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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The ignorance of most people who swarm on Shiachat leads me to the conclusion that It's better for me to refrain from posting on these forums. It's a shame to even know that people who call themselves Shias yet reject simple concepts of Imams and Quran verses. Please delete my account, thanks.
  2. Again, keep posting as if you're a Scholar, masha'Allah everyone on Shiachat is a Scholar now. As I said, Shias don't ask help from anyone but Allah (swt) but we ask THROUGH his holy Prophets because we know that their duas have a significantly higher chance of being accepted. Let's say you're applying to a job at some company, you need to submit your CV to the boss to look at it and then decide. But you also know that you have a really close friend who is the head-manager of that company. Wouldn't it be logical for you to ask your friend to talk to the boss to hire you? That's exactly how Say
  3. Nothing in this verse nor the context states that we aren't allowed to use the Prophet as a waseela to reach Allah (swt) after his life-time. And, have you heard this verse: ولا تحسبن الذين قتلوا في سبيل الله أمواتا بل أحياء عند ربهم يرزقون So you're saying the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) did not die in the way of Allah (swt)?
  4. I don't think I've ever read anywhere that it's "haram" but I surely read that it is indeed makrouh. It's makrouh because on the day of judgement, the people who will be holding their books in their right hand are the ones that Allah (swt) was pleased with. And the ones who will be holding their books in their left hands, are the ones that Allah (swt) will punish severely. Being left handed, i honestly don't know. I would tell you to try and become right handed instead but that's really difficult yet not impossible. May Allah (swt) guide all of us.
  5. I don't understand, are you trying to make a mockerie out of Imam Mahdi's race?
  6. I'm one of the many followers of Sayyed Fadlullah. It's sad to see the Shias of Muhammad (pbuh) fight and argue each other regarding such a subject when there are people who are slandering their holy Prophet on a daily basis. I don't even understand how you call yourself lover of Ahlul-Bayt when you slander one of the Scholars from the tree of the Imams. @Ali Hussain: No one is infallible except the Prophets and Ahlul-Bayt.
  7. Anything related to candies, cookies, cakes, pastry, etc (excluding meat) undergoes a process of istihala. However, as everyone knows it's best to stay away from gelatine.
  8. Khums is an obligation, you must pay it regardless of what you make. It's a very serious subject as according to some Scholars, not paying Khums voids all your other wajibat (prayers, fasting, etc). Khums literally means one-fifth. It's as simple as paying 20% of whatever savings you've made that year. If you made $100,000 but spent $30,000, then your savings are $70,000. Pay 20% of that amount which equals to $14,000. According to Imams, Khums is obligatory on the following: the profit or the surplus of the income. the legitimate wealth which is mixed with some illegitimate wealth. mines and
  9. So you pretty much repeated exactly what I wrote in my post. I explained why It's impermissible to play chess according to Scholars not according to Imams. Maybe you'll credit me next time. Thanks.
  10. Ah alright makes sense, thanks alot.
  11. Allah (swt) might be testing you just like he tested his own Prophets multiples times. You should keep yourself busy, whenever you have free time, the Shaytan will come to you and try to get you to do things that upset Allah (swt). Also always read Surat Al-Nas and Surat Al-Falaq when you wake up and before you go to sleep.
  12. I believe I'm posting in the right area, sorry If it isn't. But how do we add a signature? I can't seem to figure it out in the account settings...can someone help me out? :D Thanks.
  13. I don't think people understand, here I'll put it in a small sentence maybe people will understand it this way. First, Allah (swt) was the first one to use tawassul. He used his prophets as a waseela to send his messages to the human beings. (understand the word " tawassul ") Secondly, Shias use tawassul in a sense that they ask Allah (swt) THROUGH Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) or anyone from his Ahlul Bayt. I think that's the part where most people are just confused and start bashing others. We don't ask anyone but Allah (swt) but we use his Prophets as a waseela to reach Allah (swt) because we kno
  14. Usually talking to a Sheikh or Sayed who either works there or comes very often is a good idea. Telling a guy my parents would love to have you over for dinner or something is kindof wierd..since she said that the guy isn't necessarily showing attention. I'd first ask a Sheikh or a Sayed to maybe talk to the guy before inviting him over. And always ask people about that person, the last thing you want is you seeing a guy in a certain way then when you get engaged he completely changes.
  15. Beautiful. Before falling asleep after praying Salatul-Layl, I always beg Allah (swt) to keep me alive to be able to fight alongside our 12th Imam.
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