndi-(henna)- on my hands. i was strictly forbidden as a child by my mother, even though all my friends did it, because decorating your hands is a sign of happiness...) 2) what were the names of the 18 shaheed from bani hashim? i'd like ibne/bins too, they help to show their relation to the Imam 3) how many children came along with the Imam to Karbala? how many died in Karbala FROM thirst/hunger-not by being killed like H. Asghar-? How many died on the journey to kufa/sham? how many returned to Medina alive? 4) did any women/female children die in Karbala? 5) what is the exact timeline of events that took place in the journey of karbala, (from karbala and back to karbala for the chelum?) i'd like details, like death of bibi Sakina, etc. 6) whats the story behind the 4th Imam's second arrest when bibi Zainab died? all i know is that they became prisoners, and Bibi died in damascus. 7) on shame ghariba, what exactly happened with the lion of Ali? he came to protect bibi Zainab when the enemy side attacked... and? additionally, why is Imam Ali known as Asadullah? 8) is it true that Imam Hussain read ayats from the Quran while his head was on the spear so that people wouldnt look at his sisters' bare heads? 9) when bibi sakina recieved the head of her father right before her death, how did she get the head? some zakirs say it "floated" to her, others say shimr lanatallahe rolled the Imam's holy head across the floor to his daughter. 10) what was H. Abbas' daughter's name? yeah i know, a lot of questions, but be happy, i forgot more than half of the ones i wanted to ask!
  14. salam, hope you all are in the best of health and imaan. does anyone know the story of the young christian man who laid his life at karbala for the Imam? i know he was a young groom, with his wife and mother with him when he met the Imam at karbala, and his wife told him that she had never seen such an innocent person (as the Imam) with so little followers and that he should fight for the Imam. anyone know the name/detailed story behind this?
  15. hahaha.... this is off topic, but it reminds me of this poor little lady who came to my madressa one day... everyone, EVERYONE suspected her of being a spy... ah man, there are plenty of details if you want to know this hillarious story... I think i forgot to mention, an irani woman (who's married to a paki guy by the way) was talking to my sister (who wanted to go to iran for 2-3 years for an extensive education in Islam) said that if you go there to visit, the people will be very kind/generous to you, but if you go there to live- from another country(esp the west,) they (the irani people) will look down at you lke an inferior, call you a spy, and the gov might even kick you out of the country (i think she was just exagerating with the third point, but anyway...) you could always stay within the US, and go to a heavily muslim populated area (dearborne's a perfect example... when it's time for me to get settled down, i'm going there!!! cnn said it was the highest arab populated location in the US, with the 3rd largest mosque, which i think is shia b/c the guy who was talking about its construction mentioned ashura, but anyway,) plenty of the people on here are from there... again, good luck! muslimah :Hijabi: (<---- thats such a cute smiley!)
  16. salam, hey syeda, i'm pakistani too, although i wouldnt be able to prove it... (my urdu isnt exactly perfect... i have to repeate my sentence 4-5 times before i can get the verb to match the noun... :unsure: ) but anyway, welcome! and welcome to you too sara... lol your the third sarah here *that i know of * (my name's sarah, and sis zuljenah's the third sarah....) anyway, i hope you guys enjoy this forum as much as all of us do, and welcome to the shiachat family! :D khuda hafiz :Hijabi:
  17. its funny, if there was a movie produced at the same time as "not without my daughter" which showed how good and pious a country Iran was (is), i doubt any "westerner" would ever remember it, but all of them remember not with out my daughter... kinda like gossip, people will hear two things about a person "x"-fill x in with a name of your choice 1) oh, "x" is going to harvard! 2) oh, "x" got into a car with a guy! (it might have even been her brother.. but lets make her look as bad as we can!) i guarentee you, the second one will be all over the community (well, my community at least) way before the first one reaches 20 people.... such a shame... :donno:
  18. salam, sis daphne, i think every shia here has a love for iran (considering its 99.9% shia!!!) but anyway, in order to avoid the whole going to iran, marry a seemingly good guy, and move back to the states, you might want to look for a guy here who also loves iran, then move there, or stay here, and send your kids to a private Islamic institution- if you look, you'll find plenty around you! i've got three. but anyway, i think going to iran for the sake of your children isnt that good of an idea... i've seen plenty of parents within my community send their children back to pakistan (i'm pakistani) only to see that their children have turned out even worse than they were... but then again, iran is a more islamic atmosphere than paki... hmm :blink: good luck in whatever chioce you make! May Allah swt help us all with our problems.... ameen .
  19. bro i dont know you that well, but i know that you wouldnt try to commit suidicide at age 15...
  20. salam, sis layla, ohhhhhhh man thats so funny... hope i'm on your GOOD side... :) maybe i'm not reading the pronounciation right... what are pirhanas? sis zuljenah, yeah i'm kashmiri, panjabi, a tiny bit hindustani, (all of which are pakistani), a little bit persian, and even Italian. (ofcoarse i have arab ancestory, but i'm predominantly panjabi) lol, and yet i still managed to be syed and a 1st generation american... go figure :P oh, and i didnt see him get shot, but i heard it... and even that was too much for me... :unsure: :cry: btw, bro khalf_al_Quaed, the SSP also enjoy killing shias. infact, its practically all they do. :angry: wasalam.
  21. SNaqvi1214

    Let's rhyme..

    salam, wow. let me tell you, i'm still wiping my eyes and blowing my nose... man these poems are sad... esp bro ali's flower&weapon poem... :cry: you guys should really get these published! so touching, powerful, and moving! btw, welcome sister MaRtYr_In_ThE_mAkInG. nice nick! :P wasalam.
  22. salam, i dont remember this movie clearly... is it when an irani man takes his wife and daugher with him to iran? i kinda remember this one scene where the wife's hijab is falling off her head and the police come to arrest her or beat her or something... anyway, why dont you invite her here so we can ask her face-to-face? it would seem kinda like gheebat if it was behind her back... ;) khuda-hafiz :P
  23. lol. but what if the husband is such a hard-hearted man who doesnt care about his wife's tears? does she leave him for good?
  24. salam, I think thats when H.Ayub's wife showed a lock of her hair to the butcher man so that he could give her some meat. (she didnt have any money to pay for it, and her husband was gravely ill.) And when he found out what had happened, he prayed to Allah swt to not afflict him with any more Jihads (struggles) because he ... i guess you could say he gave all that he could. hmm, someone might want to check this... i think i have pieces missing considering i last heard this hadith when i was about 8. ^_^ (<---I love that smiley!) ma'salama.
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