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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. SAlaam alaykum to all . Im opening this topic for now when is the last day of fasting. i think is the 8 of august? and the eid is the 9th of august? in thinking like this because there is allways 30 days for jafaitas and we started the 9th of july..so wa salaam
  2. Thanks to all brothers. It got clear !!!
  3. bother i continue read it other article and make me a mix in the head. In the Zhuhur time 13:09 according to tha time i pray DHUHUR with all the rules of a normal pray and after i finish, i can continue with the ASR and alll the rules of noral asr. Same for the MAGRIB and ISHA. In MAgrib time (20:59 hs) i pray the magrib and when i finish the 3 rak'as i can star the ısha i( i dont need to wait the 22:17) is correct like this? And after pray the magrib and the isha . can broke the fasting. is this correct too? the times i took from praytme.info and with leva institute i calculation according to my city (Istambul), Thanks for the patience. wa salaam
  4. Brother Abu Hadi, thanks for your answer i understand what you say thanks . I will do my best this ramadhan wa salaam
  5. Salaam alaykum Brothers I must say first im a new shia imami, im becoming from maliki madhab and i'am in the middle of the transition, and i have some probems to understend the salaat time and the broking time of the fast in this Holy Ramadhan that will start the 9 of july ( as i get) the first i learn reading the pays of the zuhur and asr mus be praying together, and the magrib and isha too. But i didnt get exacly how is is, im sure is more simple than i think this is the time of the salat for the Tuesday Imsaak 3:35 Fajr: 3:52 Sunrise: 5:39 Dhuhur:13:09 ASR: 17:09 Sunset: 20:39 Magrib: 20:59 Isha: 22:17 in witch excltly time i must perfom the dhuhur- asr and in witch time the magrib-isha according with that time? and other acording to that time at witch time i must brock the fasting I must do this asks for here beacause i downt know any follower of Ahlul bayt (AS) in Turkey that knows english . Wa salaam and thanks for the help
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