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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Lebanese people just can't handle the taste of Fijil.

  2. Thanks guys! Ali Imran, dont' get too complacent, you're only a day older than me.

  3. My favourite has to be Lost and Prison Break, and not in any order. I can't stand Grey's Anatomy, especially its stupid advert *puts on fony american accent* Grey's anaaaaatomy haaas arrived.. on Fiiiive. I like House, CSI and Law and Order. I can't stand reality shows, but there's this really eyebrow raising one called Beauty and the Geek, it's unbelievably funny. Just get a herd of nerds and a giggling group of bimbos and enjoy.
  4. ^Who's your uncle?? He actually writes that Qassayyed??
  5. That picture is so humiliating, I absolutely love it. :lol:
  6. Blimey.. you can't be serious. It must be hell for a chemist trying to say it.
  7. SaraMakoSurname


    I'm computer Illiterate.. A bit like you I think..
  8. Cold, it's a great WAKE UP call in the morning.. Unless it's something chocolatey, because I would want it to mix with the milk.. mmmm
  9. That's good for my future reference. Great advice!
  10. Bassim Karbalaie, he's too good man!
  11. Well whoever carved it is really good at it.. It looks perfect, not crudely done.
  12. If Beckham misses the penalty... it isn't going to go on target.. hence Saddam will not get the death penalty.. which means he aint gonna die..
  13. I really really liked those, reminded me of the 'good old days'... *sigh*
  14. Blimey people! Get with it, Beckham sucks!
  15. Why recycle Garbage? :huh: ADF
  16. What a desparate wierdo... Ofcourse Zain is always worse!
  17. I think we should all promote the freedom and peace of gnomes... they were created as free creatures and should remain so :angry:
  18. Personally, I think Zain wrote it.. as he he loves shopping with Spongebob..
  19. Perosnally, I think that As-Salamu Alaikum is the best greeting anyone can give, it's very Islamic as it promotes respect and love. What can be better than Peace Be Upon You, And God's Mercy and God's Blessings?
  20. I voted No, I think they're fine just the way they are.
  21. Out of my sight! Thou dost infect my eyes My one is the best! :D :D :D
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