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  1. Great list! Here are two more books I recommend: A highly entertaining novel with a spiritual Islamic theme and a Muslim hero: Nameless Soldiers (paperback and Kindle version) https://www.amazon.com/Nameless-Soldiers-End-Times-Book-ebook/dp/B07NKW87M3/ And a really informative in depth presentation of Shia Islam: An Introduction to Shia Islam: Belief system, leadership and history (paperback and Kindle version) https://www.amazon.com/Introduction-Shia-Islam-leadership-history-ebook/dp/B086B4SV6F
  2. The Kindle version of this book is now on a free promotion for anyone interested!!
  3. selam! thanks for the tip! I really love the intro!! it's rather mindblowing, I'm first chapter in and blasted with many questions in the chapter that reminds me of many of my questions when I was much younger, but left unanswered. a powerful quote from the first chapter: I highly recommend everyone to grab it while its free, you can tell very fast that this is a very comprehensive and much needed book!!
  4. Selam! I just saw a really powerful video about the recent events. I dunno if its Anonymous behind it? anyhow it made me tremble and really expressed my feelings!! Allahu Akbar!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vZqrQEpfgU
  5. Selam! Was any reading list composed? I'd love to see if there are more Islam-oriented novels out there to read.
  6. Selam @AMR5! which parts did you read twice? I read the kindle version so I dunno about the pages. the conversation were Ali kept quoting duaas and Layla just smashed him with her wisdom, that was pretty wow for me. I felt smashed myself loll. read it a couple of times too. regarding the age group, I don't think I agree. definitely not for under 13-14, but as a teenager, it does address important topics, and while some violent part were a bit explicit/graphical, and more than that they were very powerful (got me crying actually), but its not more than what a teenager today is used to. especially considering the pg13 and 15 year limits on movies, id say this goes around the 13-14 year limit. I would definitely say a teenager should read it since it would be an inspiration for them how you can maintain your belief and be a strong momen despite the temptations. I think the Muslim youth today, are far more liberal then when I grew up and do all sorts of things and experiments. I stumbled on the book via instagram, apparently the author has an instagram profile, and there is an "email" button on the profile. the username is "e.n.clay", just search for it and you'll find it. if you don't have instagram, I can click the email button and pm you the address if you'd like.
  7. Selam! the first time I heard of "Nameless soldiers" was some division in Iran that managed to land a plane and capture a terrorist. I think they also were behind the hack that landed the US drone. when I heard on the news what they called themselves, I found it exotic, mythical, mystical. "here is a group of people who work anonymously for their Imam" - I thought/think that is inspiring. then I heard it in the book and I understood the concept seems to be spreading, groups of believers organizing and working for their Imam in foreign countries. the beauty of it all is the pivot that the fight circles around: the love for the Imam - which was also pretty central in the book. it felt so real, authentic, like you cud touch it, perhaps that's why I felt so touched by it? what touched you?
  8. Selam! I stumbled upon a new novel by some indie author on Instagram with a Muslim protagonist. It sounded interesting and there was (is currently) a special promo so the ebook costed only $1! So I bought it with zero expectations and actually read it in one go! It was well written, bits of poetry, really suspenseful with a good story. The book offered several spiritual insights for myself, like why do I worship Allah? What's actual reason? What drives me? Where is the love? And it also motivated me to do something with my life ! There are some books with Muslim characters or Muslim settings, but the main character in this novel, his "super power" is being a believer with truthful spiritual dreams! And his name is Ali! And he fights for Imam Mahdi! I'm not aware of any other author who have mixed technology and religion in this way. Highly recommended! The realistic spiritualism reminded of Paulo Coelho in some ways, minus the sci-fi/tech of course. I'd love to discuss it if anyone read it! Available as paperback and ebook/Kindle: Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07NKW87M3 Apple iBooks: http://itunes.apple.com/book/id1452278832
  9. Selams. I think sexual education is very important as it will be a vital part for the rest of your life. Imagine making love with your sweetheart, yet you don't feel any pleasure due to lack of knowledge. :( I think the brothers should be taught what melts a woman's heart (such as love, romance, flowers, you name it sis ;)) but the women as well should be taught what attracts men (usually its obedient or naughty girls I've read). I think it is important as when you feel the love of your soulmate as well as being able to make sweet and pleasurable love with him, you will realize God's love and care so much more. If you come a human being so close that you for a few moments actually melt to one in your pleasure and love, then what about the infinite loving God who is closer to us then our own jugular vein? Just my thoughts. Fi Aman Illah.
  10. Selams. Is that the father of Sayid Muqtada Sadr? Mashallah, he has such a beautiful and strong voice.. :cry: Oh how I wished there where more sisters who where reflections of such strong man who bravely stood against oppression. May God damn the government of USA and Israil. May he damn Saddam for what he did to our scholars. :cry: I was wondering, so the Jeish al Mahdi I've heard about on the other thread, if Sayid Muqtada is the son of Sayid Sadiq(RA), does this mean the soldiers in Jeish al Mahdi are from the companions of his father as well? For example Imam Hassan al-Mujtaba's army, may my burning soul be sacrificed for the dust under his blessed feet, was consisting of both his own lovers as well as those of his fathers. Is it the same here regarding Jeish al Mahdi? If that is so I wonder how come people say they where baathis? I mean if they where lovers of his father as well, then they surely must have stood against Sadam, my Allah burn his soul. Excuse little me and my thoughts, but you are such sweet brothers that you quarreled over 2 pages on my last question, so I hope you don't mind answering my questions this time as well. May God be praised who have made such dear men my brothers. ^_^ I already feel the touch of love tingling within.. the love of belivers.. ! Fi Amn Illah.
  11. Selams Oh must you guys fight and quarell all the timeeeee? It was just an innocent question! It hearts my heart to see this. :cry: Why can't we hear out what Hayder has to say without slicing his throat? The poor man is standing alone against all of you together. :( Even though I must admire sister fatema, a woman amid all these wolfs, to fiercly defend her views without any trace of fear. :wub: Go sister! :D Dear Hayder, your whispers touched my heart, but my soul yearns for more...care to quench its thirst for knowledge with yet another cup from your fountain? You said you where in Iraq twice, could you perhaps give us a view of what is happening there? I take it you follow Seyed Sistani, did you meet him? What is his stance regarding the current situation of Iraq? I heard he has boycotted any politician or reporter who wish to see him due to his disapproval of the US presence, so if he welcomed Seyed Sadr in their meeting, what does this imply? I'm hungry for more...fill me Oh Hayder.. ! I'll await your soul-lifting reply. Fi Aman Illah.
  12. Selams Thankyou sweetest brothers for your replies. I am grateful. Dear Hayder, that really sounds interesting, would you care to eloborate..? Step closer and softly whisper in my ear what you think should be done about the situation of Iraq, if we should not resist the occupation? I'll await your heartwarmening reply. Fi Aman Illah.
  13. Selams. I am new to this forum and my heart mourns over the current situation in Iraq. Oh how I long for the day when the blessed Saviour(AS) together with the Prince of Ascets, Isa ibn Maryam(AS), will descend and once again make our beloved Iraq a garden of bliss upon earth, where wild rivers flow and seas of flowers blossom by the shores. Could someone clarify what is going on in Iraq? I have heard about this army called Jeish al Mahdi or something..? :unsure: Some people also mention Falayek al Badr or? What is their relation and how is the current state of Iraq? Some say Iraq was liberated from the filthy dog Sadam and his companions, is this true? And what about the transgressions of the US, like the rapes of Abu Ghurayb? I mean, they could have raped someone like me and God forbid deprived me of my innnocence.. :cry: Please give a helping hand to this this sister on what is the best for Iraq. I only wish for peace, love and understanding....who is the one who wish to pour it upon my soul? Fi aman illah.
  14. I am waiting for the God-chosen prince who will walk down from heaven with the clouds as his red mat leading his way right into my shoreless heart..
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