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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I've lost something very important to me, send duas that I find it inshallah. Side note: I need to control my anger.
  2. Why would some of you want Iran to have nuclear weapons? The only reason for nuclear weapons to be created is for it to be used, so why don't you guys ask yourself if you want Iran to use nuclear weapons? This is ridicules, any country that has nuclear weapons is on the other side of haq! Also, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has claimed numerous times that nuclear weapons are HARAM. You don't even have to follow a marja to make the human rational claim that nuclear weapons are no good. No good to have, no good to make and no good to threaten with. So, no I do not support Iran having nuclear weapons...
  3. Salam, This is genuine request to anyone that reads this post. My father needs duas, he is somehow still chasing this dunya with his old age and the world keeps pushing him to his knees and I don't know how I can help him. Please if anyone is going to zirayat to iraq or iran please please keep my family in your prayers. R.A
  4. Salam, Do any of you have links to a website that can teach me how to pray salat Ul Layl? Thanks, R.A
  5. I wonder if negative zero really does exist and it takes us to a paradox universe that transcends time and space. It is currently 3:36 am and I'm scared to sleep because I had a dream about judgement day last night and I'm kinda freaking out because I'm simply not ready to die. Also I've watched about 3-4 of hajj Hassanain lectures about self improvement and I'm pretty sure I'm wasting my life away. Send duas for my family also please. Salam
  6. Love in islam is commitment and so with this claim it is very much articulated in islam that love can be learned. The problem with "love" and/or "commitment" before marriage is that their is no contract that can protect one another from a destructive godless system. I do agree that some people are just not compatible with one another, and so how to you make the cognitive decision on who to marry. My answer to this claim is that family is key to know the qualities of your future spouse. Inshallah khair, also their are different forms of marriage and alhamidillah Allah swt has made it easier for
  7. Every year ever since I could remember Eid has been filled with arguments, disappointments and lies. The only thing I like about Eid is gathering In the masjid but we always end up being late so even that is a disappointment. Iolz @ expectations.
  8. "Below being posted for information - they are "traditional Sunnis" followers of one the four Sunni schools, however, they are affiliated with the Zaytuna Institute and the infamous Hamza Yusuf who has made statements against Shi'a leaderships in Iran and Lebanon, and therefore should NOT be considered a trusted source of information. " What's wrong with Hamza Yusuf? What has he said wrong?
  9. Send duas...I've been feeling not so great lately.
  10. You're preaching to the choir! When a girl is ready for marriage she is very vulnerable and it does no good for the backward supposed "advice". I could have easily fallen for the price game(&belived in it) but I've seen firsthand how a large mahr does not equate to a happy marriage. It is unfortunate that some cultures ruined a beautiful marriage ceremony into becoming a delusion fantasy of greed. Inshallah I don't fall for such a sickness, but you never know tbh the shaytan strikes you when you're most vulnerable so I hope the stress of looking for a partner does not make me a hyprocrite.
  11. My sister had 7 dresses other than her engagement dress and wedding dress. So basically 9 dresses in total that cost a little under 3 grand and she spent 5 grand on the hall, food, and flowers. It was a complete waste tbh but I feel like she was pressured by our community(that dont even like her btw) to have a big extravagant wedding. I hear numerous times from relatively practicing aunties that if a girl doesn't get a big mahr then something must be wrong with her, like she is cheap or something along those lines. I have fortunately learned from my sister's mistake and will be very cautious w
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