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  1. How would that be just and fair? I think not.
  2. wow this was powerful. Thanks for sharing..... now Im getting offline to hang out with the family - sometimes we need that reality check ;)
  3. there is a trick to tying the hair under hijab.....give volume without wearing the khaleeji clip lol
  4. I think this comes naturally to most people, and therefore its not often discussed. Usually we speak freely with our friends.... we have conversations, we say random things, and we have comfortable silences. I have known a young man like you. He was a dear friend and therapy really helped him become more socially adept. He had to learn to pick up the non-verbal cues etc. Good luck! and dont let the stigma around therapy put you off!
  5. Feelings are fickle. Many who have loved and lost grieve for years. and yet people live on... you'll be fine :)
  6. Burkenstocks are amazing and come in 2 sole types - soft and hard. Dont know how suitable they are for in the house... http://www.birkenstock.com.au/
  7. They will not stop coming to my home! lol even though Iv given them the whole "thank you but no thank you" speech. So like another poster I buy the Watch Tower magazine to keep them happy and they go on their merry way. no harm done.
  8. I have declined hand shakes from males for the last 5 years (since wearing hijab). Recently however I have begun to shake hands purely to put people at ease. Tensions between muslims and non-muslims in my area are rising and I found that I was causing a lot of offence but knocking back friendly handshakes (its a cultural display of mutual respect in australia)! For those who want to avoid it, its very simple. Put your hand on your heart, tell them its a pleasure to meet them but you dont shake hands. did this exact routine 100s of times. MashAllah this is a lovely way for a man to approach the situation.
  9. This is a topic I often ponder. Yes, I think everyone has their own tests in life but I also find it difficult to accept the harsh reality of life, for a majority of the worlds people. Comparing myself to others, I wonder how our tests can be equal? I know all the typical responses to this question^ as stated above, but I am still uncomfortable with the suffering of others.
  10. Best fashion sites: http://www.inayahcollection.com/ http://hijabhouseonline.com.au/ http://dianakotb.com/
  11. I've seen a specialist and consulted with my faculty....Im transitioning into med :) Thanks for your advice. Definitely helps to be open and honest with your academic advisor!
  12. If its organic chem id get stuck into the lecture notes and readings recommended by your prof. So much to memorise in biochem! If its physical chem you will prob find text books like Brown-Lemay good at explaining concepts and a source of practice questions.
  13. Waalaikum Asalam, Never heard of such a thing. Maybe its a cultural superstition? Regardless, praying to Allah swt to protect your child should be more effective than wearing socks!
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