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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Apparently Sunni people dont believe in making up prayers? She told me she doesnt have to make it up. its not like fasting...
  2. I done aamal at the local islamic center and had a dream that all of the ladies attending the majlis had doubled their hasanat. In the dream, infront of every lady next to me in majlis was a stack of worldy goods e.g. expensive creams and perfumes. Taking a second glance I realise that these stacks were doubled in quantity mashalla. A very powerful night hamdulla...
  3. Thank you hydar hydra- very good answer. Thanks for replying everyone- I did reply with saying that makeup forms a barrier etc but she does not understand why having a barrier and water not reaching the skin will nullify her connection with Allah (swt). Like throwing a bit of water around here and there will make her ready? How about someone who is sweaty and unhygenic- we dont have to wash our underarms so whats point of wudu, it doesnt clean you! She doesn't understand the concept of wudu- why do i need to wash myself 5 times to pray? I am already clean. I dont get why the fuss? Not sure how to reply in a convincing way?
  4. Salams all, I got asked the following questions by a Muslim sister. Please share your views- preferably with ahadith/proof :) 1. Why does it matter that need to take off my makeup to offer prayer? Is a bit of makeup going to nullify your wudu and your connection with Allah (swt)? Is Allah (swt) with all his mercy going to reject your prayer because of a small amount of eyeliner? Seriously?! 2. I dont wear hijab because it is not written in the Quran.
  5. Salams all, Just thought I will share an experience with you. Reading the bibliography of sadya Fatima al Zahra (as) I came across the hadith were She (as) requested a maid to help her with her house chores. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) taught her Tasbih al Zahra (34 times Allah Akbar, 33 times hamdulla, 33 times Subhanalla) and told her it was far better than a maid. Knowing the greatness of Tasbih Zahra, i started doing it at work when I am fatigued or drained down with fasting and subhanalla within minutes I get this enormous energy that keeps me going.... So I now do tasbih al zahra instead of my morning coffee, during my usual lunch time etc... it is very powerful hamdulla :) Feel free to share your ramadan experiences :)
  6. Some questions to ask Imam Ali (as): 1.What am I lacking? How do I improve? 2. How do I recognise the good shia and be in their company? 3. What sacrifice do you want me to do for the love of Allah (swt)? (keeping in mind all the ahlulbayt made a vital sacrifice e.g.: imam Hussain (as) )
  7. The birth of Sayda Fatima Zahra (as): During one of his ascensions to the heavens, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) consumed various fruits, fresh dates and apples of paradise. Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì transformed this food into water into the loins of the prophet and when he returned to Earth, he spent the night with Sayda Khadijah and subsequently the light of Fatema (as) entered her womb. Fatema is referred to as the human hourie in the sense that she lived on Earth like a human, however she was among the houries of paradise. Whenever the prophet desired to smell the sweet fragrance of paradise, he would go to Fatemah and smell her, as she emitted the fragrance of paradise and of the tree of Tuba. When Khadijah married the prophet (pbuh), the women of Makkah distances themselves from her. When Khadijah became pregnant with Fatema, Fatema would speak to her mother from the womb and console her. When the time of birth of Sayyidah Fatema arrived, she sent a message to the women of Quraysh and the Bani Hashim to assist her in childbirth, as was the custom of the time. However the women of Quraysh and Bani Hashim rejected her invitation. Sayda Khadeja became restless and dejected after hearing their reply, but Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì did not forsake her. Sayda Khadija saw 4 women enter her room. Looking at them, she was confused . Suddenly one of them said: "O Kadijah, do not be grieved! We have come to your aid by the command of Allah. We are your sisters, I am Sarah (the wife of the prophet Ibrahim), this is Asiyah (the wife of the pharaoh), who shall be your companion in paradise; while this is Maryam (the daughter of Imran) and the fourth one is Kulthum, the sister of prophet Musa. Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì has sent us to assist you at the time of childbirth. The ladies assisted her with childbirth. When Sayda Fatima (as) arrived in this world, a radiant light emerged from her that shone upon all the houses of Makkah and there was nothing in the east or in the west except that her glittering light gleamed upon. Suddenly, ten houries of paradise descended, carrying trays and pitchers filled with the water of the fountain of kawthar. The women washed Fatimah and two white pieces of cloth which were whiter than milk and emitted fragrance better than musk and amber were brought and she was wrapped in one of them, while the second one was used as a veil and scarf. Thereafter they requested Fatemah to speak. She opened her mouth and bore witness to the oneness of Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì and the prophethood of Muhammad (pbuh): "I bear witness that there is no diety worthy of worship except Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì and that my father is the messanger of Allah, the chief of the prophets, and that Ali is the chief of the vincegerents , and my sons are the leaders of the tribes (Asbat). Thereafter, she greeted the four women addressing them by their names. Reference:Shaykh Abbas Al-Qummi- House of Sorrows, purchased from: http://www.taqwamedia.com/shop/uk/index.php/
  8. ^ well said. Its very upsetting to see that in Sydney. Yet, when I emailed our islamic centres here about getting together and working on a dawa project in Sydney- didnt get any replies. Inshalla we will work on it as a community.
  9. Thanks to all your replies. I will rephrase question to following: If you are wearing a glittery dress or using a glittery body lotion, does the glitter particles PREVENT water from reaching the skin and hence invalidate wudu? Jazkulla kheir
  10. So she needs to do 10 from qada and 5 daily= 15 But she is at work all day and just getting the time to pray the 5 daily....
  11. As plato said- love is s serious mental state. Marriage is more about mutual respect and contentment and bringing each other closer to Allah (swt). It is not about worshipping each other out of "love" ... Love will fade but love for the sake of Allah (swt) never does. A chapter I read from yasmin Moghaed's book "relcaim your heart" which I find very true.
  12. I find it risky to marry someone from middle east. I don't like idea that your partner only choose you because of your citizenship. Yet again, these people deserve to live a better life (if such thing exists in reality) and they might turn out to be better people than you will meet here.
  13. Salams all, With so many good websites providing services to orphans all over the globe, I wonder whether there is a trustworthy charity organisation for shia muslims? I have been looking around but couldnt find anything. Please let me know...
  14. Salams all, My friend has had a few years of missed prayers. She doesn't know how to make them up. As in after a long day at work, she seems to be able to fit her daily wajib prayers only. What should she do? DOes she get accounted for all her missed prayers if she went to hajj recently?
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