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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    allahsparadise reacted to AhlulBayt_313 in Embarassed And Depressed   
    Dear young one,
    I know that he made you feel a certain way about yourself; however, I think you reacted as an adult. For a random person to walk up to you and speak to you in such a manner (he might be clinically insane)..
    I am happy you walked away ;) 
    Imam Baqir, the fifth Imam, (as) said: "No one is safe from sins unless the one controls his/her tongue." [bihar-ul-Anwar, vol. 78, p. 178]
    You might not feel it at the moment, but you are the stronger person in this situation (probably the most intelligent and mature one as well). You used commonsense, you didn't engage with someone who seems mentally disturbed, you guarded your tongue, you protected yourself from committing errors (i.e. sins); pick your head up!!  
    You did the right thing :angel: 
    (wasalam)  AB313
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    allahsparadise reacted to Little_Socrates in Embarassed And Depressed   
    1.) Never share your problems, especially not on this site. It's psychiatrists seem to think that insulting you even more is the cure lol. I know it's rediculous.
    2.) you learned a lesson from it so that is good. Next time Man up and hold your ground!
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    allahsparadise reacted to Al-Hassan in Information On Wudo   
    Explain it to her in a very simple way. In our belief system, Wudoo is a method of purifying one's self, both spirituality and physically. Allah has ordered us to perform Wudoo using the method taught to us by the prophet(pbuh) every time we pray towards him because we are ordered to be in a clean spiritual and physical state when we offer our prayers to him. 
    If we offer our prayers to Allah(swt) without Wudo, then he will not accept our prayers. 
    It's almost similar to going to a job interview. Why do people dress nice and formally when meeting with their future manager at a job interview? You can think of that similarly to Wudo in a sense that, the manager interviewing you would most likely not accept to hire you if you had came to the interview, say wearing shorts and a tank top, just as Allah(swt) would not accept your salat without performing Wudo.
    The link below explains how one should perform Wudo
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    allahsparadise reacted to Al-Hassan in Is It Okay That I Do This?   
    You need to ask your self why you want to do it in the first place.  What's driving you to take money behind your parents back?
    I know that you feel you are getting a little amount despite the hard work you put in to earn the money, but you must also have remorse and mercy for your parents if they are going through a financial crisis that you are too young to be aware of. If that is the case, then you should not feel bad for giving the money because you are helping your parents in their times of need, and in front of Allah(swt), it is a reward able act. 
    Moreover, what you give away as charity in this Dunya or loose, will be given back to you in the Akhira, and hence, you will be generously rewarded for helping your parents out. With that being said, do you want to lose all that just for taking an extra 10 Euro's behind your parents knowing?
    Not only is it haram, because you're technically stealing, it is also not worth it brother. Change your Niya and don't take it.. These are your parents not some strangers. I'm pretty sure they have a valid and wise reason for taking your work money in the first place that you might not understand until you fully mature. Plus, it is important to consider that, the amount you are giving them, holds much lesser weight than what they have given you ever since you were born till today, that is; food, shelter, love and most importantly bringing you up to be a proper Muslim and a righteous follower of the Ahlulbayt(as).
    If you take that money without them knowing, you will regret it for the rest of your life. 
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    allahsparadise reacted to بعيد in Parents Don't Want Me To Marry Yet?!   
    Welcome to the club, Akhi.
    Getting married while in university is something like a miracle these days, as much as I hate the aspect of marrying at 30.
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    allahsparadise reacted to Al-Mufeed in [TRASH PIT]I Want To Marry A Lebanese Girl   
    I am tempted to lock this thread because it brings down the quality of the site.
    It doesnt matter what age you are - marriage is good for any one - but if your mentality is such that you want to limit your marriage choice by some thing as silly as a particular ethnic/national group, and for a silly and unfounded reason - you are not ready to get married.

    InshaAllah when you mature a bit you will be more successful.
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    allahsparadise reacted to Sumerian in The Trouble With Darwin   
    They have found that humans fossils are older than apes.
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    allahsparadise reacted to Grief in Write Your Love Letter   
    Quite ironic isn't it. Saint Valentine performed marriage ceremonies and this is how the day got its significance. What a disgrace to the Saint's legacy by what the day is used for today, isn't it? Iddie bittie tweens giving Valentine grams to each other at my school. So dumb and pointless.
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    allahsparadise reacted to Inspiring Eyes in Be Taha   
    Assalamu Alaikum Brothers and sisters,
    Here is a beautiful poem on Imam Mahdi(ajtf) in Persian (English subtitles). I recomend you all listen to it. Its so sad. :cry:

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    allahsparadise got a reaction from بعيد in Wow, Just Wow.   
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    allahsparadise reacted to بعيد in Wow, Just Wow.   
    Meanwhile in America...

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    allahsparadise reacted to Abu'l Khattab in Nurse Your Wife   
    If my wife wants to eat horrible tasting food, sure, I'll cook for her. 
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    allahsparadise reacted to بعيد in Nurse Your Wife   
    It's really depressing to know there are "Men" out there who can't take care of their wives when they're ill. How can anyone say they love their wife if they can't handle scenarios when things go bad? It's one thing to attempt and perhaps fail but to complain and not try at all? It's like a totally inconceivable thought to me since it just seems like common sense but I'm sure there are plenty of sisters out there with husbands like this unfortunately.
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    allahsparadise reacted to Mlle. Advice in Nurse Your Wife   
    This is some crash course for most of the men out there in the Middle East and elsewhere. In my opinion I think every man should be given this course before getting married... :lol:
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    allahsparadise reacted to Grief in Nurse Your Wife   
    Nurse Your Wife - An extract from Principles of Marriage - Family Ethics by Ayatollah Ibrahim Amini - http://www.al-islam.org/principles-marriage-family-ethics-ayatullah-ibrahim-amini
    The husband and wife always need each other's cooperation and expression of love. However, this need becomes more intense at times of illness and on other similar occasions. An ill person, just as he needs a doctor and medicine, requires nursing and loving care. A good nurse would be able to help a patient recover better and faster.
    A woman also expects her husband to nurse her when she is bed-ridden. She expects him to care for her more than her parents.
    A woman who works at home like a maid, deserves such loving care from her husband. She rightly expects her husband to take care of her.
    Paying for treatment and medicine is one of the usual expenditures of life and a man is duty-bound to provide her with the necessary money. A woman who is working at home without any wages, certainly has a right to expect her husband to pay for her treatment.
    There are men who are shamelessly unfair. They use their wives when they are healthy and able, but refuse to pay money when they are ill. Any little money men spend for their wives' treatment is accompanied by many complaints. Some men, if they feel the cost of treatment is high, might even lose their wives. Is this behaviour really fair?
    "A woman was complaining about her husband. She said: 'I was working hard at home and went through many happy and harsh times with my husband. However, now that I have become ill my husband wants to leave me'."
    Dear Sir! if you are interested in your happiness and your family's prosperity, you must take your wife to a doctor when she becomes ill. You must pay for her treatment. Moreover, you must nurse her kindly. Now that she has left her parents to live with you, she expects you to be more loving to her than her parents. She is your partner and the mother of your children. Sympathize with her and make her hopeful of a speedy recovery. Cook for her [mhm]. Prepare suitable food and buy the prescribed items. Feed her. All this will make her happy.
    Keep the children quiet. Be watchful of her at night. Whenever she is awake ask how she is. If she cannot sleep because of pain, then stay up with her. You can even ask your children to help you look after their mother. Do not ever leave your wife unattended, especially when she is in pain.
    At such times, your wife would notice your love and would in turn love you more. She would be proud of you and would attend to you and the children more, once she is healthy again.
    "The Prophet (S) of Islam stated: 'The best of you is the one who is better towards his family, and I am to my family the best among all'."
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    allahsparadise reacted to Daylight1 in At What Age Should A Girl Get Married? 9, 15 Or 25?   
    The Qur'an says that a girl may marry quite young; and if she is mature enough to want to be a wife, then she would make a good one.  Allah is the age decider.  :rolleyes:
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    allahsparadise reacted to Grief in At What Age Should A Girl Get Married? 9, 15 Or 25?   
    Nope. You have got it all wrong. Ayatollahs are more 'perfect' than most people on this planet. Including you and including all the people who stop individuals from getting married early due to their tribal issues with it.
    "they only care for halal and haram when they allow or recommend something"... They care about what the Prophet (pbuh) (the GUIDE of mankind) recommended and not what other unwise people think. They have prescribed the perfect prescription.
    Firstly, Ayatollahs derive divine laws from Islamic sources + they have Baseera which is insight and they prescribe not out of solely their own opinion, but out of what the Prophet (pbuh) and the Aimmah (as) have taught us.
    Intellectual compatibility... I'm pretty sure both young husband and young wife are equally intellectually compatible due to their ages. That didn't even make sense. Harmony between husband and wife? I'm sorry I didn't realize that you had to be old men and women to experience the elusive feeling of harmony.
    Becoming 'more mature' and 'more experienced' and 'open to opportunities' and 'more people'??? I'm sorry but I didn't know that I was going to go out and meet other women while I'm married and have 'more opportunities'.
    In that case, a 30 year old man shouldn't get married because 'more opportunities' may arise in future and he might regret it.
    ? Since when have you become qualified to define the purpose of marriage?
    So according to you a 16-18 marriage has no purpose other than sexual satisfaction while a 20-25 marriage has some oh so strange higher purpose that cannot be achieved in youth?
    JazakAllah. I'd rather follow my Prophet (pbuh) and our Aimmah (as) and Allah rather than some opinionated people who think early marriage is not wise for man-made tribal/cultural reasons.
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    allahsparadise reacted to PenOfTruth in At What Age Should A Girl Get Married? 9, 15 Or 25?   
    Fatima NMA:
    The Prophet (S) said, 'When any young person gets married at the prime of his youth, his inner Satan cries out in rage, 'Woe unto him! Woe unto him! Two thirds of his faith have now been secured against me, and he has only to be careful of his duty to Allah in the remaining third.’[Bihar al-Anwar, p. 221, no. 34]
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    allahsparadise reacted to Grief in At What Age Should A Girl Get Married? 9, 15 Or 25?   
    In your opinion it's stupid; okay. In my opinion it's stupid to leave marriage for such a late time in life because you are just increasing opportunities for yourself to displease Allah. Ayatollah Ibrahim Amini knows a lot more than you do about human nature and Islamic recommendations, so regardless of whether you think it's insane, young marriages work out a lot of the time. I tend to agree with him becasue I know how it is with the youth. They are corrupted if not married early (in almost all cases although there are anomalies of course). I'm following his advice and so is my wife.
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    allahsparadise reacted to Al-Hassan in Do You Know Anyone Who Met Their Spouse On A Site?   
    Why are you angry dear brother? :mellow:
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    allahsparadise reacted to Grief in Marriage - Financial Need   
    The Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.) has stated that a person who does not perform Nikah on account of his poor financial condition does not have faith and confidence in God. God says:‘If they be needy, Allah, out of His grace will make them free from want.
    - Tahzeeb Ul-Islam
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    allahsparadise reacted to PenOfTruth in Confessing Love - Would You?   
    How can it happen before marriage, you have only seen him for a short amount on time. It can start with mental and or physical attraction but not love.
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    allahsparadise reacted to sunrise_786 in Headscarf, Leggins And Skinny Jeans?   
    nope, not proper hijab at all. If the clothes are so tight, it defeats it main purpose. its not just hair we have to cover. It's our body shape.
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    allahsparadise reacted to Grief in Hair & Modesty?   
    We all know that at the end of the day, covering the hair is a command from Allah and we must obey. No one denies this, but discussion is not Haram.
    All I'm asking is if people think that the covering of the hair is merely a symbol of a Muslima? Or does it actually contribute to the modesty of the dress of Hijab.
    I hope there are no misunderstandings.
    Due to the nature of recent discussions on here about the hair's contribution to the beauty of the woman and the opposing arguments about how covering the hair is merely a symbol and not a contributor to the modesty of a woman, and that a woman can be modest without covering her hair, etc...
    I have this to ask. What are your personal opinions on these two types of dress. Is one more modest than the other or not?
    No hair cover, but some elements of modesty are there (loose clothing):
    Proper, complete Islamic Hijab:Please make your votes based on your opinions and justify them below. (wasalam)
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    allahsparadise reacted to Little_Socrates in Who Is The Most Knowledgeable On Shiachat?   
    It is me Socrates of course. I am so knowledgeable that admins get jealous and delete my posts. :) 
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