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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Questions and thoughts like these are only a result of an impure heart. Brother, You have not not worked hard enough to build your life in a structured way. Abul Fazl is a living example of struggle to humanity. He never jsut "died" His sacrifice is an eye opener to all of mankind. This was his love for the Beloved Imam a.s. Abul Fazl is an embodiment of Love Struggle and sacrifice to all who wish to make a difference.
  2. ayazalladin


    Salams, Thanks for posting your thoughtful reply...
  3. Bayt ??? Imam Ali a.s.??? To Abu Bakr ??? Why???
  4. salam brother, i was once told by a wise man about past incidents which we as human regret. 1. The fact that we regret in our hearts and it pains us when we think of it, means its ready to be wiped out. By Allah swt. 2. Just visualize Muzamil in your mind with closed eyes, join your hands and ask his forgiveness. 3. Seek the 12th Imam's intercession and pray to Allah swt. to just wipe it off. 3. That's it, Its done. Remeber, in this world you are not alone who has doen this,,,all do it, in some form or expression.
  5. ayazalladin


    I once heard Ayatollah Aqeel Al Gahravi, mention in a recitation about some super knowledge of the unknown An Irfan or Arif would have. Now, if they have this knowledge, then why are they not bringing them to the fore : For eg. Disppearance of the ill fated MH 370 and many more such painfull incidents.
  6. ayazalladin


    Dear All in Faith, Salam Alaikum, I just keen to research the people who practice "Irfan or Irfanic Way of Life or Irfanic Sciences" Can some one help me connect to one of these beautiful souls. Ayaz
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