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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. JazakAllah for this post brother :)
  2. hahahaha thanks for the laugh.
  3. That's the thing even though I asked him politely not to touch me he just got mad for some reason but you know ignorance blinds people. salaam, not at all thank you for sharing :) Alhamdulilah you are well and thank you for the advice .. with us sisters it's very difficult because you don't know if they want to pull your hijab off or even hit you like your experience. Thanks again sis :)
  4. Salaam all! InshAllah everyone is doing well today. So today I had to go grocery shopping and once I was finished and waiting in line for my turn I instantly feel someone touching my back.... :blink: freaked out I turn around and see and old white guy just standing there telling me how my scarf was pretty, I told him not to touch me again and I guess he got mad at me for asking him not to touch me so he decided to say a few words that were very inappropriate and uncalled for, like i was a stuck up ------. Alhamdulilah my older sister was with me and she was furious :realangery: :mad: long s
  5. Inshallah our Imam(as) protects all of the zuwar
  6. Salaam, i came across this video and i want to know your thoughts on it .. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PogOOpI1j-c
  7. Salaam all, Just a few days ago a sunni brother approached me and was asking questions anyways long story short he reached his hand out to shake my hand and i told him i couldn't shake his hand, Is it only shia that don't shake hands with men/women? i thought sunni people didn't either.. anyways let me know, I was just curious .. jazakallahkum khair
  8. salam all inshallah all is doing well .. so i was thinking and thought it would be a great idea if during ramadan we would all read the Quran together so like everyday we read a surah or two or read it differently .. i thought it would be a good idea too keep each other motivated to read all of the Quran during ramadan, inshallah all is willing to try with me and inshallah we can all help each other achieve this goal wasalam Hadith No. 03 Ramadan: The Month of Revelation of the Holy Quran Imam Redha (A.S.) has said: If one asks, "Why is it that the fasts were made obligatory excl
  9. good story wish it was better for you! .. thought i was the only one lol
  10. mom - love her to death she raised us on her own and will always love her Dad- dont really have a relationship probably because he's not here .. confused on the choice he made :( but then again who needs dads right? lol jk
  11. wow those are high expectations, i don't think you'll find wife no.4 easily! good luck :P
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