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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salam alaykom, i want to know more about the state of barzakh the life after death. i can't find anything about it (shia) could someone send me information about it, a link to a site, or a vid or explanation from itself. eltemase doa
  2. No that is very wrong I am changed and i did do it for Allah not for her she just showed me so i could change. Its not that ive changed so i can get her back because i pray at home alone no one seeing me except of Allah. It's not that i want her back at all Its just that i cant get her out of my mind because i still love her very much
  3. Salam alaykom This girl i still like .. Here's what happenend I know a girl for a very long time we were very good friends and she meant the most to me but still as a friend. One moment she made me angry and we didnt talk for months. When i came back from vacation in iran i really started changing and i learned more about my religion. I learned how to read ghoran and how to pray. My iman was so good alhamdolelah. I started to get rid of all my friends because they were to busy performing sins After some months this girl started talking to me again. I told her sooo many times that i was changed and i dont want any contact with her. But she still did mean very much to me. But with this i still wanted her to leave me alone. But she didn't she liked how i was changed and she wanted me to help her out. I did tell her so many times i cant while she meant a lot to me. So i started to help her out with everything. One moment i fell in love with her while she was my bestfriend it felt very weird but she had the same thoughts. We had a relationship and i helped her out very much she also started praying and even started wearing hejab. I did help her very much. After a very long time i started to talk to my friends again and i lost my iman i stopped praying and started doing sins. I was changed so much. And i made her sad, she started crying and was stressed all the time she couldn't handle me. I didn't care and this time she told me to pray. But i didnt listen. Till one day she couldnt handle it anymore and she broke up. She was totally right and i know it now. Now i've lost her i started praying again and i get rid of all those friends and sins. I am so sorry for what i've did but i've become the old me again with iman. But still i miss this girl so much. We would engage soon if i didn't act that stupid and my parents still don't know she doesn't want me anymore. I now realised how bad i am in love with her and i want to engage now my parents still waiting. But the girl told me she doesn't love me anymore because of what i did. I told her that i am changed again. She also knows is but Says its too late. Even though i pray every day of forgetting her. I cant get her out of my mind. I am just so lost now i dom't know what to do. I want to talk to her so badly but if i do i know she will make me just more sad i just dont know what to do.
  4. Can you perform tayamum with a mohr/torbah? Saturday will be going to spain inshallah I will be sitting in the bus and I wont be able to do wudhu for salat fajr so i need to do tayamum
  5. My dear brother, ofcourse you're allowed to offer namaz at home. Masjid is not wajib. Salam alaykum
  6. We have a toilet in the bus I can't do wudhu there and I dont think that we will stop at 6oclock when its time for fajr so yes that would be a problem:p
  7. Thank you both brothers but if how can I perform tayammum in the bus? I don't know how it works.. I only know it with sand but thant isn't possible I guess. And should I pray maghreb in 2 rakaat? Isha in 2 rakaat? And fajr in 2 rakaat?
  8. Salam alaykum I've a question about praying while travelling by bus. Next week I am going to Spain with my school and we will sit in the bus for 17 hours. I'm going from Holland to French and then Spain. I will go 19.30 while maghreb is 20.00. I will also miss fajr but I'll be able to pray zohr the next day. How should I pray maghreb and isha and fajr while i'm in the bus for 17 hours? thank you for reading.
  9. I have alot of sunni friends and we pray togheter but am i praying with REAL muslims and are the prayers of them accepted? And in the mosque fot jummah prayer im te only shia is only my prayer valid or what? Also if the sunni are real muslims does that mean that shia are better brothers than sunni brothers?
  10. Thats in the us but in iran they also still have it everywhere?
  11. Thank you very much for your answer i will not wear it! But in iran there all very mch people wearing it theyre muslims..
  12. Salam alaykum, i have a question about the Iranian symbol farvahar, i know it is something of the old persian religion zartosht but i want to know is it haram to wear it as necklace? Because it is something of another religion and i am ira ian myself i see in iran they have and sell it everywhere while its islamic republic It shows zartosht which is a not accepted religion what if you wear that symbol?
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