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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. its a long story that i cannot explain in typing perhaps if anyone wishes me to call them and explain feel free to send me a phone number in a message!
  2. being a sayed does give me information passed on from generations and i do have knowledge and asked a couple of friends about this topic and they even answered there is no need to wait an hour or two, if you are sunni it may matter to you but if you were shia, there is no need to wait! please do your research before posting
  3. reading english islam is not the best but arabic quran gives you zakat, hasanat and the quran is one wonderful book to read
  4. nothing can stop you doing it if you cant control it, you need to keep control of yourself, maybe read quran before you sleep, or a story for instance and try to control your outcome.
  5. in the holy book of quran is stated who ever kills himself intentionally (suicide) he goes directly to hell because there is no need to kill yourself, you die when Allah wants you to so if Allah wrote that you will be hit by a bus tommorrow then thats how you are going to die, you cannot kill yourself and believe i will go to heaven, no one can change how they die, they could in real life but that would lead straight to hell
  6. no offence, but wearing hijab only when you pray, your prayer is invalid because Allah dosent except prayers without hijab , even though you didnt like wearing it, it is still important if you are muslim, if you love Allah and his messenger. you have to put islam ahead of anything in your life like love, family, job, education or whatever, and if you dont want to wear hijab and only want to pray once a week or month then you are not muslim, a muslim obeys Allah's rules, he prays 5 times daily, if you are a women you must wear hijab, you have to read quran you need to kind and give to the poor, and if you can only accomplish these once a week or month and dont wear hijab during the period of the week or month, you are not muslim, NO OFFENCE!
  7. all types of musical instruments are haram and the most relaxing music to listen to is quran, duaa
  8. learning quran has alot og thawab, zakat, hasanat and Allah will appreciate you learning the quran in your free time and also trying to learn even if you have some bad memory because if Allah asks you in judgement day why didnt you learn the quran you will reply i have a bad memory he is going to ask you have you tried? learning quran is easier if you understand it more than learning word by word! give it a go Allah is always there to help you learn the holy quran
  9. celebrating nowruz is also haram because it is not an islamic holy day, According to the teachings of islam as our beloved prophet muhammad says do not do acts as pagans do so we shouldnt celebrate such says like nawroz,christmas......... and that is sin 45:18]Then We put thee on the (right) Way of Religion: so follow thou that (Way), and follow not the desires of those who know not. also: 58:22] Thou wilt not find any people who believe in Allah and the Last Day, loving those who resist Allah and His Messenger, even though they were their fathers or their sons, or their brothers, or their kindred. For such He has written Faith in their hearts, and strengthened them with a spirit from Himself. And He will admit them to Gardens beneath which Rivers flow, to dwell therein (for ever). Allah will be well pleased with them, and they with Him. They are the Party of Allah. Truly it is the Party of Allah that will achieve Felicity.
  10. Islam Is Not A Game, You Either Join In Or Out!

  11. many people these day don't have time to pray or read quran and that link to islam is breaking, in order to have a strong muslim link you should fulfil and find enough time to make sure these rituals are complete so their links to islam are strong its like a power socket and a computer in order to get power to use the computer you need to plug in the socket so that links electricity to the computer so we muslims must have a strong link to our islam, we need to spend less time doing junk and more time praying and fulfilling all the rituals. lets say I pray only 4 prayers on time and I always every day pray salat fajr late, this lateness of salat is breaking your link strength every time you miss a salat, you get more zakat more hasanat by praying them on time. and over 25% of muslims miss atleast 1 or 2 days or fasting in Ramadan, over 60% of muslims pray salat fajr late with salat dhuhr because they couldn't be bothered to wake up in the morning for 5 minutes for their god. I bet you that over 80% of our children don't know the story of islam, they just pray without understanding what happened before, how islam started.
  12. 1) Declaration of belief(Shahada): this is the initial act of faith, expressed in a simple creedal statement which testifies one's commitment to following the straight path of God's guidance upon which Muslims seek to live their lives; "I bear Witness that there is no god but God; "I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and His prophet" 2)Prayer (salat), offered five times a day, has the '7 effect of reminding the faithful that "remembrance of God is indeed the greatest virtue," and helps them adhere to the path of righteousness, and to restrain themselves from indecency and evil. 3) Fasting (sawm), observed through the daylight hours of the 29/30 days of the Islamic month of Ramadan, involves abstinence from eating, drinking, smoking and marital intercourse; this reminds the believers of their dependence upon God, as well as their kinship with, and responsibility for the millions of human beings in the world who experience involuntary fasting because of the lack of provisions, or their unjust distribution. 4) Purification of wealth (Zakat): this requires the annual giving of a fixed amount of excess personal assets for the benefit of the poor, the incapacitated, the deprived, and the welfare of the community; it serves to remind Muslims that all beneficence comes from the bounty of God, and is enjoyed only by His mercy; sharing becomes an act of purification both of the wealth itself, and of the giver whose soul is disciplined against greed by the virtue of selflessness. 5) Pilgrimage (hajj), which all Muslims should perform at least once in a lifetime if personal circumstances permit, gathers the believers as members of the diverse human family into a single community; they perform prescribed acts of worship at the Holy House of the Ka'ba in Mecca which, according to the Qur'an, was originally built by the Prophet Abraham and his son Ishmael; and at Mount Arafat where they remember the pure and original way of life of Adam, the progenitor of all human beings, reaffirmed by the Patriarch of the entire human family, the Prophet Abraham, and finally perfected and completed by God for all humanity through the mission of the Prophet Muhammad - the way of life known as Islam which has at its heart the doctrine of the unity and uniqueness of the One God.
  13. if a women is not baliq and is not wearing hijab you are allowed to look at her but if she was baliq and she was not wearing hijab in muharram it is haram but if was not muharram you are allowed because it is not your fault that the women is not dressing correctly as she should be and to get zakat maybe you can lead her in the right direction into wearing hijab, if you need any advice from sayed Sistani I can provide you with his phone number and you could have a little talk with him about the situation In hand
  14. AJ 12, I am currently in the UK and the information you have provided is accurate whenever I walk around in London I see a lot of muslim people walking around I even met a british man who changed from Christian to muslim when he was 14 years old because he didn't believe in christianity
  15. thank you for the reference RASUL. it is completely true and I believe every muslim must have time to worship his god, we were not born for fun 24/7
  16. The Rewards for those who recite and practise the Qur'aan Aboo Moosaa al-Ash'aree reported that the Prophet said, "Part of Showing glory to Allaah is to show respect to a white-haired Muslim, and a carrier of the Qur'aan who does not exaggerate in it (i.e., overstep its bounds) nor ignore it (i.e., leave it), and a just ruler" (Aboo Dawoood) 'Aa'ishah reported that the Prophet said, "The person who reads the Qur'aan fluently is with the honourable and obedient scribes (i.e. angels), and he who reads it with difficulty, (even) he shall get (at least) a double reward" (Aboo Dawood) Ibn Mas'ood reported that the Prophet said, "Whoever wishes to love Allaah and His Messenger, let him read the mus-haf" (Ibn Nu'aym in his Hilya). Ibn 'Amr reported that the Prophet said, "There is no cause to be envious except in two cases: (the first is of a) person whom Allaah has taught the Qur'aan, and he recites it in the day and night, and one of his neighbours hears him and says, 'Woe to me! I wish I had been given what he has been given, then I would do what he is doing! (The second is of a) person whom Allah has blessed with wealth, and he spends it in good causes, so a person (who sees him) says, 'Woe to me! I wish I had been given what he has been given, then I would do what he is doing!" (al-Bukhaaree) Aboo Hurayrah reported that the Prophet said, "The Qur'aan will be brought on the Day of Judgement, and it will say, 'O My Lord! Adorn him (the one who read and practised it)!' So he will be adorned with the crown of glory and honour . It will then say, 'O My Lord! Increase this!' So he will be clothed with the clothes of glory and honour. Then it will say, 'O My Lord! Be pleased with Him! So He (Allaah) will be pleased with him. It will be said, 'Recite! And rise!' and every verse he recites will bless him with a good deed" (at-Tirmidhee) Ibn 'Amr reported that the Prophet said, "It will be said to the companion of the Qur'aan after he has entered Paradise, 'Recite, and rise!' For every verse he recites he will rise one level (in Paradise), until he recites the last verse with him (i.e., in his memory)." (Aboo Dawood) Ibn Mas'ood reported that the Prophet said, "Recite the Qur'aan, for verily you will be rewarded for it. I am not saying that Alif-Laam-Meem will count as a word, but rather that Alif has ten (rewards), Laam has ten (rewards), and Meem has ten (rewards), so this is thirty (rewards)" (Khateeb al-Baghdaadee) 'Ismah Ibn Maalik reported that the Prophet said "If the Qur'aan is enclosed by skin (i.e., if a person memorises the entire Qur'aan), then Allaah will never burn it in the Fire (of Hell) (al-Bayhaqee) Aboo Hurayrah reported that the Prophet said, "Never do a group of people gather together in one of the houses of Allaah, reciting the Book of Allaah and pondering over it, except that peace descends upon them, and mercy surrounds them, and the angels encircle them, and Allaah remembers them in His gathering" (Aboo Daawood) Aboo Moosaa al-Asha'aree reported that the Prophet said, "The believer who recites the Qur'aan is like a citrus fruit - its fragrance is pleasing and its taste is sweet. The believer who does not recite the Qur'aan is like a dry date - it has no fragrance but its taste is sweet. The hypocrite who recites the Qur'aan is like a basil - its fragrance is sweet, but its taste is bitter. The hypocrite who does not recite the Qur'aan is like a colocynth - it has no smell, and its taste is bitter" (Muslim) [As found in "An Introduction To The Sciences Of The Qur'aan"]
  17. after death, your soul is passed on to Allah and you will pay for all the mistakes you have done and if your children, brothers or sisters , friends pray for you, you get good deeds if you were a good person and helped people who are in need because Allah has simply got 2 options 1) Heaven 2) Hell there is no third option, so if you want to die peacefully and get good deeds and zakat, pray on time, pray salat layl 2 hours before salat fajr, teach your children about islam and teach them how to pray, help the people in need, people are are homeless, read the holy quran everyday atleast 2-3 double sided pages a day, read duaa's every day, help other people with issues they have like what I am doing, I am a 26 year old with a degree in petroleum engineering, it might sound like I have a lot of money and maybe I do get regular salary but I use 50% of my salary to buy food and water to people who are in need, people who are starving, poor people without homes, and I also give them extra money just in case, and the rest of the 50% I spend on my family, to make sure they are educated, and learn about islam and believe in it.
  18. to start off I am a sayed, my name is sayed Hussain Sadiq ali bin Hussain, and the main purpose that sayed is in front of my name is because of my father he was a sayed and his fathers father was a sayed, the reason we are sayeds is because the dna we get from our parents makes us similar make some body parents similar to our parents and definatley makes us think like our parents, so if I was thinking like my father sayed Sadiq ali bin Hussain, we believe that I will have the same personality in views of islam and we truly do have the same thinking, and also information from my great grandfather is passed on from sayed to sayed, so any information a sayed has must pass it on to his son another sayed which makes our knowledge more reliable
  19. when you are saving money in a saving account or investing it, you earn interests and these interests are haram in islam because it is like gambling, because the bank takes your money and do whatever they normally do with it and gives you your money and extra on top for giving then that money so that is like playing poker in a casino and gambling so Islamic banks are interests free
  20. love and affection is highly more important because when you die or the judgement day comes, it is impossible for you to go to heaven with out your parents believe you deserve to go to heaven, so love, if you loved your parents so much and they loved you, there is a high probability that your parents will believe you belong in heaven and as for sexual fulfilment it is not really that important than love and affection
  21. in islam dogs are not hated they are just najis, their hair is najis, and when a single piece of hair is on you on your clothes or anywhere, where you are praying you salat is invalid, because it is najis, truly I like dogs I don't hate them because of islam purposes I didn't get one instead I got a bird :),
  22. the best places are: www.amazon.com or http://www.shia-online.com/books.php or www.fadakbooks.com or http://www.shiabookshop.com
  23. I can help you with the websites, but can you be a little more specific, like are you looking for books, what types of books or what are you looking for specifically?
  24. as i have seen in the last few days, i have confirmed that technology made more people homeless, i asked a poor guy and his family living in a homeless shelter how did you end up here? he he simply replied technology, he said before he worked in a bank to help count money before the counting machine was invented he said he was given a minimum wage and that minimum wage kept the food on his table, he said i had a nice small apartment, i had heating system in that apartment, i had a wage that kept my family running and even though they couldn't afford buying toys and presents for their children, his kids were more than happy not to receive toys and gifts because they understood that they had a limited amount of money and had to manage it, he managed to get kids into a public school but couldn't afford the uniform so he cut back on food costs to pay for the school uniform, he said before i had a life, i used to have a nice small place to Neil and pray to Allah to help us, i used to have a shrine filled with books about islam, but now since the counting machine was invented he was fired because they didn't need him anymore they had a machine to do his job, and they also fired a couple of his friends in the bank and they all now live in a homeless shelter now he says i dont have a place to neil to god, i dont have a place to keep my islam books safe, i dont have money to buy food for my family, i dont have heating system which i can control, he says he goes out everyday and try to look for jobs but technology has taken his place. so after i heard this story believe it or not i gave him 100 Dollars to keep his family alive and not starve to death, so technology has ruined alot of poor people lives
  25. basically before a pimple forms on your face oil and dirt gathers up on your face and then forms into a pimple, after it is a pimple, the pimple is know part of the body which includes blood level under skin, so when blood comes out of your body it is najis, so when you pop the pimple the white oil comes out and that white oil has a tiny bit of your blood in it which is najis, then after all the white oil came out, then blood starts to come out after it and blood is najis.
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