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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. bro did you find the lecture where your friend mujtaba shirazi talked abaout Ayatullah Khorasaani?

    Can you send it to me?

  2. All your hadiths are weak, they have fabricating pathological liars in their chains. The correct SAHEEH version is: "Every man is born a hezbullahi, but it is his parents that make him an Akhbari, Wahabi, or Polythiest" muhammad_follower [ra] June 2006 victory against Israel - made me Shia, few months later became Hizbullahi
  3. Salam alaikum wr wb, Does anyone know where I can download the full majlis that Imam Khamenei(ha) held for Sayyidah Zahra(as)? JAzakallahu akhir
  4. How many times does the Prophet(sawa) have to say: "HE IS MY KHALIFA AFTER ME" "I AM LEAVING BEHIND 2 KHALIFAS" "HE IS FROM ME, I AM FROM HIM" "12 LEADERS AFTER ME"
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUN2Zs0--SI For subtitle click CC on bottom right hand corner. Please spread this video on facebook/twitter. The world needs to understand this!
  6. For english subtitles --> click CC on bottom right hand corner of the video. "I am leaving 2 khalifas after me - Quran & AhlulBayt" - SAHIH "Ali, you are the the khalifa of every believer after me" - HASAN http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8CMOCw6fBk "The Caliphs after me are 12" - SAHIH "Ali has the same mastership (wilayah) that Allah(swt) and His Prophet(sawa) have over you, OH MUSLIMS!" - SAHIH (paraphrased)
  7. It is a SHAME, how we are attacking him personally. And by some of the older members here. Also why ON EARTH are we calling him "Qaari"? I know a million people who can recite well, and know Tajweed, but we don't call him Qaari. ----------------- Kamaal al-Haidary has called the likes of Dimishqiya, A BILLION TIMES in his programme, to reply to all of his (Kamaal's) research that he is protraying!
  8. Why do people think this is a new ruling? this ruling had been given YEARS ago, by about ALL our Maraaji' including Imam al-Khoie(rah): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHAjgH8drCU
  9. Wow, look at the state of the Ummah - and look at what we are arguing about? For how long are we going to worship our ego!? DO SOMETHING USEFUL FOR ISLAM!!!
  10. The video has been grossly edited. I have watched the full debates. In one edited part of the video, the disgusting man (Balushi) says: "I;ve heard accounts that you have been doing Mut'a - and your wife and son are angry at you." In other parts he calls him "Santa Claus." I am glad Tijani laughs it off, if it was me I would probably break Balushi's neck. :)
  11. It just KILLS me when "shias" with very VERY little knowledge about Islam talk about these issues.
  12. Salam alaikum wr wb,

    I just read a post few years ago 2009, about the book Scale of Wisdom, and Combat with the Self.

    I can't seem to find it anywhere in Asutralia. Do you know where I can find it?

  13. This guy is suffering a inferiority complex. He has been RIPPED into pieces by Ayatullah Sayyid Kamaal al-Haidary. We should not call him homosexual. Please brothers, this is no right. But unfortunately he has very VERY little knowledge. May Allah(swt) guide him. If anyone was to debate, it should start with TAWHEED: does Ibn Taymiyya believe that Allah(swt) is a JISM (body)?
  14. Brother, yo uwant to learn 'Ilm ul-Usool? Learn it from the Masters of Usool: Video lectures on Khaarej 'Ilm al-Usool by Ayatullah Sayyid Kamaal al-Haidary: http://www.alhaydari.com/sonad/alhaydari5/khareJ_asool/khareJ_asool001.wmv http://www.alhaydari.com/sonad/alhaydari5/khareJ_asool/khareJ_asool002.wmv http://www.alhaydari.com/sonad/alhaydari5/khareJ_asool/khareJ_asool003.wmv http://www.alhaydari.com/sonad/alhaydari5/khareJ_asool/khareJ_asool004.wmv http://www.alhaydari.com/sonad/alhaydari5/khareJ_asool/khareJ_asool005.wmv etc. up to lecture 22: http://www.alhaydari.com/sonad/alhaydari5/kh
  15. A friend of mine had a dream of the tyrants in his dream (Saddam Hussein), and he somehow destroyed them in the dream. It was interpreted by a very special Sayyid, that my friend (who had the dream) will have full control of his Nafs, and will NEVER do oppression (zulm) upon anyone in his life, because in the dream the symbol of Oppression (Saddam) was controlled and supressed. It seems very similar in your dream, where the rocket destroys Saddam's closet. InshaAllah you will have control of your nafs, and you will NEVER oppress the servants of Allah(swt).
  16. Mute the volume, and read the hadiths in the videos with the sanad.
  17. I don't really get what you mean by "banket permission?" Question: Can I say congregational prayer with my Sunni brothers? And can I lead prayers when I pray with them? Answer: There is no objection in standing in a Sunni congregational prayer. However, the person should recite Hamd and Surah on his own in the first two ‘Rak’ats’ – even if it has to be in low voice though. Also, it is permissible for him to lead them in prayer. http://www.sistani.org/local.php?modules=nav&nid=5&cid=559&hl=Sunni&sid=0&eid=0&page=2 I have heard a sheikh say that Sayyid al-Khui said you wi
  18. Brother, I sent you a private message. Did you get it.

  19. I do not deserve such kind words from you, who has helped guide me and thousands of your readers.
  20. According to medical knowledge and precautions, being anywhere near people with blood on them - IS A HUGE DANGER TO HEALTH.
  21. Brother if you can read arabic, the video is enough inshaAllah. In the last year I have been following him, HE HASN'T MENTIONED ONE OF HIS BELIEFS... all he has done is read Salafi Authenticated Books. Turn the sound off, if you think he is lying. Just watch and read the narrations in the books.
  22. I thought you meant Isnaad of the hadiths, regardless of whether they were in Sahihain or not. The Isnaad are in the books, pause the video and read - or check up the references. And if you don't accept - for example - Albaani's authentication, well than I am glad you have realised how low quality of a Muhaddith he was. Sunni brothers have refuted his intentional dishonesty and intellectual credibility here: http://www.seekingilm.com/archives/1035 Once people have refuted the Sunni claims against him, then they can come and discuss the Shia issues he has lied in. The only reason we use peopl
  23. OK sure brother. 1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glE1tcn1HGM The Prophet(sawa) would cry profusely, when Jiibrael(as) would narrate the Martyrdom of Hussein(as) in Karbala. Throughout the whole 6 videos, he goes through about 20 different SAHIH HADITHS - Albaani's authentication included! 2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZWlN0t8iaU Ever year, ON THE DAY OF ASHURA, the Sahaba would see the Prophet (sawa) dishevelled covered in sand, IN KARBALA, mourning and collecting the blood of Imam Hussein(as) and his companions. SAHIH SOURCES. 3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wzmpmdxxHIg Every r
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