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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Taliban have kidnapped a son of Yusuf Raza Gillani, the ex PM of Pakistan as a revenge for him deceiving the nation by collaborating with the falseflaggers in drone attacks to murder innocent people. In the 90s, Aimal Kansi had travelled to the USA to exact revenge from the CIA for some treachery done by them. Will the Taliban now repeat the same to George W Bush, Cheney, Neocons or Obama, or others? Any guesses or estimates?
  2. The point I made is that there are other places where shia are doing as bad things not to salafis, but to sunnis and also shias. I think, we should condemn all bad things without just pointing out the sect. Do you like and appreciate my point?
  3. In Pakistan, MQM a party of shia terrorists, holding the whole of Karachi Hostage and cheating in recent elections, has Altaf Hussein, Sayed Haidar Abbas Rizvi,Yusuf Raza Abdi, and they also MURDERED Dr Salman Farooq. This hostage taking and EXTRACTION of Protection money reminds me of the 1000AD when such bandits were there. OK, I dont wanna get into this type of discussion, but I do want to remind my pious shia brothers to stop the MQM and send curses on MQM. For facts, you can see threads in south asia section where there are videos. MQM was the main cheater in Karachi.
  4. There is going to be re-polling. Rigging: 49 polling stations across Pakistan received over 100pc turnout Sajjad Haider | 4 hours ago More than 100pc voter turn out was witnessed in six polling stations of KP, 31 of Punjab, 11 of Sindh and one of Balochistan. KARACHI: Statistics showing abnormally high turnout confirm reports of rigging at several polling stations across Pakistan. In at least 49 polling stations around all four provinces of the country, the number of votes polled far exceeds the registered voters, according to data from elections observer group FAFEN. These include six po
  5. ^ You have good ideas, but once in a while, I do come across good ideas by Indians analysing the mechanics of the problems. more at http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/world/middle-east/Russia-digs-in-heels-over-Syria-despite-diplomatic-push/articleshow/20033196.cms Its so brilliant analysis, I post it again outside the quote box. Mohan (Delhi) 2 hrs ago If you look at the world history since world war 2, you will observe that this is what the US and the Zionists who created Israel, have been doing to non-white countries around the world, First they start secretly funding and arming the rival
  6. (bismillah) (salam) The 6-11-2013 elections are now complete. There is no general thread for discussing solutions of "terrorism" so i thought of making one. What is the cause and history of this situation as it did not exist before the 9-11 falseflag and how to solve it? We (as shias) should always keep in mind that we are living in a country where we have friends and hardly any enemies and I dont believe in siege mentality because, our own Ithnasharis have held all the highest political offices. Zardari is a Shia and PPP has many shia leadership like Shahla Raza,Dhulfiqar Mirza and his wife
  7. I am a supporter of PTI ideology, but I have no special affection for PTI. Even if it loses, it has won a place in the opposition benches. What is needed is a counter voice in the opposition, so that there is no MUK-MUKKA and the life of the govt is made miserable by intense scrutiny. PTI for me is only a tool, a waseela, for doing the work of the people for Huqooq ul Ibad. I am more or less, happy with the results. Muk-Mukka = insider agreement ... for those who dont know urdu
  8. ^ I think, Mutaa is mainly in dealing with the non-muslim race, where women have already implicit or explicit blank checque permission to go and establish sexual or matrimonial relations by their own will (mutual consent), and where muslim law or social norms cannot be demanded or enforced. In the 60s to present it was that Islam was looked down upon. Today, Islam has greater power simply because more people are now knowledgeable and admire Islam based on its intellectual gems of all kinds in it. So today, mutaa is less needed and you can safely press your prospective bride to enter into Islam
  9. ^ you are too BUZDILL. You just get scared when I post this here and find excuses and nicks and post tactics to mask my posts from others, rather than let it persist and get more views. how many nicks you have made, Darth Vadera, "inshaAllah", and all the nicks you have but just one style of writing.
  10. People are FED UP with MQM TERRORISTS and PPP LOOTERS and PML Pudgy Kashmiri child labor abusers foundry and carpet weavers, and Corpulent Mullas. The best nation in our region is the Khorasan, which is Iran and Afghans. Iran - compare their history in DEEP detail with the Normans, VIkings, Yanquis and all the races of europe, from ATTILLA the Hun, Khazars, Slavs - was the most civilized people. Cyrus the Great, Praised in Quran, issued the first BILL OF RIGHTS for his subjects and Persians minimally engaged in any wars with the neighbors. The Afghans, never bowed themselves to any outside pow
  11. as someone in this forum used to spell, in Amerikkka
  12. Gillani's son is crying. Because he sold the sovereignty of the state and the lives of the citizens to the yanqui drones, killing the innocent citizens. He made a deal with the enemy of the FALSE-FLAGGER enemy of the people of Pakistan to kill the citizens inside the national borders. For this, the other parties are free to take revenge, when and as they see fit and Afghan Taliban are BLOOD THIRSTY for the lives of 40000 Yanquis to quench their thirst for one-for-one revenge. I am just an analyst and observer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=2Vl4MH3D6Mg To be precis
  13. Imran Khan is the best candidate. The corpulent religious clergy cannot fight, nor wield guns. This forum is baised and banned me on OSTENSIBLE fake reasons, and a few people here manufacture multiple nicks and personas to post and manufacture a feeling of activity, while there are really few knowledgeable members on this forum. http://www.zemtv.com...e-9th-may-2013/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=9XgaEECbWHY Gillani's son has been abducted. It is either a falseflag or because Gillani backstabbed the citizens of Pakistan by allowing YANQUIs to DRONE and KILL Them. M
  14. The HALAL food Dilemma - Poorly fed animal Suppose you are here in the USA and your mosque, whether shia, sunni, wahhabi or sufi says, Eat HALAL meat. Eat Halal Fish. So you go to an Iranian Restaurant. What do you get there? HEART ATTACK Halal Chicken that is SALINE INJECTED with SODIUM CHLORIDE or even Ammonia or Nitrate Washed. I have done EXTENSIVE FIELD RESEARCH on Halal. I have not found any source of CERTIFIABLY Healthy, Chicken, Goat, Beef, or Fish. The fish are mercury poisoned. The Chicken are fed on steroids and antibiotics and all kind of including their own ground meat and such, O
  15. Hey, European Racist, the Khazars are EUROPEAN, and you ANTI-SEMITES should take them back. http://www.presstv.i...fight-in-syria/ VERY TRUE. A fascinating model for the EXPULSION of muslims by EUROPEAN RACIST oil and gas THEIVES. May Allah's CURSE be on Ibne-Sauds for selling oil DIRT cheap to the YANKEES and not EXERTING leverage when they could. I urge the muslims to learn to FIGHT in the courts, share knowledge of business and manufacturing, and have large number of children and give them healthy foods to compete with other races and ESTABLISH as a SUCCESSFUL community in the USA like the
  16. ^ The far-reaching implications of this hypothesis may explain the great caution exercised by historians in approaching this subject -- if they do not avoid it altogether. Even though, the facts of non-semitic are obvious on their face, in their voice, and the color of their hairs and eyes. Many years ago, I started my quest for this hypothesis based on these basic facts before I even knew the word "khazar" which was after 9-11, after iraq invasion, and after I knew Mr Benjamin Freedman's speech, ie after youtube emerged. A lot of their FAMILY SECRETS have now come into open after their SPECI
  17. try to post here so others can also benefit I wanna encourage sharing and exorcise the hiding of knowledge and intra-competition and encourage cooperation which is why your recent forefathers were the slaves of the brits and you speak english and write in it, continue with it if you like your kids to be of slavish mentality ................ sorry if my attitude makes you unhappy as your attitude and of the muslim people and the races making it up drives me crazy as they dont want to be slaves but DO EXACTLY WHAT TAKES THEM TO THAT DESTINY.
  18. Dismayed by Vali Nasr's pussilanimous defense of Iranian or Shia national interest (and sold out to the US completely), and also the wahhabi guided process of flushing the Arab countries of their militant or unsatisfied youth and baiting them to take to another country to kill them and use them. The Al-Saud Yazeedis loved the Afghan Jihad against the soviets in the era of the DRINKER and the Drunkard, Fahd as an efficient method to flush their own youth. To shut down Dr Al-Masari, they, with the help of Israeli Jews and Neocons, and Bush, carried out the 9-11 Falseflag to put Al-Masri type CON
  19. Chapter 24: Origin of the Huns. (121) But after a short space of time, as Orosius relates, the race of the Huns, fiercer than ferocity itself, flamed forth against the Goths. We learn from old traditions that their origin was as follows: Filimer, king of the Goths, son of Gadaric the Great, who was the fifth in succession to hold the rule of the Getae after their departure from the of Scandza, -- and who, as we have said, entered the land of Scythia with his tribe, -- found among his people certain witches, whom he called in his native tongue Haliurunnae. Suspecting these women, he expelled th
  20. Jordanes - The Origin and Deeds of the Goths - Part of a Thesis, English Trans by Charles Gaius Mierow, Phd __ dept 1908 Princeton Univ, 108pgs.pdf Chapter 35: Attila the Hun. (180) Now this Attila was the son of Mundiuch, and his brothers were Octar and Ruas who are said to have ruled before Attila, though not over quite so many tribes as he. After their death he succeeded to the throne of the Huns, together with his brother Bleda. In order that he might first be equal to the expedition he was preparing, he sought to increase his strength by murder. Thus he proceeded from the destruction of
  21. History in perspective http://www.apfn.org/thewinds/library/khazars.html http://deen-al-islam.org/Spread%20of%20Islam%20and%20Timeline.htm I find it fascinating that perhaps 200years before the Holy Prophet's birth the Khazars or Atilla the Hun were swallowing up other tribes in eastern europe and Mediterranean. And during his lifetime or shortly thereafter, they finally defeated the Bulgars. The Prophet himself proclaimed in his lifetime that Gog and Magog have made a hole in the wall built by Zulqarnain.
  22. good job friend. this is the kind of spirit of sharing and discussing that can lead us closer to Allah's mercy. always, share knowledge and share the best of your gems of knowledge and insight.
  23. This will not work. The Iranians and Arabs are both too proud. The first will be the issue of language. The iranians are generally more KHUSH-AMAD to the white european races. While Pakistanis welcome all races and nations, even many arabs,afghans,chechens,etc settled in pakistan and married before 9-11 lived well, this may not be the case in other countries. For example, Urdu language has 30% persian, 30% arabic and rest hindi and turkish words. I dont know if Persian ever took words from sindhi or punjabi or balochi in such scale. I am just playing devil's advocate in the post above. :no: :n
  24. It is not possible to properly advise you without more DATA. (1) whats your education and job and nationality and of the other guy? (2) which city our country do you live? (3) what do your parents do as a job? (4) which sibling of yours got divorced and how does he/she now live alone? (5) what type of proposals did you get and did your parents discuss those with you and analyse them with you from various angles as in normal family discussion? (6) the 20 days of mutaa that you did with the other guy, what kinds of things did you do and what do you mean by no haram? where I come from, ie pakista
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