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  1. Sayed AaliShan

    Your Own Captured Photos

    Dent on Ant's back
  2. Sayed AaliShan

    Instagram ?

  3. Sayed AaliShan

    Your Own Captured Photos

    some guy in park
  4. Sayed AaliShan

    What Did You Have For Sehri...

    paratha, lassi n chicken :D
  5. Sayed AaliShan

    India, Pakistan Set For Asia Cup Tussle

  6. Sayed AaliShan

    no islamic landmarks harmed in "2012"

    the movie MIGHT not be good but marketing ws pretty good, in the opening week it did business of $225M, which makes world wide #9... U shouldnt thing of any religious links to movies becoz they make movies for money, they take very little religious beliefs into account, rather those which can effect their sales....
  7. Sayed AaliShan

    Most thought provoking movie you've seen?

    "Color of Paradise" (Rang-e-Khuda) was quite amazing.
  8. Sayed AaliShan

    Nasty attack on Iran

    This is quite a nasty blow to Iran. How could the commanders be so careless?
  9. Sayed AaliShan

    Four attacks in a single day

    ^^ Although its true for Pakistani Taliban, but they do have, hypocritically, enough sympathies towards Afghan Taliban.
  10. Sayed AaliShan

    Four attacks in a single day

    ^^ Well that was wrong and this is wrong as well. Waziristan operation is on. ISLAMABAD: More than 30,000 Pakistani soldiers launched a much-awaited ground offensive in an al-Qaeda and Taliban stronghold along the Afghan border early Saturday, officials told The Associated Press. Four soldiers were killed and 12 others wounded during clashes in Waziristan the army said. Meanwhile nine militants have so far been killed in the operation. 'The army has launched an operation after receiving orders from the government. The operation was launched early in the morning. Both air and ground troops are taking part,' Major General Athar Abbas told AFP. The offensive in South Waziristan follows months of air strikes intended to soften up militant defences that have also forced tens of thousands of civilians to flee. South Waziristan is a key base for foreign and national militant groups planning attacks on American and Nato targets in Afghanistan and beyond. The US is racing to send in night-vision goggles and other equipment to aid the latest operation. The region is remote and mountainous. It has a leaky border with Afghanistan and fiercely independent tribes who have long resisted government interference. With winter snows just weeks away, the army has limited time to pursue a major ground attack there, and even if it does manage to wipe out its intended targets, it’s unclear whether troops will occupy the area or for how long. The officials Saturday – two with intelligence, three with the government and one senior army official – gave few details but said the troops were pursuing militants holed up in the region, including in major trouble spots such as Ladha and Makeen towns. The army has sent more than 30,000 troops to the region to participate in the combat, said one of the intelligence officials. He said the ground forces were attacking from different directions while helicopter gunships and other aircraft also were bombing various sites. The military already has said it already has sealed off many supply and escape routes. All the officials spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the information or because they did not have authority to release it to media on the record. In a previous interview with AP, army spokesman Maj. Gen. Athar Abbas said the assault would be limited to slain Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud’s holdings – a swath of territory that stretches roughly 3,310 square kilometres. The plan is to capture and hold the area where Abbas estimates 10,000 insurgents are headquartered and reinforced with about 1,500 foreign fighters, most of them of Central Asian origin. ‘There are Arabs, but the Arabs are basically in the leadership, providing resources and expertise and in the role of trainers,’ he said. Taliban spokesmen could not immediately be reached for comment Saturday. Communications in and around the region appeared jammed, making it difficult to reach local residents or other witnesses. The army expects the militants to use guerrilla tactics including ambushes, suicide attacks and roadside bombs. Despite sometimes rocky relations with the Pakistani military, the US is trying to rush in equipment that would help with mobility, night fighting and precision bombing, a US Embassy official told The Associated Press in a recent interview, speaking on condition of anonymity because the issue is politically sensitive. In addition to night-vision devices, the Pakistan military has said it is seeking additional Cobra helicopter gunships, heliborne lift capability, laser-guided munitions and intelligence equipment to monitor cell and satellite telephones. The army has considered the weather in the timing the offensive. Snows in the region could block major roads. At the same time, a harsh winter could work to the army’s advantage by driving fighters out of their unheated mountain hideouts. http://www.dawn.com/wps/wcm/connect/dawn-content-library/dawn/news/pakistan/07-curfew-imposed-in-south-waziristan-ahead-of-operation-ha-01
  11. Sayed AaliShan

    Eid Fetr

    Thanks, Your post made a lot of sense.
  12. Sayed AaliShan

    Eid Fetr

    If you bothered to research a bit more that software "mooncalc" [http://www.ummah.net/ildl/mooncalc.html] is based on a research paper published in well reviewed journal and I have seen that paper and could find nothing wrong with it. Its model is based on data that was gathered for 150 years from very reliable sources. This software also includes some models developed by past muslim scientists. FYI, science is neither sunni nor shia. It doesn't matter whether the dude was sunni or shia, we should always look at his work and its quite reliable. You don't need any satellites to ascertain moon sighting, its just standard mechanics at work which isn't very difficult to figure out. Yes there is some probability involved in the models but the uncertainty is quite minimum and can be ignored.
  13. Sayed AaliShan

    False Eid in NWFP

    ^^ Yeah right :squeez: These ANP dudes are worse than MMA when it comes to moon sighting.
  14. Sayed AaliShan

    False Eid in NWFP

    Salam Alaikum, I think NWFP is to the west of Punjab so it is most likely to be seen in NWFP first. Don't you think so? Although there is a North South divide as well this year which would make your statement correct.