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  1. They say that USA is where Islam will rise again. The sun will rise from the west. Why leave such a beautiful country.
  2. welp i thought memri was like presstv. how naive of me. :squeez: :squeez: :squeez:
  3. terrorism resulted in shahdaa of many shias this week. Thats what we call 'shia shahada".. name of topic : shia shahadaa gettit?
  4. you missed the pun that was intended. shahadaa=martyrdom.
  5. unfortunately most of bosnians didnt embrace shahadaa but died a worthless death.
  6. there were 90,000 sahabas yet only few are mentioned by sunnis.
  7. youtube comments :squeez: got a link to this ?
  8. thats right. give him more information to work with,.
  9. also, tell that goober that Kaaba is actually a shrine of Hagar AS as well as Ismail AS. Why do you worship someones grave then pointing towards it.
  10. Why even bother talking to someone like that.
  11. why are you here then? I mean, you don't like us. Whats the point?
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