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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. does anyone know where he is currently located?
  2. what were the chances of getting an answer from the author himself? and i havent been on this site for so long! jazakallah khair, you cleared up everything.
  3. snaqvi <--- cant speak arabic i tried using the 'english' tab on the site quoted by both fyst and macisaac, but i got an 'error' flag. anyone willing to translate? i would be ever most grateful.
  4. (bismillah) I was under the impression that we [ humans ] are superior to angels because of our free will... if angels have free will, what is it that would make us superior? ARE we superior? (salam)
  5. (bismillah) [ Shakir 33:33 ] And stay in your houses and do not display your finery like the displaying of the ignorance of yore; and keep up prayer, and pay the poor-rate, and obey Allah and His Messenger. Allah only desires to keep away the uncleanness from you, O people of the House! and to purify you a (thorough) purifying. "Allah (sawt) is removing evil deeds and sins ( ArRijs) and is purifying them with a thorough purification" [ http://www.shiacrescent.com/2009/07/03/reb...-on-surah-3333/ ] I'm not questioning the validity of this, I am asking for an explanation to better my understanding. How is it possible to purify that which is already pure? (salam)
  6. Jazak Allah everyone, you've all been very helpful. ^_^
  7. (salam) I've been trying to track down the oldest manuscript of the Quran... with little luck. I found this: "It is said that Caliph Othman made five copies of the original Koran..." (http://www.islamicity.com/articles/articles.asp?ref=bb0601-2875) and the original is... Do you know something I don't know?? :-)
  8. salam, (1) first of all, there is a difference between a wife and a mother. If a man needs a wife to tell him its too cold to be without a coat, i have to feel doubt of his mental capability to have a wife in the first place. it takes two people to make a kid; it takes two people to raise a kid. women should not feel sole responsibility for childcare. women should not feel more guilty than men if the child becomes ill. women should not feel that men are clueless when it comes to childcare, bc this only increases their own work load and adds stress to marital and family relations. Dont know if this is relevant, but how old was Bibi Fatema when Bibi Khadeja passed away? (2) I do not believe in domination (either men over women or women over men), no matter how "well-intentioned." No one should have power over another individual, save our Lord, Master of the universe, and His messengers. I do, however, believe that well-intentioned, caring, loving relationships do exist and are the happiest. (3) I do hope your "analogy" (which I think is actually an example) is mutual. If she forgives his harshest and most hurtful deeds, he should do the same. And she should feel as intensely attracted to him and he is to her; he should keep hijab from namehram women as she does from namehram men. anyone come up with anything about polygamy? Salam! :)
  9. I am so praying an extra long dua for you! You said everything I wanted explained, and reinforced it two fold. Just one thing: I believe that all muslims are feminist. Islam and feminism are both against racism, classism, lookism, agism, and of course the all-time sexism. I do not believe we should be equal in each and every given aspect. I do believe that we are of equal worth, that if a woman choses to stay home and if her husband goes out to work everyday, they equally contribute to the household. Capitalism is the driving force that makes money-earners more important, because capitalism is based on monetary flow. I believe a stay at home wife doesnt make $$ but is still equal to her husband. whoa, tangent back to relevant context: Yeah, i'd never even consider having more than one husband. but can a man love (truly care for) more than one woman? how can you be in love with mutliple partners? why is polygamy still allowed? the battle happened 1400 years ago... the ratio of men to women has just about evened out. Oh, yes, I should add one thing: Please observe respect when replying. we will come to nothing if our aim is to insult each other and not help each other come to a higher level of iman and understanding. I really do want to learn about women and Islam and it is a bit hard when these threads are closed off. Jazakallah khairan! -SN- :D
  10. Salaam, First of all, I’m sorry if I offended one. I'm just trying to seek truth and justice. If you guys want to PM me, please dont send profanity. Thank you to all who replied. I'll take it one by one: Imran Ali: I tried to speak to a mulana, as I said in my first post. Yousif: (your first post) I read that exact explanation, but thought is insufficient for my own understanding because (1) Women are good at more than just child rearing and house keeping; (2) It doesn’t explain WHY women are given less inheritance or witness-ship; (3) Imam Ali is just ('adil), why would he implicate ALL women for something an individual did? I've never heard of the defects of men because of something a male did. (Your 2nd post) ok, so men shouldn’t please women.... but it is a woman's duty to please her man (i.e. husband.) Doesn’t seem very fair, even mutual, to me. And also: if you are a man and your mother doesn’t want you to do mustahab fasts, pray excessively, etc., for concern for your health, isn’t it makrooh for you to disobey her? Is that not listening to a woman? (your 3rd post): I do not speak arabic and so have no idea what those ayats meant. Can you post the citations? Iran warrior, Yousif, and Ali Imran: Those ayats that Allah puts forth imply "disbelieving wo/men" etc. It never targets something that all wo/men or even most wo/men do. Yet mostly all women DO menstruate, and therefore it seems that the khutba targets most women. skOOn: me too. :) Mohsin: I heard something along the lines of "anything led by a women is doomed..." narrated by Abu Hurraira, and so as you can imagine I never gave it significance. Cresentknitter: 1st post-- :P 2nd post-- Thank you!!! you can think aloud as much as you want, bc i do it too. Aliya: (first post) It is claimed that Bibi Fatema s.a. was free from "impurity" so she did not have "deficient faith" as the rest of us girls do. As for Heaven lying at a mother's feet: (1) Not all mothers are good mothers, should heaven be at their feet as well? Be specific--generalities are harmful more than helpful (2) Not all women are physically capable of being mothers. Are women that are not mothers not as important? (3) I’ve always felt this was a way for men to shirk their paternal duties... (second post) yes because almost all women menstruate. Maryam-- Nice article. who's the author? just one thing-- Physiological difference was not mentioned in the khutba, Intelligence was. Also, what if a woman doesn’t marry? her husband cannot pay for her then! TheTruth: maybe I'm not as "hard-core" as I should be. I'm told time and again to stop questioning and start following blindly, but that is not the way I want to follow faith. after all, to believe you must have a SLIGHT understanding. Oh, and I already said it was about 'ayesha. Anonymous: I dont frequent this site much. pray tell, where are those threads? and did you all ever come to some conclusion? Nevermind: scorpions? :huh: Diva: YOU’RE MY HERO! :) and I am a feminist... love to see the facial reaction people (esp. men) have when I tell 'em. I never once heard any one question the authority of the Nahjal Balagha.... can it be? Oh, and don’t get carried away w/ making generalizations about men bc then there would be no difference between us and, well, misogynists. i.e. women are not more intelligent than men, (nor LESS!) but I believe we are of equal rank... created equally. _____ Another question: why are men permitted polygamy? Jazak Allah khairan everyone! -SN-
  11. Salam all, quote from Nahjul Balagha, 79th sermon: "O' ye peoples! Women are deficient in Faith, deficient in shares, and deficient in intelligence. As regards the deficiency in their faith, it is the abstention from prayers and fasting during their menstrual period. As regards deficiency in their intelligence it is becuase the evidence of two women is equal to that of one man. As for the deficiency of their shares that is becuase of their share in inheritance being half of men. So beware of evils of women. Be on your gaurd even from those of them who are (reportedly) good. Do not obey them even in good things so that they may attract you to evils." As a woman, I think it is a bit obvious why I feel... hurt by this. I asked a mulana about this, (who became extremely uncomfortable) and said that I "should not worry about this khutba, that it was just targeted at Ayesha." If that is the case, then why would the Imam call ALL women defective, and not just Ayesha? Also, there is another sermon that he calls on Ayesha by name (sermon 155)--not literally, but rather as "that woman". Why couldnt he just do the same for the above one as well? In yet another sermon, "Beasts are concerned with their bellies. Carnivores are concerned with assaulting others. Women are concerned with the adnornments of this ignoble life and the creation of mischief herein. On the otherhand, believers are humble, believers are admonishers and believers are afraid of Allah." I dont mean to sound whiny, but why are women included in "the believers"?!?! Perhaps I should ask what I want to know: Can anyone explain Imam Ali's 79th sermon, (the first in this post) ?? and while we're at it, how can we claim Islam is based on equality while we allow men to be polygomous, men to inherit more, and men to count more (in terms of giving witness) ? Why do Islamic texts reflect the Christian theme of "Evil Eve"? (i.e. not that Eve was in fact evil, but that women brought the downfall on men.) I have always been a "hardcore shia" and have respected Imam Ali a.s. all my life; reading these sermons made me feel... well... :cry: Salamu'alaykam!
  12. Salam all, I'm not all too familiar with Khomeini's views on women. After the revolution, what were the positive effects that came for muslim women? I feel so immature for asking instead of looking it up myself but my computer is acting spasmodically and randomly crashes and I'm on a time constraint. I tired search engines, which only turn up articles about how women were treated like African Americans during the Jim Crow law days. (i.e. segreagated bus seating.) I have to explain to a feminist philosopher that Khomeini does respect women (using facts) before she publishes something less respectful for the grand Ayatullah. See, she is reading and critiqingthe book Reading Lolita in Tehran. Although I've tried to tell her, and have been successful getting through to her, that the author's view is only one side of the story, that she would need to see the other perspectives of the situation. Her opinion of Ayatullah Khomeini, however, wont budge. Thank you wasalam.
  13. (bismillah) Click here to view http://www.tnfj.org.pk/ can it be? salam.
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