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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    Invoker got a reaction from Muslim2010 in How Was Abubakr Superior To Imam 'ali (as)?   
    Shrines have no place in Islam. Your own books of hadith include narrations forbidding erection of buildings over graves. Study your own religion before arguing. Like i have always said, its the result of poor shiite education which makes them hardcore jahils when it comes to religious matters.
    حدثنا محمد بن موسى بن المتوكل قال حدثنا علي بن إبراهيم عن أبيه عن حماد عن حريز عن زرارة عن أبي جعفر ع قالَ قُلْتُ لَهُ الصَّلَاةُ بَيْنَ الْقُبُورِ قَالَ بَيْنَ خَلَلِهَا وَ لَا تَتَّخِذْ شَيْئاً مِنْهَا قِبْلَةً فَإِنَّ رَسُولَ اللَّهِ ص نَهَى عَنْ ذَلِكَ وَ قَالَ لَا تَتَّخِذُوا قَبْرِي قِبْلَةً وَ لَا مَسْجِداً فَإِنَّ اللَّهَ لَعَنَ الَّذِينَ اتَّخَذُوا قُبُورَ أَنْبِيَائِهِمْ مَسَاجِدَ
    Do NOT take my grave as a qiblah or as a masjid, indeed Allah curses those who took graves of prophets as masaajid (mosques)".
    Souce: Al-Sadooq, ‘ilal Al-Sharaa-I’, vol. 2, hadeeth num 1
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    Invoker got a reaction from Muslim2010 in How Was Abubakr Superior To Imam 'ali (as)?   
    Suicide bombing is not derived from wahabism. Its a tool used by the evil powers on people who are so desperate for revenging their loved ones whom they lost in whatever past events. Like for e.g in Iraq, What you shias did to the sunnis by initiating a purge after getting baghdad in return for a warm welcome to the Western powers. Thats what we call karma. Still much more to come. Treachery, backstabbing  are the qualities deeply rooted inside the Rafidha which muslims have witnessed throughout the history.
    Btw, I have seen you bringing this absurd arguments against salafi muslims everytime we point out the evils in shiasm? Is this your response to our question or is it that u r just a troll?
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    Invoker got a reaction from AXE in Discussion about Anti-Shia Videos   
    Oh yes... I know what happens AFTER these deviant scholars are exposed. We have a very authentic saying in Urdu "Biddat baanch ni hoti" This saying is amazingly true when we see the cult of rafidha & its doctrines. What It means is that biddah is very reproductive in nature. One biddah leads to many other new biddahs. Isnt this exactly whats happening to the rawafidh of today? 
    Btw what happened to the scholars of Najaf & Qum eh? How come these deviant scholars of urs able to gather thousands of shias? Layman argument again?
    This video is about one of the corrupt beliefs of the twelver rafidha i.e Tahreef which is not my intention to discuss tbh but pardon me... Can u tell me what the hell are these "Momineen" or "Followers of Ahly bait"  doing? the video 0:01 to 0:15 (ignore the rest of the video).  
    Oh the sweet irony when cult of rafidha claims to be followers of Ahly bait by adopting pagan rituals. 
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    Invoker got a reaction from Mansur Bakhtiari in Zanjeer Zani Absolute Haram Or Conditionally Haram   
    We find NO hadith in the Al Kafi, Man la yahduruhu al faqih, Tahdhib ul ahkam, Al Istibsar, Wasael al shia & Bihar ul Anwar permitting this act. If not haram than probably an innovation & innovation leads to more innovations justifying the latter on the basis of former. In shia Islam any new good practice introduced that does not contradict the Qur'an or hadith is permissible. 
    And He says: “And do not throw yourselves into destruction with your own hands.” [surah Al-Baqarah: 195]
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    Invoker got a reaction from member122916 in Is Islam closer to Judaism or Christianity?   
    Both Judaism and Islam lack any idea of a triune nature of God; God as more than One or rather "three-in-One".  Both lack any idea of God having ever literally incarnated Himself as one particular man.  Neither places any religious importance upon the idea of the cross, or Jesus' death as having salvational power for all mankind.  (Islam says it never even happened in fact;  Jews really don't say anything about it at all). Neither believes in God having had a literal son,  or any other familial relations, here on earth.  
    Keeping aside the theological differences between Islam & Judaism & considering the basic concept of God as strictly One, with no son,  no incarnation,  no praying to Jesus or anyone else except God alone,  then Jews and Muslims would be essentially the same.   Christianity would be notably different from either of them in that respect, and in other areas as well. 
    Christianity has destroyed the concept of monotheism among the Abrahamic faiths.
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    Invoker got a reaction from Zamestaneh in Which Sunnis are considered Murtadeen/Munafiqeen?   
    Your ulema are not superior than ur imams. According to ur imams ALL sunnis are nasibis & in ur cult a nasibi is regarded worst than a kafir. So the opinion of ur scholars have no worth.
    Your renowned scholar Ni`matullah al-Jaza’iri says about a “Nasibi” in al-Anwar al-Nu`maniyya:
    It was narrated from the Prophet(saw) that the sign of the Nawasib is favoring other than Ali over him (i.e. a Nasibi is anyone that favors anyone over Ali, be it Abu Bakr, Umar, or Uthman) …
    & of course how can majlisi remain silent when it comes to hating sunnis, here is what he has to say in Haqq ul yaqeen:
    It was asked from Imam Ali Naqi that what else we need to know besides that Nasibis give higher status to First Munafiq and Second Munafiq on Amir ul Momineen (i.e Ali) and that they believe in their imamate. He said “Whoever believes like that is a Nasibi” 
    I am pretty sure that u r aware of what he means by first munafiq & second munafiq. 
    Your scholars forbid their followers to pray behind sunni imams. Its is only allowed in when practicing taqqiya.
    علي بن إبراهيم، عن أبيه، عن حماد، عن حريز، عن زرارة قال: قلت لابي جعفر (عليه السلام): إن اناسا رووا عن أمير المؤمنين صلوات الله عليه أنه صلى أربع ركعات بعد الجمعة لم يفصل بينهن بتسليم؟ فقال: يازرارة إن أمير المؤمنين (عليه السلام) صلى خلف فاسق فلما سلم وانصرف قام أمير المؤمنين صلوات الله عليه فصلى أربع ركعات لم يفصل بينهن بتسليم فقال له رجل جنبه: ياأبا الحسن صليت أربع ركعات لم تفصل بينهن؟ فقال: إنها أربع ركعات مشبهات وسكت
    فوالله ما عقل ما قال له
    Ali bin Ibrahim from his father (Ibrahim bin Hashim) from Hamad (bin Isa) from Hariz (bin Abdillah) from Zurara (bin A'yan) who said :
    I said to Abi Ja'far (a.s) :
    The people narrate about the commander of the faithful - Ali (a.s) that he prayed four 'rakaat' (units) of prayer after friday (congregational) prayers without partitioning between them with the 'tasleem' (salutations of peace whilst sitting at the end of a prayer) in between (as one does in between two different, two-unit 'mustahhab' (recommended) prayers)
    So He (a.s) said :
    O! Zurara, indeed the commander of the faithful had prayed (the friday prayers) behind a fasiq (corrupted individual), so when he (the corrupted individual) completed that (leading the prayer) and left, the commander of the faithful stood up and prayed four 'rakaat' (units) of prayers without partitioning between them with the 'tasleem' (i.e He (a.s) prayed a complete 'Salatul Dhuhr'), so a man who was by his side (in the row) asked him : O Abal Hassan! you have prayed four units of prayer without partitioning between them? so He (a.s) said : They were four ambiguous (of doubtful nature) 'rakaat' (units) and remained silent;
    So (Abi Ja'far (a.s) says) : I swear by Allah (s.w.t) he the man (who had asked the question) did not understand what was said to him (by Ali (a.s)).
    Al Kafi باب الصلاة خلف من لا يقتدى به
    Hasan Hadith according to Allamah Majlisi (r.a).
    So u see, according to ur Imam the namaz of ur Ali ibn abi talib was doubtful & he prayed separately afterwards
    You people have no idea who the real sunnis are. Even ur scholars fail to elaborate on this issue. Tbh there is no point discussing this matter as its is clear that all sunnis are nasibis according to  imami narrations.
    Salafis are the real Ahlus sunnah. Its the poor shi'ite education which youngsters like u get from their elders & make u think otherwise & by time it only gets worse. The term Wahabi used by ur cult is absolute nonsense. Because the differences were not started by the advent of Mohd bin Abdul Wahab. It were there 1400 years ago & at the time of the Rashidun caliphate there were no sufis or barelvis whom u consider the real sunnis (LOL)
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    Invoker got a reaction from Takalluf in Why Are There So Many Seyyeds In India/pakistan?   
    The majority of "syeds" teach islam here in Pakistan & in return they get alot of the "folding stuff" without even asking for it. Show me a better business than this one.

    So do tell me more about it.
    Seriously? u people make alot of assumptions about the sahaba. Is that wrong too? 
    Being a descendant of any of ur imams will not be of any good on the day of judgement. Period!
    The majority of the muslims belonging to this region were hindus before reverting. & most of them were a victim of the caste system which prevails in the hindu religion at large. They found an excellent opportunity to adopt this "syed" caste to gain respect in the society in a speedy way.
    "Syed" is not a caste. The prophet [saw] was a hashmite. 
    the syed idea is against islam and directly contradicts the Quraan and was not brought up by Islam but made up by people. 
    the true syed is not by blood line but by his action
    the syed idea is exactly the same as the idea of the chosen people in Judaism where the levites get zakaat from the other 11 tribes just for being levites. 
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    Invoker got a reaction from Takalluf in Why Are There So Many Seyyeds In India/pakistan?   
    Its because its really easy to do "Business" in the sub-continent if there is a "syed'' before ur name. 
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    Invoker reacted to apofomysback in Henna   
    That was epic..
    lol @ inappropriate
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    Invoker got a reaction from Hameedeh in Why Are There So Many Seyyeds In India/pakistan?   
    You are so proud of your caste as to being syed, mirza, afghan... tell me r u a muslim too?
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    Invoker reacted to The Green Knight in Why Are There So Many Seyyeds In India/pakistan?   
    Seyyeds in Indopak are being made even today. I know many people here who have become Seyyed from Mirasi / Miralam / faqeer castes. They do not have their lineage tree names in the usual scrolls of lineage (shijra nasab) but they have "seyyed" or "bukhari" or "jafari" on their ID cards and in government records. Whenever such migrate to a new area, be it a city or a foreign country, they get the chance to and change their caste and introduce themselves to others as "seyyed". This way there is least resistance to face.
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    Invoker reacted to Khadim uz Zahra in What Video Game Are You Playing These Days?   
    Finally! You're finally playing awesome games! :D
    @Invoker is awesome for doing that!
    Which card did you buy after all?
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    Invoker reacted to The Green Knight in What Video Game Are You Playing These Days?   
    I have started playing Metro 2033 Redux.

    A big thank you to @Invoker who received me in Lahore city, helped me choose a good graphics card, bargained the price for me from his friend, guided me to the various shops where I also bought a SSD and tons of latest games including the above. He later treated me to a fine BBQ and I had so much fun that fine eve. We chatted on for hours, gossiping away about the whole Shiachat and found our views in alignment about most members. I always knew it, and Invoker is cool, a friend of friends. Hats off to you my friend.
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    Invoker got a reaction from The Green Knight in Your predictions about the next game of syria episode   
    What the hell do these fighters have to do with the antichrist one way or the other? You completely ignored my point, I say why not Russia makes it a payback time while supporting shias at the same time. This way it will also help in cleansing the middle east from swarms lol.
    30k refurbished? or new?
    Keep in mind that its a 128 bit card. I wont waste so much money on cards like these.If u can make it go for this one.
    If u r interested in second hand GPU's sold with 1 weeks guarantee, i can send u to a guy i used to deal with.
    Here is his fb page
    As for games when u r in lahore just let me know.
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    Invoker got a reaction from hasanhh in Gen. Clark, ISlL and Oil   
    Can u tell me whats the possible daily oil production of ISIS controlled refineries?
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    Invoker reacted to Khadim uz Zahra in What Video Game Are You Playing These Days?   
    People are saying that the game is based in the 70's at best (see the muscle cars?), which would be 30 years after Mafia II. Vito could still be alive but...not very likely. Moreover, the game might have multiple protagonists (hence, the four people)...
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    Invoker got a reaction from Khadim uz Zahra in What Video Game Are You Playing These Days?   
    And all that time i thought Mafia 2 was the end to the classic world of crime & struggle for power. I WAS WRONG. 
    2K games officially announced on tuesday, their plans of releasing the third installment in the Mafia series.
    I hope Vito returns as the main protagonist. 

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    Invoker reacted to baradar_jackson in What Video Game Are You Playing These Days?   
    ^ That brings back from memories for me. 
    I remember me and my cousin going to a store in Iran and buying a copy of Max Payne 2. Or at least: we thought it was Max Payne 2. We put it in the 'puter, install it, and begin to play it. But it had nothing to do with Max Payne. It was a game called Mission Impossible. So we look at the packaging, and we see that it was written: "Max Payne 2: Mishen in pasibale."
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    Invoker got a reaction from The Green Knight in What Have You Watched Recently? [OFFICIAL THREAD]   
    Nazi's continue to haunt the Hollywood directors & they always come up with new story for the viewers. This time its ONE serial killer against Moscow & that too becomes a serious problem for the commies  :lol:

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    Invoker reacted to Khadim uz Zahra in What Video Game Are You Playing These Days?   
    Why on Earth are you getting 12GB of RAM when the rest of your build is mostly not too powerful? You should cut back on the RAM - get 8, it's enough, unless you actually need 12 for some reason. With the $50 or so you save, buy a better graphics card.
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    Invoker got a reaction from The Green Knight in What Video Game Are You Playing These Days?   
    Far Cry 3.
    Graphics 7/10
    Sound 8.5/10
    Gameplay 8/10
    I am not a fan of games set on tropical islands as they portray a lot of nudity & animal abuse but for the love of fps & a little effect of ubisoft's marketing strategy i had to try it. No doubt the game is far more better than Far Cry 2 which was ridiculous.  A better story, and the crafting & hunting option is the icing on the cake. 


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    Invoker reacted to Al-Hassan in What Video Game Are You Playing These Days?   
    ^ I just finished far cry 4 on ps4. Overall, it's not too bad but graphics really disappointed me. Comparing it with the graphics of FC3, I would say the graphics and game effects on FC3 are more superior.
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    Invoker reacted to omar111 in Imam Of Fatima Zahra (As)   
    watching :unsure:
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    Invoker reacted to The Green Knight in What Video Game Are You Playing These Days?   
    Invoker you should try Dead Space (all parts, but 2 is the best) if you like horror shooters. I detest shooting Nazis in a computer game to affirm some historical lies leveled against them. If I felt so rather if humanity sincerely felt so then we would be shooting Israelis instead as there is no likeness to their crimes in this era.


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    Invoker got a reaction from Khadim uz Zahra in What Video Game Are You Playing These Days?   
    Wolfenstein - The Old Blood
    Graphics 8/10
    Sound 7/10
    Gameplay 8/10
    Nice game to keep you busy in case u r getting bored. Zombie lovers are also invited. However u need a high end PC to run this beast. Here is a review by IGN
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