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  1. Someone who considers his holy horse's poop more valuable than a human being should be treated in a more serious manner than this one.
  2. And should you ask them, Who created the heavens and the earth? They would most certainly say: Allah. Say: Have you then considered that what you call upon besides Allah, would they, if Allah desire to afflict me with harm, be the removers of His harm, or (would they), if Allah desire to show me mercy, be the withholders of His mercy? Say: Allah is sufficient for me; on Him do the reliant rely. [39:38] And who is in greater error than he who calls besides Allah upon those that will not answer him till the day of resurrection and they are heedless of their call? And when men are gathered together they shall be their enemies, and shall be deniers of their worshipping (them). [47:5-6] Surely those whom you call on besides Allah are in a state of subjugation like yourselves; therefore call on them, then let them answer you if you are truthful. And do not call besides Allah on that which can neither benefit you nor harm you, for if you do then surely you will in that case be of the unjust. And if Allah should afflict you with harm, then there is none to remove it but He; and if He intends good to you there is none to repel His grace; He brings it to whom He pleases of His servants; and He is the Forgiving, the Merciful. [10:106-107]
  3. Shrines have no place in Islam. Your own books of hadith include narrations forbidding erection of buildings over graves. Study your own religion before arguing. Like i have always said, its the result of poor shiite education which makes them hardcore jahils when it comes to religious matters. حدثنا محمد بن موسى بن المتوكل قال حدثنا علي بن إبراهيم عن أبيه عن حماد عن حريز عن زرارة عن أبي جعفر ع قالَ قُلْتُ لَهُ الصَّلَاةُ بَيْنَ الْقُبُورِ قَالَ بَيْنَ خَلَلِهَا وَ لَا تَتَّخِذْ شَيْئاً مِنْهَا قِبْلَةً فَإِنَّ رَسُولَ اللَّهِ ص نَهَى عَنْ ذَلِكَ وَ قَالَ لَا تَتَّخِذُوا قَبْرِي قِبْلَةً وَ لَا مَسْجِداً فَإِنَّ اللَّهَ لَعَنَ الَّذِينَ اتَّخَذُوا قُبُورَ أَنْبِيَائِهِمْ مَسَاجِدَ Do NOT take my grave as a qiblah or as a masjid, indeed Allah curses those who took graves of prophets as masaajid (mosques)". Souce: Al-Sadooq, ‘ilal Al-Sharaa-I’, vol. 2, hadeeth num 1
  4. This thread is very informative. Its also highlights the importance of controlling this cult on timely basis or else it may lead to a point where iblis may have to kill himself. https://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/235015216-is-it-true-that-our-imams-urine-etc-is-clean/
  5. Suicide bombing is not derived from wahabism. Its a tool used by the evil powers on people who are so desperate for revenging their loved ones whom they lost in whatever past events. Like for e.g in Iraq, What you shias did to the sunnis by initiating a purge after getting baghdad in return for a warm welcome to the Western powers. Thats what we call karma. Still much more to come. Treachery, backstabbing are the qualities deeply rooted inside the Rafidha which muslims have witnessed throughout the history. Btw, I have seen you bringing this absurd arguments against salafi muslims everytime we point out the evils in shiasm? Is this your response to our question or is it that u r just a troll?
  6. I know this is far away from what this website is about but. What is your steam friend id invoker.

  7. What part of my comment do u take as an insult to ur religion?
  8. Oh yes... I know what happens AFTER these deviant scholars are exposed. We have a very authentic saying in Urdu "Biddat baanch ni hoti" This saying is amazingly true when we see the cult of rafidha & its doctrines. What It means is that biddah is very reproductive in nature. One biddah leads to many other new biddahs. Isnt this exactly whats happening to the rawafidh of today? Btw what happened to the scholars of Najaf & Qum eh? How come these deviant scholars of urs able to gather thousands of shias? Layman argument again? This video is about one of the corrupt beliefs of the twelver rafidha i.e Tahreef which is not my intention to discuss tbh but pardon me... Can u tell me what the hell are these "Momineen" or "Followers of Ahly bait" doing? the video 0:01 to 0:15 (ignore the rest of the video). Oh the sweet irony when cult of rafidha claims to be followers of Ahly bait by adopting pagan rituals.
  9. You call it filthy just because it shows the true colors of your religion? Ya Allah! How ignorant can one be?
  10. Both Judaism and Islam lack any idea of a triune nature of God; God as more than One or rather "three-in-One". Both lack any idea of God having ever literally incarnated Himself as one particular man. Neither places any religious importance upon the idea of the cross, or Jesus' death as having salvational power for all mankind. (Islam says it never even happened in fact; Jews really don't say anything about it at all). Neither believes in God having had a literal son, or any other familial relations, here on earth. Keeping aside the theological differences between Islam & Judaism & considering the basic concept of God as strictly One, with no son, no incarnation, no praying to Jesus or anyone else except God alone, then Jews and Muslims would be essentially the same. Christianity would be notably different from either of them in that respect, and in other areas as well. Christianity has destroyed the concept of monotheism among the Abrahamic faiths.
  11. Why do u indulge in such debates when u have no reliable information about the maddhab u follow? The scholars of ur cult are very clear on the status of Aisha (ra). قال محمد باقر المجلسي في كتابه ( بحار الأنوار ) (٢٢ / ٢٣٣ ) قوله تعالى : "ضرب الله مثلا "أقول : لا يخفى على الناقد البصير والفطن الخبير ما في تلك الآيات من التعريض بل التصريح بنفاق عايشة وحفصة وكفرهما Allamah Baqir Majlisi wrote in Biharul Anwar (Volume 22, Page 233): "Allah (swt) says in Qur'an [Allah has cited for the kuffar the example of the wife of NuH and the wife of LuT.] (66:10), I (i.e. Allamah Baqir Majlisi) say: It is not a secret for the discerning critic (reader/observer) and the one who is clever and knowledgeable that what is mentioned in these verses is an exposure, in fact an explicit declaration of the hypocrisy of Ayesha and Hafsah as well as their kufr (disbelief)." يقول شيخ الطائفة أبو جعفر الطوسي في (كتابه الاقتصاد فيما يتعلق في الاعتقاد ص 36):"عائشة كانت مصرة على حربها لعلي، ولم تتب وهذا يدل على كفرها وبقائها عليه Shaikh al Taifa, Abu Ja'far al Tusi, wrote (in his book "al Iqtisad", page 36):"Ayesha was adamant upon waging war against Ali (as), and she did not repent. This proves her kufr and her remaining on it." كتاب الأربعين - محمد طاهر القمي الشيرازي Kitab al Arba'een by Shaikh Muhammad Tahir al Qumi al Shirazi* الدليل الأربعون [ما ورد في مثالب أعداء أهل البيت عليهم السلام] مما يدل على امامة أئمتنا الاثني عشر، أن عائشة كافرة مستحقة للنار، وهو مستلزم لحقية مذهبنا وحقية أئمتنا الاثني عشر، لأن كل من قال بخلافة الثلاثة اعتقد ايمانها وتعظيمها وتكريمها، وكل من قال بامامة الاثني عشر قال باستحقاقها اللعن والعذاب، فإذا ثبت كونها كذلك ثبت المدعى، لأنه لا قائل بالفصل. وأما الدليل على كونها مستحقة للعن والعذاب، فإنها حاربت أمير المؤمنين عليه السلام وقد تواتر عن النبي صلى الله عليه وآله (حربك جربي) ولا ريب في أن حرب النبي صلى الله عليه وآله كفر الصفحة ٦١٥ The fortieth proof (what has been reported on the shortcomings of the enemies of ahlulbayt) that evidences upon the imamah of our twelve Imams (as) is that Ayesha is a kafirah deserving of hellfire. It is a necessity of the reality of our religion and the reality of our twelve Imams (as), because all those who profess by the caliphate of the three believes that she was a believer and honors and respects her, while all those who profess by imamate of the twelve Imams (as) profess by her being deserving of la'nah and Allah (swt)'s punishment. So when her being like that is established, the point is proven, because no one claims a separation (of Ayesha from the issue). As for the evidence of her being deserving of la'nah and Allah (swt)'s punishment, so indeed she waged war against Ali (as) and there are mutawatir ahadith from the Prophet (pbuh) that "one who wars against you (i.e. Ali) wars against me.", and there is no doubt warring against the Prophet (pbuh) is kufr. (page 615) And HERE is what ur spiritual leader Ruhullah Khomaini said about Aisha (ra) Allah swt gave Aisha (ra) & other wives the title "Mother of believers" The title makes sense imo.
  12. I got my education from a school. Never went to a madrassah. There are no rabbis in Saudia Arabia but there are many in Iran. Man u people are really cowards, combine prayers, sit at home, practice mutah, abandon jihad, Gather once in a year & scream ya hussain, ya hussain! Wallah u people bring shame to Islam. Such a disgrace. 5 mins mutah doesnt bother people like u & u trash talk about other people's faith. Shame on u dude. I wouldnt call u son. That would be degrade ME. I have seen people like u practicing evil rituals like tatbir & blood letting & all that funny drama like here, & here Funny that u people brought transgenders in this business as well like here So tell me ya rafidhi what kind of religion is this? Did ur Imams pratice these rituals?
  13. We talking about worshipping Allah & u bring me this crap? Is this the best u can do? Suicide bombing in middle east was started by ur hezbollah faction & ur mullahs like Ayatollah Mohammad Taghi Mesbah Yazdi when he said For sure, when protecting Islam and the Muslim `Ummah depends on martyrdom operations, it not only is allowed, but even is an obligation (wajib) as many of the Shi'ah great scholars and Maraje', including Ayatullah Safi Golpayegani and Ayatullah Fazel Lankarani, have clearly announced in their fatwas. Consider the rewayah from the prophet of Allah (SA) who said: "Whoever is killed in defence of his belongings, he/she is Shahid." (Wasa'il al-Shi'ah, v.15, p.121) Source : HERE The Grand mufti of Saudia Arabia has made it clear on several occasions that killing innocent people in any way is haram. Is it so difficult for u to digest it or r u a 12 year old trying to battle loneliness & having complex issues? As for u calling me a salafi, i call myself a muslim. Its just for the satisfaction of retards like u i have to make it clear what my beliefs are.Yes, i follow the salaf. I reject polytheism in all regards. There is no forgiveness for shirk committed in any form. & its a shame ur cult always bring this petty topic of suicide bombing & relates it to the Salafis just to hide their evil & flawed doctrines.
  14. Yes very true, We worship Allah swt & call him for help instead of saying Ya Ali madad (nauzubillah) & attributing the sifaat of Allah to a human being. Learn the difference bw both.
  15. Your ulema are not superior than ur imams. According to ur imams ALL sunnis are nasibis & in ur cult a nasibi is regarded worst than a kafir. So the opinion of ur scholars have no worth. Your renowned scholar Ni`matullah al-Jaza’iri says about a “Nasibi” in al-Anwar al-Nu`maniyya: It was narrated from the Prophet(saw) that the sign of the Nawasib is favoring other than Ali over him (i.e. a Nasibi is anyone that favors anyone over Ali, be it Abu Bakr, Umar, or Uthman) … & of course how can majlisi remain silent when it comes to hating sunnis, here is what he has to say in Haqq ul yaqeen: It was asked from Imam Ali Naqi that what else we need to know besides that Nasibis give higher status to First Munafiq and Second Munafiq on Amir ul Momineen (i.e Ali) and that they believe in their imamate. He said “Whoever believes like that is a Nasibi” I am pretty sure that u r aware of what he means by first munafiq & second munafiq. Your scholars forbid their followers to pray behind sunni imams. Its is only allowed in when practicing taqqiya. علي بن إبراهيم، عن أبيه، عن حماد، عن حريز، عن زرارة قال: قلت لابي جعفر (عليه السلام): إن اناسا رووا عن أمير المؤمنين صلوات الله عليه أنه صلى أربع ركعات بعد الجمعة لم يفصل بينهن بتسليم؟ فقال: يازرارة إن أمير المؤمنين (عليه السلام) صلى خلف فاسق فلما سلم وانصرف قام أمير المؤمنين صلوات الله عليه فصلى أربع ركعات لم يفصل بينهن بتسليم فقال له رجل جنبه: ياأبا الحسن صليت أربع ركعات لم تفصل بينهن؟ فقال: إنها أربع ركعات مشبهات وسكت فوالله ما عقل ما قال له Ali bin Ibrahim from his father (Ibrahim bin Hashim) from Hamad (bin Isa) from Hariz (bin Abdillah) from Zurara (bin A'yan) who said : I said to Abi Ja'far (a.s) : The people narrate about the commander of the faithful - Ali (a.s) that he prayed four 'rakaat' (units) of prayer after friday (congregational) prayers without partitioning between them with the 'tasleem' (salutations of peace whilst sitting at the end of a prayer) in between (as one does in between two different, two-unit 'mustahhab' (recommended) prayers) So He (a.s) said : O! Zurara, indeed the commander of the faithful had prayed (the friday prayers) behind a fasiq (corrupted individual), so when he (the corrupted individual) completed that (leading the prayer) and left, the commander of the faithful stood up and prayed four 'rakaat' (units) of prayers without partitioning between them with the 'tasleem' (i.e He (a.s) prayed a complete 'Salatul Dhuhr'), so a man who was by his side (in the row) asked him : O Abal Hassan! you have prayed four units of prayer without partitioning between them? so He (a.s) said : They were four ambiguous (of doubtful nature) 'rakaat' (units) and remained silent; So (Abi Ja'far (a.s) says) : I swear by Allah (s.w.t) he the man (who had asked the question) did not understand what was said to him (by Ali (a.s)). Al Kafi باب الصلاة خلف من لا يقتدى به Hasan Hadith according to Allamah Majlisi (r.a). So u see, according to ur Imam the namaz of ur Ali ibn abi talib was doubtful & he prayed separately afterwards You people have no idea who the real sunnis are. Even ur scholars fail to elaborate on this issue. Tbh there is no point discussing this matter as its is clear that all sunnis are nasibis according to imami narrations. Salafis are the real Ahlus sunnah. Its the poor shi'ite education which youngsters like u get from their elders & make u think otherwise & by time it only gets worse. The term Wahabi used by ur cult is absolute nonsense. Because the differences were not started by the advent of Mohd bin Abdul Wahab. It were there 1400 years ago & at the time of the Rashidun caliphate there were no sufis or barelvis whom u consider the real sunnis (LOL)
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