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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. ^You're being suspicious over nothing now @Sumerian , the admission has been publicised so theres nothing to hide in that regard anymore. They've made it clear they are more than willing to hand over the plane's black box provided no third party can 'interrupt' (to put it one way) the analysis of the content.
  2. @Sumerian What do you make of the news that Iran backs peaceful protests in Iraq calling for reform? It certainly does challenge the perception that Iran unconditionally backs every ally it has in the region, no matter how corrupt said allies have become.
  3. Its a front for money laundering no doubt, given that the office of Sistani condemned this exploitation unreservedly, despite these same folks claiming to be followers of Sistani.
  4. You're mixing two different issues - with entirely different social contexts - in your pessimism towards your fellow Shias whilst giving all the benefit of the doubt to renowned opportunists. I saw a preview of the documentary and the office of Sistani was quoted as condemning the act within the purview of Islamic law, so you can rest assured nothing was justified by the senior authorities. Shias always throwing themselves down the curb then wondering why they're so useless in dealing with the scrutiny of outsiders.
  5. Agree with everything except the last part, its mostly only naive teens who heavily sexualise polygamy. The reality is polygamy comes with such a hefty burden of responsibility on a man - from the division of time to the children to the expenses and even alleviating feelings of rivalry in the harem - that his libido will probably decrease more than anything. A truly calculating man who wants to maximise his carnal satisfaction would either A) devote his entire love life to one woman or B) indulge in regular fornication or adultery as a married man This is probably the reason why
  6. Well women were seen as 'internally stronger' in traditional cosmology, and this view seems to be supplemented by modern studies that showcase a stronger immune system in women (although the traditional view of 'internal strength' was more focused on self-restraint wrt sexual issues and anger). Are these the 'complementary' strengths in a woman that your above comment speaks of?
  7. Men being physically stronger than women on average isnt a matter of belief though, its a fact.
  8. Yes and how Islam sees freedom as the ideal state for every man and woman even if it did tolerate slavery. Its really not difficult to reconcile your moral intuitions with this topic you know, we just have to move beyond the obsessive focus on the legalistic rules surrounding the treatment of slaves and start focusing on the spirit (read: maqasid) of the law some more. Sure, except that males and females climax differently to the point where the latter don’t even have an extended recovery period unlike men (which goes into a seperate debate as to whether females climax at all or mere
  9. Ok, well we're on a religious website, so are you going to offer them comprehensive answers or not? The desires of men and women should be catered to, 'sexist' worldviews still took this into consideration you know. Not saying you believe this, but the only idiots are those who subscribe to a blank slate view of the sexes despite endless evidence to the contrary.
  10. I read your piece on Iqraonline and it was very informative, and it also sounds much more sensible than asking her to strip in her father's house when preparing to propose. I only have two questions: 1. Since a woman (especially in the early period of Islam) could very well be a non-Muslim or someone with any personality trait you wouldn't want to be exposed to for the rest of your life, would an 'intent to marry' connotate awareness of a woman's religious affiliation and other desirable traits? It would seem so given the emphasis on prioritizing akhlaq/deen over beauty in the hadith lite
  11. There is no trust and there never will be trust with this tribe, that's the entire point i was trying to make. To give me an example of Israel cynically aiding Jordan just when the national interest of both countries intersected completely glosses over my point. Israel is also one of America's biggest trading partners, yet the nationalists in that country have enough dignity to reject such a faustian pact that spits on the blood and trust of the American people. Hopefully you will have enough dignity to reject a similar faustian pact, and not turn into an undignified apologist for a coun
  12. Its their worry, but it provides a very important lesson to anyone who wants to extend an olive branch to these leeches. Like I said earlier, if they are willing to stab even their closest allies in the back like this - allies who have been their lifeline for the last six decades - then expect much worse for any newfound 'friend' of such a country. Especially if this newfound friend has a history of militant hostility.
  13. Im not sure you realise this, but the western world and Russia are both growing increasingly tired of Israel's duplicitous 'relations' with them. From the downing of a Russian military plane to frame Assad, to the hosting of paedophile asylum seekers from all across the world, to the endless spying on their 'number one ally', Israel has proven again and again that international norms mean nothing if its national interest can be furthered. One of the main reasons Anti-Semitism is rising like wildfire in America is the shameless treachery and callousness Israel has shown with the constant espion
  14. I dont think dishonest methods were ever advocated in the hadiths (not sure why the other brothers here aren't clarifying this though); when it comes to women reporting about other women's features the narrations are quite clear that the lady makes a request to inspect her features for another man without any intentions being hidden. In any case, the Aql (intellect) is a source of rulings besides the Quran and Hadiths and you can find comfort in Sistani's rulings which are frankly very reasonable in this regard. After all akhlaq and deen are prioritised above everything else when seeking
  15. Criteria isnt really the right word, its more of a recommended accessory to a marriage; character is the ultimate priority at the end of the day as many hadiths comparing the two clarify. Naturally bhooka isnt interested in mentioning such narrations because his whole blog existly mainly for shock value lol.
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