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  1. Maraji' too are a public figure but you can't attack them on here.
  2. It asks God to curse the first, the second, the third, the fourth, and the fifth (Yazid), so tell me who are the first four who have Yazid as their fifth?
  3. To the Batris who are against tabarra, are you going to tear down Ziyarat Ashura?
  4. Did your wife lead an army against the Imam (as) of her time? Imam Ali (as) put her in house arrest. Aisha sent arrows on the funeral of Imam Hassan (as). Who is Khamenei? And how is he a representative of Imam Mahdi (AJ)?
  5. This guy ain't even a marja'. BTW, Sayyeda Fatima (as) cursed Abu Bakr, is she a fitna monger?
  6. These Shias who want unity with the Sunnis are Batris, people who claim to be Shias yet love the enemies of the Ahlul-Bayt (like the first three caliphs).
  7. http://purifiedhousehold.com/2014/12/31/eid-al-zahra/
  8. According to some narrations, Abu Lu'lu' is in Paradise.
  9. It seems Umar knows more than the Prophet (S)...
  10. Now they have Sayyed Ammar Nakshawani (HA) to attack.
  11. The Shariah calls for stoning (SMH), and you wonder why people dislike Islam?
  12. OK. I will solve it. 8-9 of the "Promised Paradise" are in Hell.
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