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  1. Salaam aleikom Jazak Allah kheir for your answers! Brother, you said that a girl can become beautiful. I've always thought that men like what they see but you're also saying that a man who wasn't interested in you can become it later on?
  2. I'd probably do it if I was older... 26 or something, then I could marry a 25 year old. But now, as I'm in my early 20's, i wouldn't men tend to mature more slowly. But there are of course exceptions :)
  3. Salaam aleikom! I was discussing a couple of days ago with my friends about men and what they seek in wives. I know that looks doesn't matter to most woman (well, looks as in he doesn't have to be a model) but when me and my friends discussed, one friend of mine said that looks matter so much to men that they'd choose a non-religious wife who's very beautiful rather than a "normal" looking, average girl who's as religious as they want their wife to be. Now I can't read minds. I don't have a husband and no brothers that I can talk to regarding this topic. So I'd like to ask some of the brothers here on SC. 1. Would you rather pick a Angelina Jolie kind of girl but she's not religious or would you rather pick a average looking girl but who fits your religiousity criteria? 2. How important is looks? 70 %? 60 %? 3. Could you accept a girl who's beuatiful but has for example acne, under eye circles or bad teeth etc... Meaning, does she have to be perfect? Sorry if this topic has been brought up before. Nevertheless, I still hope you can help me. Thank you!
  4. I would not wear it if I lived in an European country as I strongly believe that you need to adapt to the society as much as you can (and no, not by giving up Islam). I would, however wear it if I went to a country where it's normal. i would actually like to wear it there :)
  5. A very close friend of mine got interested in a brother at the mosque. She had a friend whose brother knew the guy. She went through the brother and the guy got the news. Rest is history :D :D
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