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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Many Many Happy Returns of the Day.

    May Allah Bless you.

    Have a Blast........Enjoy !!!!

  2. salam, happy birthday to you

  3. Dear everyone, Salam to all. Somewhere I heard that anal intercourse is haram and gets you divorced. But the above hadith in a way says it is allowed. Can anyone stress on the points that why it is allowed and why is it discouraged on the other hand? I want relevant answers please. ws wr wb Arsalan Iq.
  4. I have started a new thread please everyone help me out in that as I am a bit confused lady fatima.. ws wr wb Arsalan Iq.
  5. Salam, Hasnain what is your answer? I think both of them. ws wr wb
  6. Salam to all brothers and sisters, Mashallah the posts are really good. Especially Sister Fatima. Everyone keep it up. Salam, Arsalan Iq.
  7. Arsalan Iq.


    Sister, I think so you need a contact a Shia scholar near by. ws
  8. I disagree from SisSyeda...You all people and myself chose islamic path for each and everything...right? Whats the age for a girl to get married? after the sister gets 'balig' she must be married and for brothers..as soon as the desire arises...so this is the nice way...and many girls still nowadays do get married at the age of 16...there is no harm if she could continue college after marriage..my bhabi did that..if she doesn't get the permission then its not the fault of her husband or his family as these questions are to be asked before marriage. ws.
  9. Brother its a long time from now! I think a husband should be frank and honest.
  10. I love this one! I know they are wrong. I am not a wahabi nor a shia. I am a sunni. Keeping a beard and a short moustache is mustahab. But sister to be frank you have no right to criticize them. ws.
  11. Arsalan Iq.


    Thanks sister! but tell me is it done in pakistan as well?
  12. I agree with sis. sara85 very much... Brother beleive me its really common in indo-pak...!! In a way GEO TV is trying to make people aware for it and asking our people to make of this fact.
  13. Arsalan Iq.


    International Baccalaureate program Can anyone tell me what is that? I haven't heard of it. I have done O'levels and A'levels. Currently doing ACCA (Associated certified chartered accountant). ws. Arsalan
  14. Brother Mohtashim, Let me tell you one thing that GEO TV is not that stupid to discuss about this problem on coverage as this is a well known problem for all of us. I think it's good that this was done on media widely in Pakistan, as i have already this kind of case from my own eyes on BBC before. Why don't we go against them? I know and you all know why. I agree to brother with bro. Abdul hujjah that we should make young girls covinced of this fact that we are with them! All my sisters atleast I am with you all! Thanks for the information though. ws. Arsalan Iq.
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